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  • 1 Infusions from the urge to smoke
  • 2 Breathing exercises
  • 3 Distraction

Farewell to a cigarette will be easier if you use folk remedies to quit smoking.What is important is the psychological aspect: You enlist the support, and then you have added strength to get rid of destructive addiction.The advantage of the many recipes also lies in the fact that nutrients stimulate the metabolism, detoxify the body, remove toxins.It is only necessary to remember that for any violations of health, such as an intense cough, pain in the heart, intense headache, folk remedies from smoking should only be subsidiary, after the doctor's recommendations.

Infusions from the urge to smoke

Receiving some drinking infusions help to reduce the craving for smoking.Take they should be the first day of refusal of cigarettes, treatment should be continued for at least a month. The well-known popular way to quit smoking - welcome infusion oat.

  1. soak in a liter of water 7 tablespoons of r
    aw oats, leave for 12 hours.
  2. Preheat structure on fire nearly boiling.
  3. Strain mass.Eat after eating at least 3 times a day.A single "dose" of 3 mouthfuls.

Another easy way to quit smoking easily, suggested Professor of Medicine Filatov. Its recommendations take into account the extremely painful and emotionally unstable condition of the smoker experiencing a syndrome of "cancellation".It is known that in this period of disrupted breathing, there is often a feeling that there is no air, and a cigarette is able to give a "breath of oxygen".To cope with this neuropsychiatric addiction, you can use a tincture.

  1. Grind eucalyptus leaves, a tablespoon pour 400 ml of boiling water.
  2. Leave to infuse for an hour.
  3. Strain into a chilled infusion add a tablespoon of glycerin and honey.
  4. daily infusion take 50 ml 4 times a day.

eucalyptus and honey improves trophic structure of the respiratory system, glycerin softens the throat, inflammation due to smoking.

effective means to help quit smoking on their own, and is a black tea. However, conventional, and includes herbs: chicory, nettle nettle, valerian, and mint.These plants have a relaxing effect on the nervous system, relieve stress and vasospasm.Nettle works as an anti-inflammatory component, and normalizes pressure chicory.

  1. Mix a teaspoon of your favorite black tea with other components (for half a spoon of dried herbs).
  2. Brew a teaspoon of this mixture in two cups of hot water if you want to smoke.Herbal tea is to brew for 10 minutes before use.

Breathing exercises

Cleansing the lungs of folk remedies is best done outdoors.It is desirable to coincide with its rejection of cigarettes with a trip out of town, on nature, but must be without alcohol!Fresh air will help your lungs breathe deeper and easier.And to enhance the effect perform such exercises:

  1. exhale deeply through the mouth, do so gently and slowly.Try to remove all the air from the lungs.
  2. sharply inhale nose, as deeply as possible, so far as the volume of the lungs.
  3. sharply exhale through your mouth, you can help yourself to stress and even bend.At this point, you probably coughed, perhaps dizzy.However, these exercises are well makes it easy to clean.Perform 10 times their twice daily.

You can also train the lungs to breathe more calmly, alternately inhale through the nose, making it not sharply, and exhale slowly through your mouth.Repeat for 30 seconds, then breathe a minute, as usual.Make 5 breathing "approaches".


often at refusing cigarette recommend something to occupy your mouth.This makes sense, because smoking is often the physiological and psychological addiction.And if you replace a safer cigarette "analogue" parting easier to pass.Alternatively, it may even act as an ordinary toothpick, which you can hold in your mouth and chew at the urge to smoke.And you can use a more delicious distractions means.

  • Smolka fruit trees. Buy at truckers resin pieces of apricot, apple or cherry.Chew their mouth in times of need, in order to reduce traction and at the same time, filled with saliva disinfectants, heals mouth.
  • Dried prunes, apricots, raisins or pineapple. Eat delicious candied fruits and dried fruits instead of tasteless cigarettes.The advantage of prunes, dried apricots and raisins, is not only a natural sweetness that will have you on the soul, but also a beneficial effect on the heart that needs your support.Pineapples are also delicious, but in the form of candied fruit they contain a lot of sugar, so may result in weight gain.Do not overdo it.
  • Sprigs of wild cherry. They need to chew and spit.It is known that such a "chewing gum" is the formation of an aversion to smoking.It is connected with the natural substances that are found in the branches of this tree.And reacting with saliva, forming specific perception of smoke flavor.

These are simple ways to help get rid of bad habits is much easier.They are completely safe and can be used even in cases of severe dependence.