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  • 4 bending of the uterus during pregnancy

According to statistics, the bending of the uterus occurs in about 20% of women.And if he arose due to natural causes, it is not considered a disease and not treat.However, if the bending of the uterus prevent conception, absolutely necessary specialist intervention.

Symptoms and Causes

bending of the uterus is called the body of abnormal displacement.In its normal position the uterus is located approximately in the middle of the pelvic region.And it is the body relative to the neck of a smooth, blunt angle.

If the angle becomes acute, doctors diagnose the presence of a bend.The most common causes of uterine Bend:

  • physiological characteristics of the body structure;
  • surgeries on abdominal organs;
  • chronic endometriosis and other inflammatory diseases.

Bend can be in any of the parties, as well as fixed and mobile.In the first case, the u

terus makes the final position fix is ​​possible only surgically.In the second case, the bending of the uterus can absolutely not interfere with pregnancy, as the body with a high probability of violence and take the required position with the development of the fetus.

bending of the uterus usually not diagnosed until a woman is not faced with difficulties in conceiving.But the probability of this condition can be on several grounds:

  • too painful menstruation;
  • frequent violations of the intestine;
  • presence is not cured of the inflammatory process in the genital tract.

How to treat uterine bend

Treatment of uterine Bend appointed only if it is proved that this condition is a cause of infertility.As a rule, bend the cervix and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive because the body is wrong.And because the bend accompanied by adhesions forming an obstruction of the genital tract for sperm.

is diagnosed by the presence of adhesions cervical biopsy and colposcopy.Upon confirmation of the diagnosis of the woman is prescribed antibiotics and UHF-therapy to suppress inflammation.Then carry out a laparoscopy - a mini-surgery to remove adhesions of tissues.Recovery after surgery takes place within two months.After that conception occurs in the normal way.

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If it does not work!

But it happens that no adhesions in the cervix is ​​not, and pregnancy is still not coming.Then it makes sense to seek advice on the correct way of life and how to get pregnant with the help of people's ways.

  1. Moderate your pace of life.Spend less time on their feet, avoid carrying heavy objects, stop the exercise.Is smaller than the impact on the pelvic region, the better.
  2. Practice special posture for uterine Bend.Since the cervix is ​​too tightly closed, sperm simply can not overcome the natural barrier.Help them reach their goal.Sexually use all kinds of poses "behind."Most effectively lower his head as low as possible and to hold the pelvis in this position for 10-15 minutes after the end of the process.Then lie on your stomach and relax minutes 30.

bending of the uterus during pregnancy

Sometimes the question is how to get pregnant at the bending of the uterus, and does not apply to women with this disease.Problems arise when the child is already inside the uterus and "does not want to" take the normal position.

Then there are complications in the form of urination disorders, bowel movements, bloating.Sometimes there are more serious issues from abortion to acute inflammation of the bladder, kidney, and others.Therefore, the frequent urge to go to the toilet "in the small" and violations of the chair in early pregnancy should be sure to inform your doctor.

As the uterus will increasingly fill the pelvic region of women cling to the sacrum, to displace the bladder and squeeze the rectum.Therefore, the problem will only grow.

To remedy this state of operation is performed under general anesthesia, in which the uterus is pushed to the normal position.This simple operation allows the expectant mother normally make and give birth to a child.As the birth, doctors can prepare pregnant women for elective caesarean section.However, the decision to have surgery take only if the cervix is ​​not sufficiently disclosed.

uterus Bend: how to get pregnant, how to carry and give birth, how to treat ... We hope that these issues will no longer be for you as intimidating as before.Modern medicine has all the capabilities to deal with this problem.And you will be able to enjoy the happiness of motherhood as well as the other woman!