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When it comes to professional teeth whitening reviews on the Internet and among friends can vary greatly.Someone was satisfied with the procedure, the other called it "pumping money".Why are there such different views on, at first glance, such a clear question?There are several reasons.

why results might differ?

  • degree of contamination of the teeth and causes it entailed different. One patient is enough to remove the yellow plaque from the enamel to his smile again flashed white.And the other teeth covers black patina, deeply penetrated into the tissue.And get instant clarification, even if you use a professional teeth whitening techniques is extremely difficult.Often, several procedures required.
  • methods of teeth whitening in the dental differ.Some allow only cope with an external coating, while others are able to eliminate the pigmentation of deep tissues.As a rule, the first methods are che
    aper, which attracts the attention of patients.The latter is more expensive, which is why they can not take advantage of each, but they are much more effective.
  • Individual features. Before starting the procedures specialist always diagnoses, determining the degree of deterioration of the enamel.This makes it possible to predict how likely the development of its sensitivity after bleaching.If enamel strong, teeth whitening at the dentist leaves only the positive memories.If it is covered with cracks and chipped, even after the most gentle procedure, you will experience discomfort and pain for a couple of weeks.

Professional ways

What are the different types of teeth whitening in the dental?To date, allocate 5 effective and safe techniques.

  1. Air-Flow. Hardware Appliances remove the outer plaque, allowing lighten the enamel on 1-3 pitch.It is recognized more hygienic procedure, which it is desirable to take place twice a year.When it is executed on the teeth doctor directs a powerful flow of water and air, mixed with soda, which literally blowing away the enamel with all the pollution, including the beginnings of rock, film from cigarette tar.This teeth whitening procedure excludes damage to the enamel, it is a safe and gentle.
  2. Ultrasonic cleaning. not used for bleaching as such, and for the removal of plaque and tartar deposits.To make the white enamel is combined with appliances Air-Flow.Regular ultrasonic cleaning eliminates all types of dirt, to maintain healthy teeth.
  3. Chemical professional teeth whitening.Types it differ from vendor to vendor, but the technique is almost identical.Brushing doctor holds, then applies them to a bleaching composition with a high content of hydrogen peroxide (carbamide).After some time the composition is removed and the teeth are treated mineralizing agent.Result - lightening by 5-7 shades.This technique - the least safe teeth whitening dentistry, as they often cause sensitivity development.But during the procedure with an experienced doctor, you can be sure of its gentle effect.
  4. Hardware methods of teeth whitening. in dentistry today is used for photobleaching system ZOOM.It provides clarification on 8-10 tones per procedure.It is recognized more gentle than chemical, since it uses a gel with a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide.But thanks to UV, it effectively acts.The procedure does not cause discomfort, after the teeth are treated amorphous calcium compound that strengthens the enamel.The most popular teeth whitening desk.Reviews indicate its affordable cost and effectiveness.
  5. Laser whitening - most expensive teeth whitening in the dental and the most effective.It has no negative impact on the enamel, in fact, it strengthens by 40% under the influence of a laser beam.Minimal exposure to gel with carbamide peroxide (2 minutes) excludes destruction of enamel.The result of lightening is visible immediately and up to 12 tones.


Professional tooth whitening techniques demonstrate the effectiveness and lasting effect. So after mechanical cleaning Air-Flow result is stored for at least 1 year.A laser technique ensures lightening enamel for 7-10 years with proper care.Other advantages
desk bleaching:

  • professional medical examination - if you decide to whiten your teeth at home, you can not be sure that they are completely healthy, and the selected tool will not damage the enamel.In the dental office doctor will diagnose and will select for you the optimal technique;
  • quick results tooth whitening dentistry - reviews confirm lighting enamel after the first procedure.While at home you need to implement the recommendations of the manufacturer of 10-30 days;
  • visible effect - no home remedy will not provide you the lightening of teeth 10 shades, and professional - can.

These advantages will be apparent only if you refer to an experienced specialist.Therefore, it is important to choose a dental clinic with a great reputation and positive feedback.