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  • 1 Pros and cons
  • 2 How to minimize the disastrous consequences
  • 3 4 technology dentifrice

Baking soda - good dezifitsiruyuschee tool that allows you to cope with the cavity diseasesmouth.Secure it to the body allows the use of soda solutions even for the treatment of children (they treated the affected areas of the mucous membrane in stomatitis, thrush).Therefore, theoretically, there is no harm to this method.But in practice, not so simple.

Pros and cons

In addition to the safety advantages of the method include:

  • presence of soda in each house and the free market;
  • availability - soda cost is minimal, so the home-whitening procedure is worth a penny.In contrast to the professional dental cleaning, in which, incidentally, is also used soda (such as sandblasters Air raid shoot a stream of air, water and soda);
  • visible result - he achieved after the first cleaning.

Disadvantages as is.And it should be borne in mind if you are thinking whether to brush

your teeth baking soda is harmful:

  • sodium bicarbonate works as an abrasive, that is, removes plaque mechanically. It provides unconditional effect on the enamel: mechanical cleaning causes occurrence of scratches on the surface and further thinning;
  • resistance result is ephemeral: under the influence of external factors, the enamel begins to darken again in a few days;
  • in contact with the gums soda can cause them damage, bleeding.Furthermore, frequent and allergic reaction the mucosa in the mouth and a rash around the mouth;
  • develops gradually increased tooth sensitivity, implies that damage to the enamel.And if you do not know how to properly clean your teeth with soda, the consequences can be devastating and irreversible.

How to minimize the disastrous consequences

There are recommendations on how to brush your teeth baking soda to whiten and do not bring harm.

  • Follow teeth whitening with the help of soda is not more than 1 time in 7-10 days. If you can refrain from it, do it.For example, if the procedure is scheduled for Sunday and Wednesday is expected an important meeting, to extend the period of rest enamel for another couple of days.Is it possible to brush your teeth with baking soda every day?Doctors strongly forbid to do it.
  • When cleaning refrain from the use of the toothbrush. Apply makeup only fingertips, a cotton ball or swab.Additional abrasion stimulates early damage to the surface layer of the teeth.
  • In the period between cleaning use toothpastes with a high content of minerals. Good results show a fluoride toothpaste, make up for the loss of enamel.If you become a bother tooth sensitivity, refrain from further bleaching and continue to strengthen the enamel paste.

4 technology dentifrice

So, how to clean your teeth with soda to achieve the desired result?Bleaching is carried out in several ways.

  1. Dry powder. easiest way to brush your teeth with soda.Reviews confirm its effectiveness: smile brightens after the first procedure.Apply powder to wet a cotton pad or fingertips and walk across the surface of the teeth.The negative factor of this method is its maximum abrasion, as well as the likelihood of irritation of the gums, which you put microdamages during cleaning.
  2. concentrated solution. sodium bicarbonate dissolved in a small amount of water until the stops until the powder dissolved.Apply it on gauze or a cotton pad.Purification technique is the same as the dry process, but a more gentle action.
  3. Homemade pasta. In any paste, add a little powder just before cleaning.Ideally, this will be the paste with fluoride.Clean the teeth with a toothbrush, as usual.
  4. combined composition. Brushing your teeth with baking soda with hydrogen peroxide should be even more careful.A small amount of 3% peroxide solution must be mixed with soda until a thick mass.It is applied to the teeth with your fingers or a cotton swab, massage for 2 minutes and rinse with water.Avoid getting on the gums.Also in conjunction with soda lemon juice can be used.For this purpose a concentrated soda solution is prepared, to which was added a few drops of juice.The bleaching effect of the agent is very high, but also a negative effect on the enamel - too.Using them should be extremely cautious and much less than 1 time per week.

Now you know how often can be cleaned soda teeth, and how to do it right. should be remembered that, although harmless technique, it can cause significant damage to the health of your teeth. Restore enamel currently dentistry is not able.Therefore, in pursuit of a white smile do not forget about the recommendations to minimize the consequences of such bleaching.