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  • 1 Do the genes on our health?
  • 2 At the junction of genetics and nutrition
  • 3 DNA testing in Russia and abroad
    • 3.1 main sections of the report MyGenetics

Even at school we were taught that our appearance is determined genes.DNA fragments were transferred to us from parents form new "parts" that make up the color of our eyes, hair and other features.However, we consider our DNA is so one-sided is not necessary.Indeed, in one molecule, a huge amount of information is encrypted.According to scientists, geneticists, then, as we are, 70% decide exactly genes.Only the remaining 30% form the environment, lifestyle, influence medicine.

Do the genes on our health?

it possible to bind genes influence with digestive processes, digestion, energy expenditure, resulting from power?Modern research suggests that this should be done.The impact of the genetic code is carried out not directly but indirectly - via its controlled proteins and enzymes.

Here is an example: most

of us prefer to start the day with a cup of coffee.During its metabolism in the body, that is, the separation of the particles of complex into simple and their assimilation enzymes responsible.Recent work is not the same for different people, because of the difference of genetic codes.

coffee Metabolism controls CYP1A2 gene.There are 3 forms of it:

  • A / A - provides a high metabolism of caffeine;
  • A / C - forms the average rate of its assimilation;
  • C / C - provides metabolic rate 4 times lower than with genotype A / A.

Each of us CYP1A2 gene is presented in a form (in what we can say, just do a DNA test).But knowing this information is incredibly important, because from this depends our health.

  • Carriers of genotype A / A drink coffee, it is necessary and even beneficial. Drinking up to 3 cups a day, people feel fit and tone up your cardiovascular system.
  • For carriers of the genotype A / C consumption of coffee is recommended in a limited number , when an excess of caffeine may develop heart and vascular diseases.
  • Carriers of genotype C / C can not drink coffee.Each drunk daily cup of invigorating drink increases the risk of myocardial infarction, and exponentially.
According to scientists, of CYP1A2 gene in the form of C / C, forming the negative impact of caffeine on the body, have more than 50% of the population of our planet.Perhaps, they think of you, in spite of his love for coffee.

This example - a single demonstration of the effect of food on our health.Genetic predisposition to a variety of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, inflammatory bowel violation absorbability of substances, vitamin deficiency, inherent in our nature.But understanding this gives us a powerful weapon.Forewarned is forearmed!So, we can not only prevent the occurrence of these diseases, just controlling our diet.But we can also finally get rid of excess weight, if we have our useful products and avoid harmful.It is this knowledge and science based nutrigenetika.

At the junction of genetics and nutrition

nutrigenetika This development has received only in recent years.large-scale studies have been conducted, the most indicative of which in 2010 performed the research team of American Stanford University.To participate more than 100 women who are overweight have been invited to experiment.Each of them offered to undergo a DNA study, which helped to identify the main types of genes involved in the metabolism of the major components of food: carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Then the group was divided into several parts.One of the recommended diet to adhere to a simple popular without considering the peculiarities of an organism's DNA.The other part was divided into 3 groups.And depending on the types of genes have suggested a diet low in fat, the minimum amount of carbohydrates or complex balanced.

first results brought researchers six months later, when it became clear that the intensity of weight loss in women who hold the DNA diet was about 6% of the fat mass in a month.Women on a normal diet lost weight more slowly.At the expiration of the test duration startling results were published in 12 months.The rate of weight loss on the DNA-protein diet was 2-3 times higher than the usual diet!

This study, as well as several follow-up, have enabled scientists to make a loud statement.According to one of the authors of the experiment, Stanford University Professor Christopher Gardner, very soon humanity will come to what will be to lose weight without the use of any medications, but taking into account the individual genetic characteristics.

However, this study showed only a "tip" of the iceberg.After the division of food into proteins, fats and carbohydrates is a scientific fact, but little applicable to the life of the common man.We all love to bitter or sweet, fatty or salty, prefer or not dairy products, a different attitude to alcohol.Nutrigenetika to evaluate especially the impact on our bodies every component of our diet, make DNA diet is not general, but only the individual.And thanks to this approach, to ensure effective weight loss and regain health.

DNA testing in Russia and abroad

Despite his young age, already nutrigenetika incredibly in demand in the West.The ability to pick individual diet for DNA to find out their nutritional needs and to find out what products are really useful for our body, liking to celebrities and people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

research in this field are engaged in several scientific organizations.For example, the US group 23AndMe.But despite the use of modern scientific basis, their services are not convenient for the Russian people.Firstly, under Russian law prohibits sending DNA materials from Russia to other countries.Secondly, the duration of studies is at least 2 months, and the result is a person receives in the form of hundreds of numbers and obscure acronyms that can not be considered a practical guide to healthy eating.

more convenient today to pass a DNA test in Russia.This can be done, for example, in companies MyGenetics .The scientific base of the company is located in the Technopark Akademgorodok, in the development of projects on the genetics of a group of scientists collaborating with the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of the SB RAS.

To pass the test must be ordered in a set for the collection of DNA samples on the company's website or through a network of partners (to collect genetic material to hold a cotton swab sufficiently on the inside of the cheeks of the test).Test duration is 4 weeks.Its results are provided to the customer in the form of an informative magazine, where colorful and clear, without any complicated medical terms, provided the necessary information.

main sections of the report MyGenetics

  • the recommended diet - a diet should be followed in order to retain or acquire the ideal weight, improve your health.
  • About sport - our body's reaction to exercise is also laid at the genetic level.Therefore, some people only a couple of workouts a week to keep fit and other necessary daily and for a long time to work on yourself.What kind of attitude you, what kind of exercise you need for weight loss and health, will tell an individual report.
  • on metabolism - how different foods affect your body, and what the reaction should be considered based on your genetic code.

powerful development nutrigenetiki, who gave the opening start of genetics in recent years, can and should benefit all of us.After all, instead of "walk in darkness" in search of some diet, which may help you lose weight, and many hours of torture yourself in the gym, you can get a detailed "road map" to harmony and good health.And this card will be an accurate reflection of the features that your body laid in nature.Visit mygenetics and learn more about nutrigenetike.