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  • 1 main thing - motivation!
  • 2 Getting Started: 5 Tips
  • 3 What to do next?

Asked how quickly quit smoking, often we hear: it is very difficult, impossible, do without patches or electronic cigarettes ... The result is a sense of a vicious circle.It seems to be an unfortunate addiction to want to say goodbye, but then everyone says how difficult it is.I guess I can not do it ...

main thing - motivation!

Such mental attitude - the main mistake in the way to get rid of cigarettes.Before you decide to quit smoking quickly at home, you need to clearly understand that if you really want it.If you took a decision under pressure from relatives who regularly "sawing" you, as it is harmful and a bad influence on you, but do not want to interrupt smoking, you have nothing.No need to even try.So first answer yourself 3 questions:

  1. Do I want to do this?
  2. Why do I need it?
  3. How to change my life after giving up cigarettes?

And to make it easier to answer these questions, pl

ease note the following information.When the last cigarette, go to "junk" in your body:

  • reduced to normal blood pressure - within 30 minutes;
  • normal level of oxygen in the blood - only 10 hours;
  • improve circulation and blood flow to the brain, the heart - after 24 hours;
  • appear sensation of smells and tastes - after 3 days;
  • disappear sugary, bad breath, from the skin, hair - 5 days;
  • improve complexion - 7 days;
  • leave cough disappears sudden headache and chronic fatigue, it will be easier to breathe!- After 30 days;
  • arise craving for motion, sport, active life - 6 months;
  • 2 times decrease the risk of coronary heart disease - in 1 year;
  • 10 times reduce the risk of developing lung cancer compared to a smoker consuming pack of cigarettes per day - 5 years.

These figures will help you find the right motivation, why and how to quit smoking in the home.And the advice of psychologists and folk remedies for quitting smoking will help to quickly get rid of the habit and help to restore the body.

Getting Started: 5 Tips

When the decision is made, it is time to think about how you can quit smoking at home.And here comes the fun part.All you need - is ... stop smoking.All!Once and for all!

  1. Throw, izorvite, cut cigarettes, post them in the garbage disposal or toilet. Throw away ashtrays, lighters, matches.Get rid of anything that is a symbolic sign for you bad habits.Remove these items from the desktop in the office.Perestirayte things swim - get rid of the smell accompanying you.
  2. Do not go on about the "experts" that recommend phasing out of cigarettes. It does not work!Roll once, in a moment!If you stretch the "pleasure", it will last for a long time and will come back again.Waiver must be momentary.
  3. not use "special" funds, type coding patches or smoking in the home.They are just a way to show how much you are prepared to say goodbye with a cigarette.If you have a clear motivation, no helpers you do not need.
  4. Do not be afraid that the sharp rejection of cigarettes, something "spoil" within you. Many pregnant women say they can not give up smoking, as the child will suffer, because nicotine is allegedly somewhere embedded in the body and do without it.That's all - lies, a typical "excuse" of man, which are forced to give up smoking.More harm than you put yourself every cigarette, it is impossible to imagine.And the more abrupt abandonment of habits do not cause any disturbances, on the contrary, will be the ability to update the body.
  5. create the right psychological conditions. Think about what you are related to cigarettes?If the usual morning cup of coffee, give up her time and start drinking tea.If a friendly chat with a beer for a month or change the way of life, do not drink beer and did not drink alcohol.Of course, cease to communicate with friends is not necessary, but it is possible for them to announce loudly, "Do not smoke!", And it is better to argue with someone of his comrades, that in the next 10 years, you do not touch a cigarette.Argue for something valuable.Your task - to break the rituals, which are associated with smoking.And create new places where cigarettes will be gone.
Be consistent in their actions, and most importantly - are proud that you were able to quickly quit smoking in the home.In the future, help the body recover from the effects of a bad habit.

What to do next?

The first issue of concern after giving up cigarettes, how to clear the lungs of the smoker in the home.It is important to understand that the poison suffer not only the respiratory system but also other systems of the body.If you are not bugged suffocating cough and pain in the heart, you can not apply to doctors.Suffice it to drink plenty of fluids to toxic substances excreted in the urine and sweat.

By drinking at least 2 liters of water a day light get enough moisture to form sputum, which will display the material deposited on the surface of the alveoli. also useful breathing exercises to help cough up phlegm smelly.You can use folk remedies: aromatic inhalation needles, drinking herbal tea of ​​chamomile and marjoram, the use of oats with milk.

effectiveness of these tools will enhance the fresh air, the mandatory home humidification of air during the heating season.Create a favorable environment in the apartment to help ventilate the regular use of a humidifier or daily wet cleaning.