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  • 1 Causes bleeding
  • 2 gingvinit Is Dangerous?
  • 3 Treatment and prevention

is believed that the main factor why bleeding gums during pregnancy is hormonal changes.Indeed, since 3-4 weeks of fetal development in the organism sharply increases the level of estrogen, progesterone and prostaglandins, which in turn stimulate the softening of fabrics."The body is preparing for childbirth, have patience," - say the expectant mother.But suffer in any case impossible, as hormones, according to dentists, is only in a position factor.The main cause of bleeding gums while waiting for a baby is quite different.

Causes bleeding

absolutely everyone on the teeth soft plaque occurs on a daily basis.He calmly cleaned off with a toothbrush in the morning and evening.However, there are areas where it penetrates but poorly amenable scrubbing, for example, between the teeth.Here plaque thickens, gradually transformed into stone.

The same processes occur during pregnancy, but expectant

mothers, especially in the first trimester, develops toxemia.When sick every morning and regular tooth brushing causes vomiting bouts, women tend to reduce the intensity of the hygiene of the oral cavity, or avoid them altogether, replacing the rinsing. As a result, soft plaque grows even more, causing inflammation of the gum tissue, and bleeding and then, in a scientific way - gingivitis.

gingvinit Is Dangerous?

Yes, in normal state it is a threat to the development of complications.In particular, lack of proper treatment promotes the transition of gingivitis into periodontitis when inflamed gums no longer and more dense tissue surrounding the teeth. This may cause them loss.

If your gums bleed during pregnancy, it is doubly dangerous. The soft plaque germs multiply.They produce toxins and the so-called inflammatory mediators released into the blood, which then pass through the placenta to the fetus. addition to the direct negative impact on the child, and other substances stimulate the dangerous process - the synthesis of prostaglandin E2.Because of him (this is a scientifically proven fact), the probability of preterm delivery or spontaneous abortion is increased by 6-7 times.And the more intense inflammation, the greater the risk of the pregnancy outcome.

Treatment and prevention

So, what to do if your gums bleed during pregnancy?To start sure to appeal to the dentist, which will determine the intensity of the disease and select the appropriate course of treatment. Depending on the form distinguish gingivitis:

  • catarrhal - it is typical for the first trimester of pregnancy and is manifested gingival bleeding, their swelling with an edge portion, soreness when cleaning and gradual change in the gum color from pale pink it turns red, andthen cyanotic;
  • hypertrophic - when it is not just bleeding gums during pregnancy.Gum tissue increases, it becomes loose, and if untreated, enlarged parts are sealed.In the latter case, eliminate the effects of gingivitis is possible only by surgical removal.

Once diagnosed specialist determines the tactics to eliminate bleeding gums during pregnancy.Catarrhal gingivitis treatment includes the following procedures.

  • Cabinet teeth cleaning - plaque deposits are removed with a hand instrument. Using ultrasound and other hardware techniques is prohibited, as they stimulate uterine activity and may cause arbitrary generations.The teeth are polished with special brushes and pastes.
  • Anti-inflammatory therapy. It includes antiseptic rinse rate for 10 days and the application of anti-inflammatory gels.Among the funds, mostly appointed experts to rinse, isolated chlorhexidine solution (0.05%), non-alcoholic extracts of herbs such as sage, chamomile or eucalyptus. also recommended fluoride rinse solutions, but not the content of antibacterial components.To carry out such treatments must be 2 times a day, rinsing the mouth for at least 1 minute.Anti-inflammatory gels, the use of which is possible in pregnant women by prescription, drugs represented Metrogil Dent and Holisal .They are applied to the gums for 2 hours before eating.
  • thorough oral hygiene. Pregnant women can not be excluded snacks, but it is better to remove them from vysokouglevodistuyu food, such as candy or pechenyushki, replacing them with fruits and vegetables.If you still ate a cookie, go brush your teeth, as the remnants of such foods are the best place for the development of bacteria.

Treatment of hypertrophic gingivitis is carried out in a similar way, but with the changes in the gingival anatomy.If you need surgical removal, it is transferred to the postpartum period.

Now you know the reasons for bleeding gums during pregnancy than to treat this condition and its risk to fetal development.Therefore, do not leave without attention to the symptoms of gingivitis and always consult a doctor for help when they appear.