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  • 1 6 recommendations for the use of
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reason for the popularity of this method is not only its simplicity, but also frequentuse in professional dentistry.Show the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening at home reviews of people wearing caps.As part of the majority of burls gels contained peroxide in concentrations of 6-9%.Also it is an active component for whitening agents in a dental office, but in much greater concentrations.

6 recommendations for the use of

Under the influence of the substance on the teeth starts a chemical reaction that occurs on the surface of the enamel, and in its deeper layers.Formed oxygen that cleans plaque from the teeth, but the penetration in their chemical structure is able to compromise the integrity of the enamel.There is always the danger of deep and irreversible damage to the enamel of the teeth in the bleaching with hydrogen peroxide.Recipe any content likel

y to harm, which will minimize the compliance with these guidelines.

  1. Use compound in a concentration of not more than 3%: most destructive acts at home.
  2. Do not expect a rapid effect, usually occurs within a few days.The total duration of the course should be up to 2 weeks with the number of courses per year no more than 4.
  3. sure to visit a dentist before starting the procedure. If the doctor detects caries and mucosal damage, treatment should be postponed until full recovery.
  4. On the question of how to whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide, doctors say: very carefully! If, during the procedure, you are haunted by burning, discomfort, and other negative feelings, immediately stop it, rinse the mouth with water and after a few days, try another way to achieve the whiteness of the teeth, for example, clean them with baking soda.
  5. Make sure you are not allergic to the main ingredient procedure.
  6. Always use only fresh hydrogen peroxide, which must be stored in a tightly sealed bottle in the refrigerator.Upon contact with air reduces its effectiveness.

3 bleaching process

So look at how to whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide in the home.There are three popular techniques.

  1. Rinse. You will need 3% peroxide, which before use should be diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 1.Thus, the concentration of the substance will be 1.5%.Pre-clean the teeth with a fluoride toothpaste, then rinse the mouth for 1 minute.Finish by rinsing the mouth with water process, and another 30 minutes did not eat or drink.
  2. whitening teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. This method is considered more effective, as it provides the operation of two active components.To whiten teeth by means of soda and hydrogen peroxide of 3% is necessary to take the usual peroxide and baking soda, mixing them to obtain a thick slurry.Brushing teeth soda with hydrogen peroxide without the need of a toothbrush, as the impact on the enamel is too aggressive.Apply the product with your fingers or a cotton shelf, gently massage and rinse with water after a few minutes.Make sure the paste does not impinge on the gums that can cause irritation.
  3. Home Whitening Toothpaste.Suitable any toothpaste, but it is desirable - with fluorine content to minimize the effects on the enamel.Put it on the brush, then drip a few drops of peroxide and lemon juice.The method can not be called gentle, however, and too aggressive too.

The effects and contraindications

Technique demonstrates the effectiveness of the presence of plaque on the most popular "pollutant": tea and coffee, tobacco smoke, the natural fruit dyes.Responses indicate high efficiency whitening soda and hydrogen peroxide, as provided both chemical and abrasion to the enamel.But abuse means it is not necessary, so as not to lead to the destruction of the enamel. Neither technique will help people whose teeth are dark by nature.

Possible consequences of this type of bleaching.

  • Sensitisation - achieved virtually 100% of cases.The reason - the thinning of the enamel and the creation of "bridges" for the reaction of nerve endings.Eliminate the discomfort will allow specialized toothpaste, which blocks nerve impulses and fills the tooth surface minerals.
  • Pereotbelivanie - is rare, but can occur in people who resort to this method all the time.It arises due to the almost complete erasure of the upper layer of enamel (glossy) after denudation of internal - mat.Teeth become similarity with chalk, and this condition necessarily require dental treatment.
  • demineralization - arises as a result of thinning of the enamel due to loss of minerals.This may signal the white spots on the teeth.Later on their sites formed cavities.
should not apply to this type of whitening during pregnancy, the presence of caries and oral mucosal diseases, sensitive teeth and wearing braces, or a short time after their withdrawal.

Now you know how to whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide.Reviews and our recommendations will help to do this without disastrous consequences!