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  • 1 The smoking is dangerous for the mother
  • 2 The smoking is dangerous for the child
  • 3 throw to smoke?
    • 3.1 How to quit smoking pregnant woman?

On the question of whether smoking during pregnancy, no doctor will not answer you, you can, if you wish.And do not advise "safe dose" or "special way" how to minimize risk.There is simply no way.And it is necessary to consider if, coming out of the obstetrician's office, you will once again pulls into his pocket for another cigarette.

The smoking is dangerous for the mother

  • Pregnancy and smoking can be compatible only if you did not originally set up in general to bear and give birth to a child. harm of smoking during pregnancy is not only in violation of the working mother's heart, expressed chronic narrowing of blood vessels, causing blood pressure surges and reducing blood flow to the heart, reducing the saturation of blood cells with oxygen.But also in the direct impact on the reproductive system.
  • Smoking early in pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage and uterine bleeding.When the body's propensity toxicosis its manifestations would be more pronounced.
  • At later stages of the habit increases the risk of premature birth. infant mortality in this case is 30%.

  • placenta formation occurs with disorders. frequent manifestation is the occurrence of maternal vice placenta previa - a state in which the fetal membranes are not able to hold the baby at a later date.Previa is always a risk of premature, sudden birth of a premature baby.
  • possible rejection of the placenta - the state, endangering life of mother and child.
  • Smoking during pregnancy is a medical reviews membranes rupture stimulating factor long before term birth, which also threatens the life of the baby and mother.

The smoking is dangerous for the child

effect of smoking on the fetus during pregnancy is even more significant than in the maternal organism.

  • Because of circulatory disorders in the mother, the child is suffering from hypoxia. lack of oxygen eliminates its normal development, forming fetal brain malformations, internal organs.Babies are born premature, weak.
  • Nicotine violates the right course of formation of the child's nervous system. Further it appears the defect mentality: unreasonable crying, sleep disturbances, a little later - uncontrolled aggression.
  • Tobacco poisons trigger heart disease. most common disease among children born to smoking mothers is heart disease.
  • dangers of smoking persists after birth. Therefore, to bear the whole 9 months without a cigarette can not go back to the addiction, if you do not want to poison your child's infancy.Smoking during breastfeeding baby fills the body with the same poisons that have been reported to you.Only your "lethal dose" is much larger than the amount sufficient for the strongest poisoning newborn.

throw to smoke?

When you become aware of how smoking affects pregnancy, this question does not seem to make sense.But still worth clarifying.

  • Yes!This should be done as soon as possible! Even if you smoked before pregnancy and found out about the "interesting situation" suddenly, urgently give up addiction.
  • safe dose of nicotine does not exist. Even the "couple" of cigarettes a day impairs the health of your child and makes complications during pregnancy.
  • quit smoking in the state is not dangerous. This will cause far less "stressful" than the process for the body.

How to quit smoking pregnant woman?

  1. Establish a clear motivation: you need it! After you most in the world want the birth of a healthy baby.And cigarettes do not go to any comparison with your major life values.
  2. Do not use nicotine products. patches and sprays nicotine - a poison that is not suitable to solve the problem, how to quit smoking during pregnancy.If you do not believe in their abilities, refer to the psychological and manual therapy.The most gentle way, not providing medical effects are acupuncture and hypnosis.They form a psychological rejection of habit.But without a clear motivation and they will be powerless.
  3. Do not stretch the "pleasure". Throw in a moment, just now!This does not cause any stress and unexpected reaction.Moreover, just a few hours your body will start to be cleaned.You will notice it for several months.

Narcologists believe that expectant mothers significantly more likely to give up cigarettes than those of, for example, their spouses.After all, a woman's life changes radically.She stops to visit the smoky bars, avoids corporate parties, does not drink alcohol and coffee.All this leads to disruption of stereotypes, habits, "smoke."And it lets you forget about the harmful cravings, like a nightmare.