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  • 1 What is tea tree oil
  • 2 Features bleaching
    • 2.1 Other advantages methodology
  • 3 procedures Technique with essential oil
  • 4 4 Council on the use of

Why did this all the way, because it seems to have nothing to do with whitening procedures?Whitening oil does not function as abrasive and, hence, remove plaque can not in principle.Do not run it, and chemical reactions, solvent coating, and hence the real impact should not have.But in respect of tea tree for teeth whitening is not so simple.

What is tea tree oil

essential oil for tooth whitening was prepared from the leaves of Tea Tree.This tree is native to Australia, and for the healing of the product leaves its juice is distilled water.Thereafter, the oil is bottled and sent on for sale, a product considered to be the most natural and valuable.

use of tea tree oil in medicine is practiced for a long time.It is known that it possesses antiviral and antifungal properties efficiently copes with fungi. These qualities are due to members of the terpineol product, able to penetrate into the cell structure of bacteria and viruses by destroying them from within.

These properties led to the widespread use of tea tree oil in dentistry.Initially it means applied as an antiseptic, allowing to normalize the oral cavity microflora.However, as the product's ability to brighten teeth was noted over time.Currently whitening tea tree oil is practiced, for example, in the clinic Bethanien in Zurich (Switzerland).

Features bleaching

immediately specify that the tool does not provide a clear bleaching effect enamel. Its action is based on a soft and delicate removal of plaque, which causes yellowing. In this regard, teeth whitening with the help of tea tree oil works much more safely, than the abrasive paste, and especially soda, activated carbon, or hydrogen peroxide.And if you want to try really harmless remedy for home use, it is necessary to pay attention to it.

Other advantages methodology

  • healing effect on the gums - reviews of teeth whitening tea tree oil suggests that in a short time disappear bleeding gums.This factor has a direct impact on the health of your teeth, but never taken into account in the home whitening procedures.
  • Eliminating bad breath - knows that his cause is the bacteria and fungi that make up an individual oral microflora.The oil has the effect of rehabilitation, so the unpleasant smell disappears.
  • Removing tartar .Active substances not only remove the soft plaque and hard deposits, already transformed into stone.This teeth look clean and healthy.

technique procedures with essential oil

So, how to whiten teeth tea tree oil?procedures following technique.

  1. Brush your teeth (as usual in the morning or evening).Rinse the brush, and then drip it 2 drops of oil.
  2. Again, brush your teeth, gently massaging them with a brush.
  3. Rinse your mouth with warm water.
  4. Follow the procedure every day for 7 days.After that reduce the number of treatments per week for 1-2 prophylactic effect.
What result you check?Your teeth will become smooth after the first use.At the same shade of them just do not change.After a week you will notice the disappearance of the brown stone and plaque disappear bleeding gums.Your smile will look healthier and brighten around 2 tones.

4 Council on the use of

  1. Use only natural, undiluted product. It is more expensive, but its price is incomparably lower than other whitening techniques.
  2. not use a lot of oil. Suffice it to drip on the brush a couple of drops, because its composition is very concentrated.If you exceed the "dosing" you risk to go through discomfort while cleaning.
  3. Do not be afraid of the first reaction. When first using the tip of the tongue are marked numbness and unpleasant taste.This takes place in a few minutes.To eliminate the taste, you should always rinse your mouth with warm water after the procedure.
  4. Do not eat after using oil.Firstly, his taste in low concentration will still remain in the mouth that will spoil the taste of the food.And secondly, give an opportunity to work its active substances in the oral cavity for its disinfection.

healing properties of tea tree oil you can use it not only for the careful and safe whitening, but also for the prevention of gum disease and oral cavity.One vial with means enough to you for a long time.