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  • 1 Features bleaching
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Wearing Cap accepted among boxers and fansother forms of struggle.But in this case they serve a completely different function - protection.Capa whitening more subtle, much more comfortable and work efficiently enough.It is only important to know a few subtle nuances that will make your teeth a couple of shades lighter and does not apply in this case injury.

Features bleaching

All caps for teeth whitening are plastic containers that are placed on the jaw.Previously in these tanks entered the active substance, and which is engaged in the actual bleaching.According to dentists, the use of this method - the safest procedure for clarification of enamel at home.Safe it is because the person uses a ready-made formulations offered by pharmaceutical companies.And they are balanced as much as possible sparing for teeth properly.

Make caps for teeth whitening alone impo

ssible.But they are easy to buy in any pharmacy.It offers:

  • standard caps - they attracted the attention of the most affordable price. However, their standard is a disadvantage.Such models do not take into account the individual characteristics of the human oral cavity, so can sit loosely, push and deliver discomfort;
  • thermoplastic caps - improved type of product. before whitening teeth using a mouth guard needs to be dipped in hot water, then put on his teeth.Thin plastic shrinks, taking the shape of your jaw, which will carry the product with greater convenience.

as comfortable as possible the caps are made in the dental office to order.They operate from a cast of the teeth, to allow for the smallest nuances of the oral cavity.The advantage of this method is also a specialist consultation, which will recommend the selection of bleaching composition and time wearing cap.The drawback - the high cost of the procedure.

4 Council on the use of

  1. reviews CAPAJ for teeth whitening assure the effectiveness of this method.However, one should not expect instantaneous results. At home treatments are available for formulations containing a minimum proportion of active substances, so wear a mouth guard is required 2-3 weeks, from 2 to 8 hours per day, including the use of a dream.The procedures in dental offices are carried out faster.Used professional formulations allow to whiten your teeth for 30 minutes for a few sessions.
  2. With respect to sparing any enamel composition of the gel in the doghouse yet creates the risk of damage. Thus the active agent is in most cases at a concentration of hydrogen peroxide or 9.6% carbamide peroxide, with its content of 10-15% level.It is important to understand that these substances can damage the enamel, if not follow the recommendations of the manufacturer's application duration.It is also desirable to use compositions in which the components are present for strengthening of the enamel, e.g., calcium or fluorine.
  3. Before turning to this method, see your dentist. often ordinary course of tooth brushing is enough to get rid of an unpleasant yellowish plaque.It is important to diagnose and mouth as a mouth guard to use with advanced caries or when there are significant damages tooth enamel can not.
  4. Action Gel should apply only to the teeth. Hit it on the gums and membranes Risk of burns injury.After donning caps sure to remove excess gel from the gum tissue.Dose and amount of the bleaching agent, according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Who recommended and contraindications

There are clear recommendations for people who can wear the bleaching caps for teeth, dentists reviews confirm their productivity for:

  • elderly enamel which has darkened with age;
  • smokers, which does not help the standard oral hygiene;
  • people who have suffered the disease and taking drugs of the tetracycline, due to which the enamel has got a yellow or orange hue;
  • active people who do not have the possibility any time to clean your teeth after eating the food, coffee.

Contraindications to apply this method in cases of:

  • receiving potent sedatives - there is a risk that people will not be able in time to remove the caps;
  • in systemic diseases - rheumatism, diabetes mellitus;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • with excessive smoking, since process efficiency is reduced several times;
  • in the presence of caries, badly damaged enamel;
  • at increased tooth sensitivity, tendency to allergic reactions.


  • Elena (Moscow): «I tried to whiten teeth end caps, helped.they have become significantly lighter 10 days.Increased sensitivity to hot and sour, but it saves on the toothpaste with fluoride. "
  • Victor (Penza): «A lot of smoke, because of that yellow teeth.Bleaching CAPAJ unhappy: the effect was visible briefly, then returned yellowness.After that, the teeth started to literally fall apart.The dentist said that the enamel has been broken, and now corrupted stronger. "
  • Tatiana (Krasnodar): «end caps use regularly, always snow-white smile!You just need to take care not to overdo makeup, brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, and every 4 months to go to the dentist to avoid developing tooth decay. "

Careful attention to yourself and strict adherence to instructions allow for end caps at home whitening teeth, feedback from our readers confirm this to the fullest!