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  • 1 When you can whiten your teeth at home
  • 2 Folk remedies
    • 2.1 Soda
    • 2.2 Activated carbon
    • 2.3 hydrogen peroxide
    • 2.4 Delicious methods - strawberry, lemon
    • 2.5 Essential oils
  • 3 Professional techniques

when you might need a quick teeth whitening at home?For example, if tomorrow is expected to an important meeting, and your teeth look less than ideal.Or do you still have a few days, and then the result will be more effective in the reserve.In each case, you should be sure that the self whitening will not hurt you.

When you can whiten your teeth at home

reason for confidence will be the following statements.

  • your teeth healthy. If you visit the dentist every 6 months, whereas with them exactly all right.And you can confidently use any of the suggested recipes below as quickly whiten teeth at home.If the last time you visited a doctor ... years ago, at the consultation visit will not be superfluous.The dentist will examine your teeth and make c
    onclusions about their health or the presence of enamel defects, dental caries.In both situations, any whitening procedure for you under a ban, as damage to the enamel and caries will progress rapidly, destroying your smile.
  • healthier your mouth. contraindication is the presence of gum disease, mucous membranes, including ulcers, scratches, cracks, and infectious disease.Do not carry out experiments in the active phase of herpes on the lips and in the presence of yeast in the corners of the mouth.
  • you are not allergic to the main means of the active ingredient. check this, causing a small amount of the composition to the skin for a few minutes.The absence of redness and burning sensation is an indication of the normal reaction of the body.

Folk remedies

quickly whiten teeth at home effectively help folk remedies.Action of many of them can be considered aggressive, so use it should only occasionally.


It can be added to toothpaste and brushing her teeth 1 time per week.You can perform a quick bleaching soda concentrated solution: in the powder to add a little water, stir, put on the teeth and is easily rubbed.Soda performs the function of mechanical treatment, that is, remove from the surface of teeth yellow plaque. But the action it quite tough, so use for cleaning and even a toothbrush should not be.Perform whitening is permitted once every 7 days, for example, before an important meeting.

Activated carbon

For people who want to whiten your teeth at home for 1 day, the process can become universal.Its advantage is perfectly safe for the body, because if soda causes dry mouth, gum irritation, and not very pleasant to the taste, the activated carbon in this regard is absolutely neutral.The action is similar to its soda paste: comminuted into powder pills work as an abrasive.After applying the powder color, it coal with a small amount of water is celebrated enamel lightening 1-2 tones. True, it is not long-lasting, the effect disappears after about a week.And cleaning activated carbon reserves in the tooth enamel scratches.

Hydrogen peroxide

This tool from the category of teeth whitening for one evening at home.Moreover, it is recognized and official medicine, because almost all formulations for professional bleaching as the main active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide offer.It triggers a chemical reaction on the surface of teeth, and releasing oxygen pigmentation destroying not only on enamel but also inside it.
Hydrogen peroxide can be used alone, performing oral rinse it with a solution of 1.5%.Or combine with soda 3% peroxide solution is mixed with soda and massage this paste teeth, using a gauze pad or cotton swab. effect of this paste is very noticeable, as the treatment is performed and the mechanical and chemical means.But to use it is as little as possible, because it involves damage to the enamel.

Delicious methods - strawberry, lemon

Many fruits contain acids that can discolor tooth enamel.One of the most delicious strawberry funds is . Mash a few berries in the sauce and put it on the teeth.After a few minutes, rinse with water.Effectively use and quite tasty lemon zest - her white part should be wiped teeth and rinse your mouth.Some recipes suggest adding lemon to the hydrogen peroxide in order to achieve quick results. whitening effect will be really important, but the damage to the enamel quickly manifest aching pain.

Essential oils

healing properties of tea tree oil, grapefruit, orange and lemon are shown not only in improving gum health.They are able to lighten the enamel, however, are not as fast as we would like.To whiten your teeth at home, you need to dissolve 3 drops of oil in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth with the composition before bedtime.

Professional techniques

care products manufacturers of the oral offer a variety of tools for home bleaching.Their peculiarity is that each course means must be used, e.g., for 7-14 days.They allow you to find a decent and convenient solution how to whiten teeth at home for a week, and save the result by 6-12 months.Also, in the lines of ready funds you can find options even for people with sensitive teeth and formulations further strengthen the enamel.

common for each tool are:

  • active component - hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. first acts 3 times more efficient, but more aggressive to the enamel.The second is slower, but the use of such means can not feel any discomfort in the form of increased tooth sensitivity;
  • the need for regular use. procedure is performed every day, usually morning and evening;
  • simple and clear recommendations to be followed.This applies drug dosing, the time of its contact with the teeth, use of the frequency.Otherwise, the possible negative consequences;
  • deterioration of dental health, if there are problems with their health. Professional work quickly and do not spare the enamel, if it has cracks, chips.Existing defects will progress very quickly.

Among professional teeth whitening solutions for 5 minutes at home are the following.

  • Whitening toothpaste - they contain abrasives performing surface cleaning.
  • Whitening Gels - provide rapid effect due to the chemical clarification.They can be used in combination with kappa or applied directly to brush teeth.The composition forms on the surface of the active enamel film which after a while you need to rinse with water.
  • set: gel and cap - pick it helps the specialist.Also, it is desirable to order the production of doctor cap on casts of the teeth so that they are the most comfortable to wear and does not allow leakage of gel.Its sets the standard end caps can now be found in the lines of many specialized brands, for example, Smile4You, Opalescence, ExpertWhitening, Colgate Visible White.
  • Whitening Strips - agent with gentle action and long lasting results.Applied to the upper and lower teeth for 5-30 minutes.Work by a layer on the inner surface of the gel in a small volume and concentration of the active substance.White teeth after the full course is maintained up to 12 months.The duration of the courses depends on the characteristics of a particular product.There are classic means for exposure for 30 minutes to 14 days.And the options for sensitive teeth with a 5 minute exposure and a course of 4 weeks.Among the popular brands strips Crest 3D White, Bright Light, Dr.White.
  • Whitening pencils - represent the same gels to the same principle of action, but in a more compact and aesthetically pleasing packaging.
  • Conditioners - can be used as an additional means to maintain the whiteness of teeth after professional or domestic cleaning.

Each means for whitening teeth of folk and professional medicine has its disadvantages and can result in irreparable damage during use. Therefore, in choosing individual solutions should be balanced and considered.The best option, according to dentists will still professional cleaning in a medical office.And to maintain the result, you can use other means of home use.