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  • 1 What is an electronic cigarette?
  • 2 Smoking Features
  • 3 whether electronic smoking is harmful?

Indeed, electronic cigarettes are the best alternative to conventional.And there are a number of reasons.Firstly, they contain only nicotine.A traditional tobacco "tubes" in addition to the main antipsychotic drugs present about 4 thousands of other hazardous substances from the point of view of the carcinogenic and toxic effects.

Secondly, the smoke of electronic cigarette relatively harmless.Of course, this does not mean that you will be able to light up near the crib, but a security measure for the open window in the room is sufficient.

Third, they do not create an unpleasant odor, or rather do not produce any smell at all.Your clothes, leather flats stink "tobacco".

What is an electronic cigarette?

This device is a small, "inhalator", consisting of an ultrasound evaporator, microprocessor, and sensor bulb at the tip that mimics burning cigarette.There is also the

battery in the device and the container - the main functional element.It is filled with a liquid for electronic cigarettes, which may be a nicotine content:

  • 24 mg - a very high dose;
  • 18 mg - strong cigarettes;
  • 12-16 mg - lightweight;
  • 6-11 mg - very light;
  • 0 mg - electronic cigarettes without nicotine.
harmful to electronic cigarettes, largely depends on the fluid fortress used by smoking.The higher nicotine content, the more damage you cause to the body.But what is important, it is still many times lower than smoking regular cigarettes.

Smoking Features

Novices seeking to abandon smoking are often interested in how to use the electronic cigarette.With just this difficulty does not arise.

  1. Select attractive device.
  2. Decide fluid fortress.
  3. Smoke - while tightening the device is formed by the flow of air, it fixes the sensor.The microprocessor activates the evaporator feed nicotine, cigarette and begins to "smoke".All this is accompanied by a burning light bulb on the tip of the device.

This electronic cigarette, reviews, are very similar to conventional.The difference is two things that you should know.

  • sensations while smoking is somewhat weaker, as the air flow does not fight throat. The taste difference is practically imperceptible.However, due to the apparent "weakness" puffs, I want to smoke more, which may increase the dose of nicotine that enters the body 2-3 times.Is it dangerous!Therefore, the answer to the question, how to smoke the electronic cigarette is a precise control of time spent for this purpose.And the use of a liquid with a suitable amount of nicotine.
  • The lower nicotine content, the less harm. Therefore, the issue of what an electronic cigarette is better, the correct answer is - beznikotinovye.However, for the smoker, spent ten years on this habit, this transition will be extremely uncomfortable.Therefore, we recommend 1 to 2 times a month to reduce the fortress nicotine cartridges.This will help clear the lungs after smoking and reduce the toxic effect on the body.
Understanding how to smoke an electronic cigarette should not mislead you that you can now do it infinitely many.You also get all the poison nicotine and other substances contained in cartridges of cigarettes impersonators.

whether electronic smoking is harmful?

Thus, electronic cigarette - harm or benefit?What gives it the body?Until now, scientists could not give a clear answer to this question, except for the fact that the imitation of smoking reduces the risk of developing lung cancer is almost 3 times and eliminates a massive burden on the authorities tobacco toxic impurities.

Not long ago, the first study on the impact of these accessories on health have been conducted.US scientists have tested 20 types of cartridges devices.Only one of them did not find any harmful components.

Unfortunately, in Russia this type of device are not subject to certification of the Ministry of Health, so figuring out how to choose and use the electronic cigarette, you need to own.As part of most cartridges contain propylene glycol - a relatively safe substance, includes drugs, shampoos, massage oils.Present and other additives, and is the main rule - the fewer, the better.If propylene itself can cause an allergic reaction maximum, the other components have not been tested for their harm to the body.And because they can be considered potentially dangerous.

So if smoking is harmful electronic cigarettes?It is said that no, if:

  • you use Without nicotine cartridges or regularly reduced their fortress. So you minimize the effects of the poison on the body.
  • You control dosage - do not smoke every moment, believing that it is absolutely safe. not accustom himself to a cigarette break on the couch, watching TV, on the computer.Since the dose of nicotine enters the body will increase, which will cause problems with the operation of the heart and blood vessels.
  • you want to quit smoking. And your new hobby, this is not just another bad habit, but a real way to make sure you are able to live without damaging puffs.

According to doctors, it is not necessary to change just one cigarette to another.You can use the simulator as an assistant in the refusal of the habit.And a few months to get rid of it.