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formed plaque on the teeth, known to all.However, the black majority of the reasons have nothing to do.Often, it is a sign of disturbances in the body, and there is incredibly fast.For example, just for 1 night may develop black plaque on the teeth of the child.But to respond to this need calm, warn dentists.

reasons adults

One common factor that triggers the development of the black plaque on the teeth, is smoking and the consumption of dark coloring beverages.Most popular - coffee and strong tea. But the formation of rich colored spots is only possible if the person does not follow the rules of dental care.Regular hygienic cleaning, bleaching use balm-rinse and a special dental floss, usually enough to avoid such unpleasant consequences.

If smoking and frequent consumption of strong tea - not about you, and the black spots still appear, look for deeper

reasons.This is - the main ones.

  1. injury or death of the pulp (mummification) nerve. In this case, a darkening of the single tooth, to cope with which will allow intracanal bleaching or overlay masking bits.This situation - not an indicator of plaque, but rather - improper dental care in the treatment of the tooth.
  2. intestinal dysbiosis, accompanied by impaired stool, constipation. reason black plaque on the teeth in this case lies in the general intoxication of the organism.To deal with it you need to be sure, and you should start with a correction of the intestinal microflora and the elimination of toxins.
  3. Long-term use of antibiotics. As a rule, drugs tetracycline group causes the development of yellow plaque, but the individual causes (smoking or dysbiosis) can lead to the formation of black.
  4. Treatment of severe immune pathologies - cancer, tuberculosis or HIV infection.
  5. irregularities in the gall bladder.
  6. Parasitic infections - infecting organism worms, Giardia, Toxoplasma.
  7. Endocrine diseases, metabolic disorders - teeth color can darken significantly in the presence of thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus.

reasons children

disease has exclusively fungal origin.Black plaque on the teeth of children is formed, as a result of violations of the intestinal microflora, or mouth. In infants, this process is responsible for the mother's milk.In bottle-well, especially those who are accustomed to the early adult food, the process of formation of bacterial flora can be passed with disabilities.

development of black plaque on the teeth in a child of 1 year or less (with the introduction of new products) is an indicator of the weakness of the immune system.If the baby teeth begin to be covered with black spots almost immediately after the eruption, then, the reason lies in the intrauterine development.Poor maternal calcium intake during pregnancy, taking potent antibacterial drugs, infectious disease - is the significant risk factors that destroy milk teeth during their prenatal formation.

How to get rid of the problem

To remove the black plaque on the teeth at home you must first find out the reason.


When it comes to children's health, to remove dark spots completely useless.Taking off their abrasive products can deeply damage the enamel, and they will arise again after some time on the tooth surface.Plaque can be maintained until the loss of milk teeth.But when they will be replaced by the root, the more likely you will forget about the exciting problem forever.Can stains disappear on their own, that would be evidence of normalization of intestinal microflora, and stabilize the immune system.This usually happens after four years.


The question is how to remove the black plaque on the teeth at home in an adult, even more ambiguous.It is necessary to get rid of the causes that resulted in its development.

  • Smokers should limit the number of cigarettes smoked per day, and it is better to completely abandon the bad habit.It it has the most pronounced effect on the tone of the tooth enamel.You can also use a special toothpaste for smokers.Included in these ingredients dissolve plaque, which is then removed with a toothbrush.Using such products it is necessary only occasionally (every 14 days), as their effect on highly aggressive teeth.
  • Frequent consumption of strong tea, coffee, pomegranate juice - to reduce the number of receptions, and after each rinse mouth with clean water. If you have ugly plaque get rid of it will help professional bleaching, for example, laser or conventional ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Metabolic disorders and the presence of other diseases require correction of the ground state. Tell your dentist about the presence of the disease you have, and he can recommend individual therapy to maintain dental health.

If you have a black plaque on the teeth as soon as the doctor could tell him to get rid of.With a professional approach eliminates the problem completely or becomes much less exciting.