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  • 1 What is nicotine
  • 2 How does nicotine
  • 3 impact of smoking on the organs and systems
    • 3.1 Heart and vessels
    • 3.2 Digestive
    • 3.3 respiratory
    • 3.4 reproductive system

In the tenth century AD were prescribed smoking only healing properties.Preserved records of ancient healers of tobacco's ability to cure more than 30 kinds of diseases.Therefore, after the appearance of leaf tobacco in the Old World in the late XV century, they have been used in medicine as a remedy for migraine, dental pain, digestion problems.

Only in the XIX century, when the smoking fashion spread everywhere, scientists have identified tobacco enemy.The effects of smoking are no longer perceived as welcome: in 1809 Vauquelin doctor isolated from leaves of nicotine, which gave a detailed description of both the acute burning liquid, an alkaline reaction, which by its characteristics similar to the action of the previously known poisons.

What is nicotine

vegetable matter found in

many vegetable crops.Nicotine is present in eggplants, green peppers, tomatoes, but at extremely low doses.In tobacco alkaloid content more often up to 5% of the total.This number is a strong nicotine neytrotoksinom, i.e. poison that affects the nervous system initially.

effect of smoking on the human body due to the penetration of nicotine into the bloodstream through inhalation of tobacco smoke. This exposure to nicotine is greater than the development of the nervous system exists.Therefore, a person in view of the development of the nervous system, it affects critical, and animals such as sheep and goats, to him "indifferent."They can easily chew tobacco leaves and not to feel "uncomfortable."

How does nicotine

poison ingested in small doses, so does not cause an instant system disorders.Death "dose" for any person, even a smoker with experience, will be 20 cigars smoked turn, or 100 cigarettes throughout the day.If a person who is not familiar with nicotine, smoke "portion" half as lethal as possible.

Alkaloid effect on nerve receptors, causing dependence.The speed of "anchor" to the cigarette smoking and its impact on human health equivalent effect of heroin and cocaine.The only difference is that the latter are killed quickly.Smoker perishes gradually, reducing the life of at least 20 years.

However, not only nicotine strikes our body.Smoking is also harmful to health because of the content in the smoke of at least 4, thousands of organic compounds, including arsenic, nickel, cadmium, beryllium.More than 60 compounds in this group are straight carcinogens.So the main carcinogenic substance of tobacco smoke is benzpyrene, "the company" make him stimulants cancer nitrosamine, vinyl chloride, pyrene, catechol and others.Science has found that 90% of cases of cancer of the respiratory tract is associated with addiction to cigarettes.

impact of smoking on the organs and systems

Pleasant sensations accompany the smoker only during the "dialogue" with a cigarette.There comes a feeling of calmness, psychological comfort, relaxation.Often there is a vigor due to a sharp release of adrenaline in the blood.However, all this passes quickly, giving way to negative factors.So the harm of smoking on the human body applies to all, without exception, the system.

Heart and vessels

Each cigarette increases the pressure by 10%.Somewhat later, of course, it comes back to normal, but the cardiovascular system gets a "toning", which is used in medicine in critical situations, for example, when a state of shock or the profuse bleeding.Individual stimulation, especially when there is a threat to life, will not bring harm.But regular, recurring at intervals up to 20 times a day, wear out the heart muscle.The vessels at the same time undergo structural changes.Spasm condition for them is becoming the norm, and the outer wall are not supplied with more blood, gradually die.Therefore, smokers often die from heart attack or stroke.


tobacco smoke negatively affects the gastric mucosa.Spastic vessels can not supply it to the desired extent nutrients, oxygen, and do not support trophism immunity.It becomes an ideal opportunity for active development in the stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori type.Gradually, they cause chronic disturbances of the gastric mucosa, the occurrence of gastritis, ulcer.


Regular exposure to smoke causes chronic irritation of the surface of the upper respiratory tract.Gradually develops uncontrolled inflammatory process, covering the section from the throat to the lungs.It includes the alveoli due to congestion in the formation processes in the bronchi and lungs.From this point of view it appears and harms of passive smoking.It is only 1.5 times smaller than the direct inhalation of cigarette smoke.

reproductive system

The female body nicotine attacks the endocrine disrupting hormones.There are disorders of the reproductive system.So the main harm of smoking for women is to have problems with conception, which occurs 3 times harder.Negatively smoking affects pregnancy, creating a foundation for the birth of handicapped, premature infants.

Men impaired sperm quality, decreased ability to fertilize.

harm of smoking on the human body is extensive.It covers all the important system, causing irreparable consequences, reducing the quality of life, taking away our health.Are these victims cigarettes cost?For any reasonable person the answer is obvious.