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DNA report on the study of the DNA code based nutrigenetika young science.It is a symbiosis of genetics and nutrition.And it offers to each person exactly the type of power, which corresponds to its genetic characteristics.

This genetic test is useful

What practical benefits nutrigenetiki?And DNA testing allows you to change your life?Research results:

  • helps to lose weight. This is due to the fact that genes are responsible for the work of enzymes, which in turn, are working on the cleavage products and their assimilation by the body.Features of metabolism in all people different because of differences in the genetic code.Some people actively digested proteins from other carbohydrates, so they need different types of diets for weight loss.DNA test helps to identify these features and choose the best type of diet.
  • Warn obesity. Scientists have proved that the propensity to obesity is the result of genetic mutations.In the body of the holders of such genes disrupted protein signaling systems that control satiety during meals and say "Stop!" When the energy produced is sufficient.In identifying mutations of the corresponding genes adhere individual DNA diet is particularly important to avoid symptoms of obesity and related diseases - diabetes, diseases of the endocrine system.
  • allows you to keep health. tendency to the development of many diseases is also determined by genetic characteristics.For example, people with intolerance to caffeine is a risk of heart attack and diseases of the cardiovascular system.And gene carriers intolerance to gluten (a protein cereal) likely to cause celiac disease - resistant intestinal inflammation, disturbing absorption of nutrients.Understanding these and other individual characteristics allows to exclude from the diet of dangerous products, reducing the risk of disease.
  • helps you choose the best type of exercise. Did you know that our sporting achievements also determined by genes?They accordingly affect the work of the muscles, which is why some people are better power sports, while others may set records in the sprint.Of course, not all of us associated exclusively with sports life.But knowledge of their individual characteristics allows you to choose exactly the kind of sports load, which will ensure a more effective weight loss and excellent physical shape.

All of this suggests that DNA testing will be useful to everyone who seeks to:

  • Lose weight. Get rid of the extra kilos is much easier and faster with the help of individually selected DNA diet than "universal".The latter can be not just ineffective, but also dangerous for you.
  • warn obesity and related diseases. Selection of the optimal type of food intake will provide only the necessary amount of energy.Surplus, which are reserved by the body as fat, just will not.
  • not prevent the development of diseases (including "family", "inheritance"). This can be done by avoiding dangerous products.Parents can teach children the correct diet from childhood, without the risk of disease in the future.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, to engage in sports. How useful would be for you to exercise, decide exactly genes.Listen to them in the selection of physical activity!

DNA testing in Russia and abroad

excellent state of health and effective weight loss - are the main advantages of the DNA diet.But in order to pick it up, you need to pass a DNA test.Where this can be done in Russia?A better way to appeal to foreign companies?Let's investigate.

all companies providing such services operate on the same principle:

  1. you prepare DNA samples (usually sufficient to carry out a cotton swab on the inside of the cheek) and send them to the office.
  2. The lab conducted DNA testing.
  3. After graduation you provide a DNA report.

the similarity ends, because the features of all the different companies.They differ:

  • Accessibility. Residents of Russia is difficult and inconvenient to use the services of foreign companies.This is due to the fact that the transfer of DNA samples abroad is forbidden by law in our country.
  • cost of services. minimum price is 14 900 MyGenetics.Maximum - 30 000 "My gene" (Russia).
  • View DNA report. This is the most important indicator, which we recommend you to pay attention.You must agree, you order the testing is not just to pass it.And in order to get your hands on the answers to questions, a guide to action for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.For example, the company Lifegenetics (Slovenia) report is a set of tables and complex text, to understand with whom you have a medical reference book handy.A number of artists studied or very small (the Amway) or very large ( "Atlas"), the number of genes that make a report or insufficient or excess saturated, useless information.The best view of the DNA report, in our view, provides the Russian company MyGenetics.MyGenetics report is a colorful magazine, where the results of your research in an accessible, informative manner.And for each outcome is given decoding your genetic features with recommendations for diet and exercise.

Comparison table of companies offering DNA tests

Availability Price research direction Features
MyGenetics (Russia) site and partner network 14900 p. Healthy food, sports detailed and readable report with the recommended DNA diet and exercise regime
Amway (Russian world) Affiliate Network 15438 p. Recommendations on diet and exercise on a fitness trainer, nutritionist, psychologist investigated only 4 gene, which does not reflect the whole picture of diet and exercise
Atlas (Russia) Website 19,900 p. genealogy, health, sport and nutrition report is available only on the website, there are no detailed recommendations on diet and exercise
Lifegenetics (Slovenia) Transfer banned 299 euros Health, nutrition, sport difficult to understand the report without recommendations
Genotek (Russia) Website 27000 p. Fitness and Health Several packages studies text report
My gene (Russia) Website 30000 p. predisposition to diseases, health simple report in the form of tables and text

How to use DNA report

nutrigenetikov According to scientists, it should be a real guide to a healthy lifestyle.Therefore, it is more convenient to obtain the DNA report in the form of a booklet or magazine (as proposed by the company MyGenetics), which can be viewed as necessary.must pass the test only once, as the human DNA code does not change with the passage of life.And you can use it for many years.

Home under "optimal type of diet" in the statement of MyGenetics (Russia).

In the report you will find:

  • interpretation of studies in a simple and accessible way. In the personal journal of MyGenetics no frightening special terms, and the information presented in understandable language.
  • individually tailored diet. with calculations and products for effective diet.It provides an optimal metabolism, helps reduce weight and improve health.
  • Perception of individual products. Learn how your body reacts to the most popular products present in the diet of every person: salt, caffeine, milk and regular sugar, gluten, fat, alcohol and others.
  • Recommendations for sports. to compile individual training program and achieve the best results.
Agree, very handy when these recommendations provide specialists.Indeed, in this case, you can be absolutely sure of the correctness of their actions on the choice of diet, elimination of dangerous products and planning exercise.This will greatly improve the quality of life, so scientists from MyGenetics recommend testing not only the young and active people, but also elderly people and children.

DNA testing is growing in popularity in Europe and the US, because the civilized world increasingly aware of its value.And who knows, maybe in the near future DNA test pass will be mandatory medical examination at the point of admission of the child to the kindergarten.Or, along with vaccination is the most important criterion to be perceived by the state of conservation of the nation's health.But as long as their health care ourselves, we should learn more about DNA testing in the company MyGenetics.