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  • 1 why teeth darken
  • 2 How to avoid pigmentation teeth
  • 3 What to do if your teeth have darkened
  • 4 Folk remedies
    • 4.1 Soda
    • 4.2 Activated carbon
    • 4.3 hydrogen peroxide
  • 5 inefficient way
  • 6 Professional

why teeth darken

The reason for this is not only a plaque withwhich qualitatively cope usual hygiene.Brushing your teeth twice a day, use a conditioner, and if necessary, dental floss, enough for a full withdrawal.But teeth daily occur not only with a touch, but also numerous dyes that are present in our lifestyle and in nutrition.

most common enemy of white teeth - is coffee.Behind it is smoking, then - strong black tea. no less coloring agents have red wine, pomegranate juice, red sour berries.They all affect the enamel, penetrating into its structure.Thus, there is no pigmentation on the surface and inside.And gray or yellowish tint to eliminate the usual toothpaste becomes impossible.

How to avoid pigmentation teeth

harbinger question how to whiten your teeth at home, should be a list of actions to prevent them from darkening.Their compliance is often enough not to resort to other, more aggressive techniques.

  • After eating and drinking coffee (tea), rinse the mouth with water or a special conditioner. Carry a small bottle with a purse on the job.
  • Drink as much water as possible.She would not let pigmentation occur on the surface of the teeth, wash away bacteria.
  • Eat hard fruits and vegetables - apples, cucumbers, carrots.They gently remove plaque from the tooth surface, preventing them from darkening.
  • Avoid strong dyes - mulberry, cherry, blueberry.Juice of red berries and fruit drink through a straw.
  • Smoke as little as possible, preferably completely give up cigarettes.

What to do if your teeth have darkened

But what if the enamel has already acquired a yellowish tint?What can whiten your teeth at home?The right to ask this question to the dentist before you start the fight for a smile on a white background.Why is it important? Because it is pre-verify that your teeth are healthy, there is no tooth decay and enamel is in a satisfactory condition. If any violations are present, the situation could quickly worsen.And then you have definitely need the help of a dentist.

teeth is also important to prepare for future bids.It must be done to reduce the devastating effects on the enamel.Performing simple recommendations on teeth whitening home remedies with preparation, to avoid uncomfortable feelings by increasing the sensitivity, caries and development of precursors of the disease.

Training is conducted within 30 days.It includes the following items.

  • Eating dairy products, protein foods. Such wholesome food saturate the body with calcium, essential for the strength of the teeth.You can also use bio-additives with vitamins or calcium in an easily digestible form.
  • use of fluoride toothpaste. - Your task is to saturate mineral-enamel, which will reinforce its structure and prevent the destruction.In pharmacies and stores you can buy quality and cheap toothpaste with fluoride, xylitol, and other minerals.
  • Gargle with tea tree oil - during the month, add a few drops of funds in warm water and rinse your teeth before going to bed.Tea tree oil strengthens enamel, eliminates the irritation of the gums.

Folk remedies

The simplest and most affordable solution as you can whiten your teeth at home is the use of folk remedies.Most of them are there in your home, buy do not require a significant investment.


It acts as an abrasive, removing plaque from the enamel, but it can damage the enamel itself and, therefore, it is necessary to use a soda with caution. The easiest way - to dip into the white powder wet finger and walk them in the teeth.You can use gauze, cotton swab.Do not recruit soda on your toothbrush, especially with stiff bristles, as this could trigger the removal of the top layer of enamel.

second method - to make a concentrated soda solution from a small amount of water and tea powder 2 spoons.The thick slurry also take your finger or a cotton swab and clean the teeth.

soda Disadvantages:

  • abrasion. therefore recommended to use up to 1 times per week;
  • possible irritation of the gums. Avoid getting powder on them;
  • specific taste. reduce its intensity allows the addition of the powder on the brush with toothpaste, and then the regular cleaning;
  • ability overdry mucous membranes. After using soda may cause cracks in the corners of the mouth, discomfort in the mouth, allergic reactions such as rashes around the lips.

Activated carbon

Another abrasive which does not have a negative impact on the mucous membranes and gums. Cleaning powder made from activated charcoal tablets, pre-mashed into a fine crumb. be added to the powder few drops of water and the resulting slurry to clean teeth without the use of the toothbrush.Just as with soda, dial it on your finger or a cotton swab and go over the surface of the teeth.

activated carbon Disadvantages:

  • scratch the enamel. minimize the effects of grinding allows tablets to completely smooth, without large inclusions;
  • black marks on the gums and between teeth.Get rid usual water rinsing them does not work, so you need to use a toothpick.Do not plan bleaching activated carbon, when somewhere in a hurry.

Hydrogen peroxide

Another solution for teeth whitening at home. do not act as abrasive and chemical reaction of oxidation.It should be understood that such an effect is stronger than the mechanical. and use at home Concentrated peroxide is unacceptable, otherwise you run the risk of parting with all his teeth.The best part - 3% solution, which can be used in several ways.

  • Rinse.Dilute peroxide water at the rate of 1: 1 to rinse the teeth.
  • Shoe peroxide and baking soda. operate more efficiently, allowing you to whiten your teeth for 1 day on 1-2 pitch.To this is added in hydrogen peroxide soda are mixed to a thick slurry and applied to the teeth.Perform this cleaning should be extremely rare, it is literally in situations where "very necessary".
  • Careful cleaning. To do this, add a few drops of peroxide in the toothpaste before brushing.

Disadvantages of hydrogen peroxide:

  • effect on teeth aggressively, so the fewer times you use it, the better.
  • reinforce negative consequences and result in thinning and enamel sensitivity can be a combination of peroxide with acids. Guaranteed you will get problems if the cook cleaning composition of soda, hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice.Such a mixture can destroy the enamel to the ground just 2-3 uses.A little more gentle way peroxide acts with strawberries.

inefficient way

There are several ways to whiten your teeth at home with folk remedies, which are without any rationale.Using them is possible only for calm, as well as to improve the condition of the gums, but no more.

  • Honey and calcium gluconate.Med unable to provide any effect on the teeth, and calcium gluconate in this case acts as a conventional abrasive without strengthening the enamel.
  • Iodine. iodine is recommended to lubricate the teeth at night.This method is based only on the psychological impact.After the evening teeth were bright orange in the morning gained its normal hue.Consequently, brightened.
  • tree resin. If you rub your teeth with a piece of gum, it is really possible to eliminate the external coating.But with the same success and a much greater benefit can chew on a carrot or an apple.


Besides folk remedies teeth whitening methods exist domestic professional ready funds.These include:

  • caps - combined with gel, which performs bleaching;
  • whitening strips - plastic strips applied to the teeth with the same purpose;
  • pens and gels - funds with a similar composition in tubes of different shapes.Allows you to apply product to your teeth and wash it off after a few minutes.

difference of professional tools is increasing ease of use and gentle on your teeth.The truth is the last quality depends on the composition.If it is present only hydrogen peroxide, which is the main active component of most gels and whitening strips, then 100% of the use manifested as discomfort sensitivity enamel.If the composition is saturated with minerals, herbal extracts for healthy gums and eliminate bacteria, it will provide a more gentle effect and quality results in just a few applications.

All of these methods allow to find its own solution as to whiten your teeth at home.Reviews of the media and especially their use you can find in other articles on topical bleaching of our site.