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  • 1 application features
  • 2 How does pencil
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Special pencils for whitening teeth have appeared in the linesmany European, and a little later, and Chinese manufacturers.They are tubes that contain a special whitening gel.For its application using a brush, sponge or brush.The amount of gel can be dispensed, but the required amount is always indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging.

application features

The major advantage of this method was convenience.Teeth whitening at home pencil environment requires almost no action.All that is needed is:

  1. rinse your teeth after eating - desirable to carry out the procedure just after a meal, because it will need to refrain from eating and drinking for at least an hour;
  2. wipe them dry with a cloth - it is important for the normal action of the gel;
  3. apply the gel on the teeth - active substance begins to foam;
  4. suffer with mouth open 1-10 minutes, according to the manufacturer's recommendations;
  5. wash gel water or do nothing - it as specified by the manufacturer, as some gels simply evaporate from the surface of the teeth, the enamel is bleached.

Every manufacturer says on the package, how to use a pencil to whiten teeth.Different products use, there are nuances.Common aspects for all is:

  • frequency applications - apply the gel is required 2 times a day;
  • duration of the course up to 2 weeks;
  • performance only if the bleaching you avoid the major factors that led to darkening of the enamel, coffee, cigarettes, pomegranate juice, red wine and other dyes.Their presence in your life reduces the effectiveness of whitening pencil.Instructions to it, by the way, this is usually not indicated.

How does pencil

And now see why all teeth whitening pencil is able to lighten the enamel.The reason lies in the composition of the gel.Its active component of the current following compounds can serve.

  • hydrogen peroxide - its low concentration is 5-12%, but this is enough to cause profound damage to the enamel, if you overdo the composition on the teeth.Peroxide reacts with oxygen, which activates the removal of plaque from the enamel.
  • carbamide peroxide - in fact it is the same peroxide only slightly weaker.The peroxide content of the gel is typically less than 15%.When applied to the teeth also activates the release of oxygen, but operates more gentle manner.Est difference intensity exposure of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide is 3: 1.

gel composition additionally may contain other substances, for example, enamel mineralizers (phosphorus, fluoride, calcium), natural flavors, germicides.Each additive improves the action of the pencil, reduces the aggressive influence of its main component.Therefore, reviews about the pencil for teeth whitening is recommended to buy enriched compositions.

What could be the consequences

  • Increased tooth sensitivity - always happens.But manufacturers warn about it, so the claims would seem to be it should not.However, they appear as this sensitivity fails itself, but only increases as the usage means.Fix it can only be a special toothpaste.
  • Conventional lighting enamel - Unfortunately, manufacturers do not warn that the use of only one pencil is not able to bring tangible benefits.An integrated approach: professional cleaning in the dental, giving up coffee and smoking, coloring products and the additional use of a pencil as a support tool.
  • destruction of enamel - develops when you use without consulting a dentist.If the enamel cracks were originally a means considerably exacerbated the problem.


  • Natalya Borisenko, pencil Luxury Whitepro: «I am a fellow dental shop.And I assure you that as an independent means of pencil does not work.If you already have a home whitening kit with Capa, gag and lamp-activator, then it can be used.But further!But not as the one and only method of salvation. "
  • Irina Kravchenko, a pencil to whiten teeth Bliq: «Only teeth spoiled myself this pencil.At first, when I started to smear, teeth become lighter, and after 6 days started whining, so I ran to the dentist.She told me that on the enamel cracks, scolded, but teeth do not help ... »
  • Tatyana Ilyina, Pencil Teeth Whitening Pen: « No effect at all has not noticed, can enamel and brightened, but the tone, not more.But steel teeth to ache and ache.In general, after about a week I use it no longer. "