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We are accustomed to loud discoveries that science does today.And we pay little attention even on a breakthrough that could radically change the life of every person.How did you react when you learned about the deciphering of the DNA molecule, in which scientists around the world walked a long road length in two decades?Most likely, more than calm.But precisely because of this discovery was followed by more and more new achievements, one of which was the diet on DNA.Responses about it is still difficult to find, even on the Internet.But experts say the company MyGenetics (Novosibirsk) believe that it will become a major trend in body weight correction in the coming years.

Diet scientifically how scientists are advised to lose weight

There are hundreds of diets that offer different ways to lose weight.The most popular of them - mono-diet, in

which power is limited to a single product: kefir, buckwheat, chicken.Medicine and science are not rigidly support these techniques, since their compliance with the body loses a huge list of essential substances.Because of this diet is not only brings a welcome weight loss, but also to problems with the digestive tract work, vitamin deficiency, lack of other relevant elements.

are five ways a science-based diet.

  1. Greyzing - involves frequent snacking, literally every 2 hours. In this mode, a person does not have time to get hungry, and the absence of hunger reduces the amount eaten.Calorie daily diet is reduced by 15%, which in turn stimulates the excessive loss of weight.But some scientists are wary greyzingu.According to them, hunger is an important factor in human existence, and when this feeling is dulled, the gastrointestinal tract begins to work in new ways that can bring unexpected and unpleasant results.
  2. Low-calorie diet - achieved weight loss by reducing calories in food. from the diet completely removed pastries and sweets, fats are minimized.The large volume of it contains proteins: eggs, fish, poultry, vegetables and herbs.At protein low-calorie diet has a significant drawback: our body fat is still needed, as are our cells are being built, and they are involved in the synthesis of hormones.And the only protein foods, devoid of many useful carbohydrates and of fats, will become a serious burden for the body accustomed to the varied diet.
  3. Low fat diet - similar low-calorie, but there is more attention paid to the lack of fat. important supplier of polyunsaturated fatty acids are completely eliminated from the diet, causing the development of atherosclerosis and diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  4. plate model - at first glance, it's an excellent choice of healthy food. He suggests dividing plates into 4 parts, one of which should deal with boiled vegetables and greens, the other - pasta or cereal, a third - protein foods that are low in fat.The fourth part of the dishes is not in a plate, as in a glass, and all beverages include sugar and fat.The model plate is really able to help in losing weight, but not all.Moreover, some people, it may cause the development of unpleasant and dangerous diseases.The reason for that - the individual characteristics of each person, which we describe later.
  5. Diet for GI or glycemic index - based on the scientific fact that every product getting in our digestive system, causes an increase in blood sugar levels. higher glycemic index of the product, the more it causes a sharp increase in sugar.And the calorie is more, as the body begins to actively extract therefrom glucose, which ideally should be transformed into energy.However, if a person is not engaged in sports or fitness, or simply absorbs too many foods with a high GI, the energy does not have time to be spent completely.Excess glucose is transformed into fat which leads to weight gain.The complexity of dieting by GI is a need for accounting and calculation of indices of each product, which is not always convenient and possible.

What is the diet on DNA

Another modern science and reasonable way to lose weight is a diet on DNA.It belongs to the youngest methods, since it is based on the latest achievements of genetics.The basic principle it is a model of DNA, which is individual for each person.Science has confirmed the fact that 70% of our individual characteristics (not only external but also the habits, inclinations to certain products, character traits) depends on a unique set of genes transmitted to us by our parents.

That genes are responsible for adherence to certain products, our tastes in food.They, by acting on enzymes that determine the metabolic basis of various products in the body.It depends on them how prone a particular person to certain diseases and obesity in particular.

study of the features of products affect the health of the person involved in a young and rapidly developing science - nutrigenetika.Today it is actively confirms its practical purpose.Any of us - individual.And each formed by a set of genes, similar to which no one else in the world.It is based on this principle, the DNA diet that has other features.


  • not diet - and lifestyle. According to the results of DNA testing is determined by a set of products, we preferred to use a particular person, neutral and those that are prohibited for use because of the risk of weight gain and other factors.Thus, the person receives a "roadmap" for which he should move on throughout their lives, to save or to find harmony, maintain beauty.
  • more efficient (by 2-3 times) compared with other types of diets. This fact is proved by scientists at Stanford University (USA) in the course of the study, in which 101 women participated.Each of them before the study DNA test was done.Women often been recommended diet based on their genetic code (malouglevodnaya, malozhirovaya or balanced).Another recommended normal diet, without taking into account the features of genes.After 12 months, it was recorded that the women who hold the DNA diet, lost 2-3 times more fat mass than other study participants.
  • The ability to anticipate and prevent the development of diseases. determined human tendency to acquire Based on testing of obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, celiac disease and many other serious diseases, which cause the body not suited to our products.Thus, this type of diet is not just a diet, but a healthy lifestyle, which allows to save power, restore health, to maintain longevity.
  • individual solutions for each. DNA Diet individual.It will not be 100% match even close relatives and the more parents and children.The fact that the mixing of genes gives parents an entirely different gene in the child, that forms his individual tastes and characteristics.So do DNA testing to determine the preferred diet should be for everyone.The good news is that this procedure is necessary to pass only once, as in the course of the life of the genetic code of people does not change.

Who will pick

Selection of DNA diet today offer leading foreign scientific institutions, but research costs are high in the result to be expected for a long time, and with the shipment of samples can be difficult.Leading Russian Centre for DNA testing and conduct the compilation of individual diets is Novosibirsk Scientific Company MyGenetics .

Learn more about ordering the test and obtaining recommendations (by the way, not least in the form of a colorful magazine with details of all the features characteristic of the diet and lifestyle) you can on the company's website