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Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite that attacks humans and animals through direct contact with an infected.When injected into the human body the parasite causes fever, swollen lymph nodes, tearing, discharge nasal mucosa.But this happens rarely and usually mistaken for the symptoms of a common cold.In 90% of cases of toxoplasmosis infection is asymptomatic, so do not recover even aware of illness.

In principle, this in a conversation about toxoplasmosis could put a full stop, as after an illness at the person develops immunity to the parasite.And there is no re-infection.However, infection during pregnancy, and for treatment of toxoplasmosis differ greatly.

The toxoplasmosis is dangerous for pregnant

During pregnancy Toxoplasma attacks primarily the fruit that becomes a cause of serious illnesses

in children.Their severity depends on the "age" of the baby.If infection with toxoplasmosis during pregnancy occurred:

  • in the first trimester - the risk of malformations incompatible with life, is 15-20%;
  • second trimester - fetal infection occurs in 30% of cases;
  • in the third trimester - clinical symptoms of infection may not be present during infection in 60% of cases.

Toxoplasmosis and pregnancy are not compatible with the infection in the first trimester.If the disease is detected at this period, doctors recommend to carry out an abortion.In the later stages of possible drug treatment of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women.However, the drugs used are quite dangerous for the baby, so their use is possible only after the 16th week of pregnancy.

How to toxoplasmosis during pregnancy

Determining whether the disease is carried out by a blood test for the presence of immunoglobulin classes M and G. This analysis allows us to determine the presence of the parasite in the body and immunity to it, and see if there was toxoplasmosis during pregnancyor it has been moved much earlier, which is of paramount importance.

fact that the danger is it a primary infection with toxoplasmosis.If you are not even aware of it, have transferred the disease in childhood or young age, re-infection does not cause any harm to the child.That is why, when planning a pregnancy, doctors recommend to take the test for the presence of blood immunoglobulin classes M and G. If the test shows the presence of antibodies in the blood:

  • IgM - means a parasite infection occurred recently.You should immediately consult a specialist!
  • IgM and IgG - indicate infection within a year.Repeat the test after 3 weeks, and if you see an increase of IgG, immediately to the doctor.Toxoplasmosis is in the acute phase;
  • IgG - you have been ill with toxoplasmosis once upon a time, and you have immunity to it.

How to avoid toxoplasmosis infection

If the analysis shows that you have immunity, you can relax: toxoplasmosis in pregnancy you are not afraid.But if there is no immunity, it is necessary to take all measures to prevent contamination.

Toxoplasmosis in pregnant women may result from contact with pets: a cat or a dog.If the pet is living in you for a long time, do not worry.You probably already ill with the disease.But if you meet a cat at a party or on the street, avoid even the slightest contact!

When working with the earth (not just in the summer cottage, but also in colors transplant) Wear rubber gloves.If the parasite living in the soil, it can enter the body through the microcracks of the skin.Thoroughly wash the vegetables you plan to eat raw, and fruit.And Burke raw meat gloves: Toxoplasma can survive in fresh and frozen meat.

Toxoplasmosis is really very dangerous disease for pregnant women.However, it is much easier to avoid than the rest of his life to pay for the consequences of inattention to her.And if your family is growing daughter, it is better to provide toxoplasmosis infection at an early age, for example, to go to visit friends who have a cat.Develop immunity to toxoplasmosis after the disease will protect your daughter during pregnancy from the unpleasant consequences and concerns over the health of her child.

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: videos