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  • 1 Options bleaching and price parameters
    • 1.1 Pets methods
    • 1.2 Professional methods
  • 2 cost professional techniques
  • 3 cost of home whitening

whitening cost depends not only on what method you choose.About the most expensive and available, we will talk about later.But first touch on the pricing policy of the procedure.

whitening options and options prices

All whitening methods can be divided into 2 categories.

Pets methods

Here are the tools that you can use at home without visiting the dentist.Their cost is only the price of a set of whitening or bleaching of the formulation.Bleaching at home is always a long-lasting and carries risks.To reduce them, is required to pass a preliminary examination by a dentist for dental health, detection of caries and enamel defects.

Consultations of doctor costs from 200 rubles depending on the level of the clinic and the dental office.Most likely, your doctor will ask you to carry out preventive cleaning.This ma

kes sense if there is plaque on the teeth (they were yellow and rough to the touch), or tartar.By the way, the last delete any home remedies impossible.It helps only ultrasonic cleaning, which costs about 110 per tooth or 1500 rubles for the entire oral cavity.

Professional methods

These include techniques used in the dental cabinet.What should whitening in this case depends on three factors.

  1. clinic level. If it falls into the category "Lux" or the VIP, the price range it will be 30% higher than in other dental institutions.
  2. condition of your teeth. This parameter specifies the procedure to 60% of the cost.Much cheaper to make a dazzling smile, if all your teeth are healthy.If you do not have to pre-treat tooth decay, that depending on the technique of treatment can cost from 700 to 45 thousand rubles (the most expensive treatment - laser), put the seal (the cost of the polymer varies from 600 rubles), you may need X-rays of individual teeth (from 1000up to 3000 rubles).As you can see, monitor the health of the oral cavity is much cheaper than to correct the consequences of inattention to her.
  3. Consumables. In total, they account for only 10%, but in many ways formed the level of equipment of the dental office.Cheaper will whiten your teeth, where the equipment was purchased yesterday, and to work more than a year.But in this case there is no guarantee that the whitening will be held on the newest technique.And how newer technology and equipment, the safer and more effective is the procedure.

cost professional techniques

So, you know how much it cost to whiten teeth in a dental office.

  1. Technology Air Flow - provisionally recognized bleaching, more hygienic, as it allows to return the smile naturally white. qualitatively and safely removes plaque from tooth surfaces, because of what is happening on their lightening 1-3 tones.Whitening Air Flow is from 1100 to 2500 rubles.
  2. intracanal bleaching - only a medical procedure, domestic analogues that do not exist. involves the introduction of the whitening gel inside the tooth - a crown or filling material when changing color inside the tooth structure.The final price is calculated for 1 tooth and is 500-2500 rubles.
  3. Whitening ZOOM 3 - the most popular technique, which allows for 1 session to lighten teeth by 7-10 shades. Held in most dental clinics are absolutely identical to the equipment (only confirm that it was just the third generation of the ZOOM, and not the first or the second).This cost varies greatly, ranging from 7 to 28 thousand rubles.
  4. Laser technology - not only effectively whitens, but also strengthens the teeth. considered the most rapid, effective (lightening of up to 12 tones in 40 minutes) and safe.And the most expensive, as equipment for laser bleaching is more expensive than other units.So may be from 8 to 30 thousand, depending on the type and price generation laser procedures.

home bleaching cost

How much is a teeth whitening procedure at home, is entirely dependent on your chosen art.We will not consider ineffective options with soda or hydrogen peroxide, as they are considered to be generally free (these tools have absolutely every house).

more effectively with the help of whitening gel and a cap. capacitor means is applied to, those put on and worn teeth as much as indicated by the manufacturer (from several minutes to several hours).The first results will be visible after 5 days, and perform the procedure takes 10 to 45 days.Manufacturers offer a ready-made kits for bleaching (the price is 2,000 rubles), and gels separately.Kapu is advisable to order for individual impressions.The price of this device more user-friendly will be about 700 rubles.

As you can see, the cost of whitening procedures at home and in the clinic is readily available.A more expensive hardware techniques and provide a long-lasting results - from 5 to 10 years, instead of 1 year for home appliances.