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  • 1 5 tips to restore the functions of the lungs
  • 2 Medical methods
  • 3 Folk remedies
  • 4 Useful gymnastics

Why 30 days?Because it is easy getting the brunt during each puff.Saturated resins smoke and toxic substances into the tissue of the respiratory organs, affects the trachea, bronchi and lungs.The last can not be effectively cleaned of harmful substances as active "cilia" on the surface lose motility.In airway mucus accumulates smoker, get rid of that is practically impossible.Congestion form foci of inflammation, cough becomes suffocating, accompanies all the time.So a couple of days it is impossible to solve the problem.Month - the minimum time to clear the lungs of the smoker, and do it quite effectively.

5 tips to restore the functions of the lungs

  • Quitting smoking should be complete. useless to clean the bronchial tubes and the lungs of the smoker, if you still smoke your cigarettes at least a couple a day.
  • Cleaning the body after smoking must be d
    one comprehensively, taking into account other organ damage.
    first correct solution will be adequate consumption of fluids - at least 2 liters a day.It helps flush toxins, normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, cleanse the skin and internal organs tissue.
  • Visit smoky places should be eliminated. Passive smoking is less dangerous than active.However, during inhalation of smoke through the nose you get a dose of poisonous substances, only 1.5 times smaller.Therefore, during rehabilitation of the body, avoid "trips" with friends and colleagues in bars and smoking room.
  • The main rule is to clean the lungs from nicotine - is the proper organization of the environment. No drugs and other measures will not bring the same high effect as correct air parameters.Its temperature in the apartment should be about 20 ° C, humidity excluded less than 25%, which is detrimental to the respiratory system.Optimal humidity level of 55-70%, this parameter will determine the device inexpensive hygrometer, which should be placed in the bedroom.To create these conditions is required:
    • ventilate the room 4 times a day, avoid opening windows facing the roadway;
    • humidify the air with the help of household humidifier;
    • perform daily wet cleaning.
  • The office should stay as far away from technology, emitting positively charged ions. These invisible particles detrimental effect on the motor activity of the cilia pulmonary epithelium.Suppliers of positively charged ions are air conditioners, TVs, computers.If the latter is impossible to get rid of, alienate printers, scanners, plotters and other office equipment.A lunch break is required to go outside, walk around in the park or near the nearest fountain: the impact of any negative fluid removes particles from our skin.

Medical methods

If you quit smoking and want to clear the lungs, the doctor must recommend you some drugs.Among these, vitamins and substances with active volatile components work respiratory stimulant.Cleaning the lungs after smoking will be effective the following medications.

  • Potassium Orotate. mineral supplements steroid action for the restoration of the body's tissues, improves blood formation.
  • complex vitamins of groups A, B, C, E and selenium to zinc microdoses. As a rule, the best combination of benefit to the smoker micronutrients contained in the complexes of anti-stress applications.
  • Chlorophillipt. Inhalation with an alcohol solution disinfect the respiratory tract.The doctor will advise know how to clean the lungs after smoking, the daily inhalation during the week.
  • Ointments with active substances: menthol, camphor. Essential oils stimulate the motor activity of lung cilia, improve the elimination of toxins.
It is only important to remember that self while cleaning the body from nicotine medically not allowed.Be sure to visit the doctor.And if you do not have time, use a safe folk remedies.

Folk remedies

  • bay leaf. Place the leaves in every room in the apartment, to clear the air and enhance immunity.Prepare a useful infusion: brew in a thermos 6 leaves cup of boiling water, leave for the night and take one third cup before meals 3 times a day.This tool reduces the harm of smoking on the human body, but is forbidden to pregnant women.
  • Honey and lemon. Skip lemon through a meat grinder and mix with the same amount of honey.Before each meal, take a tablespoon for a month.This mixture increases the volume and intensity of sputum discharge.

Useful gymnastics

For former smokers fit any breathing exercises, and yoga classes.You can perform breathing exercises without additional complex, just 2 times a day to make a ventilated room 30 deep breaths in through your nose and blow, with the power, through the mouth.This encourages expectoration and increase lung capacity.Soon you will notice that breathing became easier.

It is only important to remember that no breathing techniques and drugs are not effective until you normalize the parameters of the ambient air.Clean, cool and wet - it is the main remedy for diseased lung nicotine.