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  • 1 How does multiple pregnancy
  • 2 How to conceive twins or fraternal twins - advice medicine
  • 3 How to get pregnant with twins - folk remedies

I want to get pregnant with twins, inonce again you are repeating yourself.Did you know that multiple pregnancy doubles the risk of toxicity in severe forms, triggers the active set weight, the development of varicose veins.During the gestation of two children heart mom works with 4-fold load, and the amount of essential vitamins and minerals increases three times.

Perhaps you mentally and ready for it.But if your body is able to withstand such a shock?Therefore, before you seek an answer to the question of how to conceive twins, you must undergo a medical examination.And be sure to give up this idea in the presence of heart disease, hypertension, varicose veins.If you are healthy and determined, these tips will be useful to you.

How does multiple pregnancy

To find out how to conceive twins, trace the process of the emer

gence of multiple pregnancy.Once a month in the female body mature egg that is released from the ovary and travels to the uterus.This occurs approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle.If on your way egg meets the sperm, fertilization occurs.The uterus is already gets ready for active development of (or in a scientific way, to divide).

On average once in 200 menstrual cycles one egg starts to not only grow, but also divided into two independent cells.So there is a pregnancy identical twins.These kids are unique.They are absolutely identical set of genes and an amazing resemblance.The probability of the birth of identical twins is only 25% of the total number of multiple pregnancies.

75% of twins are fraternal nature.This means that the female body miraculously matured just 2 ovum, sperm, they met two together and got to the uterus.These kids have different sets of genes and may appear to be a little similar.The probability of getting pregnant twins in such a way as not high - only one pregnancy per 100 possible.

How to conceive twins or fraternal twins - medical advice

It is believed that the nature of deliberately limiting the birth of twins.The population of the planet is large, frequent and multiple pregnancies only worsen the situation.That is why the European countries and the well-fed, for example, Japan, the natural birth of twins - a real rarity.While in Africa hunger with low levels of medicine it happens quite often.Bursts dvuhplodnyh pregnancies occurred after bloody wars and epidemics.

But fortunately, we live in a quiet, peaceful time.We are therefore concerned about the birth of twins without having to relocate or start a hunger strike.Your chances will be higher in the following circumstances.

  • You were born in the family has twins. This means that you have a rare gene multiple pregnancy.
  • you more than 35 years. At this age, a woman's body increases the concentration of FSH hormone, which is responsible for the activity of eggs and has a direct impact on their behavior after fertilization.
  • you have undergone the procedure of IVF (in vitro fertilization). To her resorted couples who can not conceive naturally.In the woman's uterus carefully tended, planted several fertilized eggs.Do it for reinsurance, as is usually part of the egg dies.But sometimes all survive.And then the parents are happy, "the owners" of the two, and even three children.
  • you take contraceptives.After completing the course hormone the body begins to actively restore hormone balance.This is several times increases the possibility of multiple pregnancies.
  • your monthly cycle is 21-22 days.
  • you are breastfeeding.In lactation production of female hormones is more intense of all.Therefore, even without a genetic predisposition, you can suddenly become a mother of two kids.
  • Your uterus is divided into two parts. This anatomical anomaly called "two-horned uterus" is found just 5% of women.But it is believed that it is the structure of the uterus initially designed for carrying two children.

How to get pregnant with twins - folk remedies

To learn how to give birth to twins, you can enlist the advice of traditional medicine.Our grandmothers felt "responsible" for the multiple pregnancy and conception season diet of expectant mother food.

  • best time of year - summer. activity of female sex hormones over the summer, the body is saturated with beneficial vitamins and minerals.
  • best food - milk and meat. They contain a lot of protein, which stimulates the production of female sex hormones.Eat veal, pork, poultry, cheese, drink milk.You can also eat seafood high in protein sea: mussels, shrimp, brine.The same diet will help you to get pregnant after a miscarriage or if a long time is impossible to conceive a baby.

Hopefully, proper diet combined with medical factors and the necessary psychological attitude certainly help you.And perhaps, very soon you will become happy parents "in the box"!