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  • 1 What is the secret method?
  • 2 Recommendations for bleaching
  • 3 Recipes home
    • 3.1 only soda
    • 3.2 soda and hydrogen peroxide
    • 3.3 Soda and fruit acid

This methodHe gained popularity for several reasons.Firstly, in practice it proved the effectiveness of whitening teeth soda.Reviews confirm that after the first procedure is achieved by bleaching the enamel, after the second and third white is visible to the naked eye.Second, the technique is absolutely simple and accessible, because buying a soda there is no difficulty, and its cost is minimal.Thirdly, it is known that a dental professional soda used for whitening teeth."Recipe" of dentists is to combine it with water and applied to the teeth of a powerful jet of air that literally blows the plaque from the tooth surface.

What is the secret method?

action of sodium bicarbonate (or simply, soda) is the mechanical removal of impurities from the surface of the teeth.Minimum soda powder particles act as an

abrasive agent. on a similar principle is carried out with activated carbon bleaching.But if, after cleaning the latter you get the gums, full of black dots, then the teeth whitening with the help of soda does not cause such problems.

Recommend this method can be people who have a darkening of the enamel occurred due to natural causes.Among the most popular - the use of tea and coffee, smoking, poor oral hygiene, advanced age.If your teeth are dark on the nature or you too are abusing tobacco, apparently did not succeed to achieve the effect.

Do not try this method of whitening for pregnant women, lactating mothers.Under the ban it for people with bleeding gums, the presence of the sensitivity of enamel caries, periodontitis and other oral diseases.

should take into account the negative consequences that may result from the use of soda to whiten.Among them:

  • thinning enamel and hypersensitivity development;
  • occurrence of gum irritation, allergic reactions in the form of ulcers in the mouth and rashes;
  • complete destruction of enamel due to violations of the requirements of dentists on the implementation procedures or the combined use of hazardous compounds.

Recommendations for bleaching

  • Visit the dentist to clarify whether the soda can whiten your teeth in your case. physician should make sure that at this moment you do not have tooth decay, no lesions of the mouth and the dark color enamel it arose from the raid.
  • soda Bleaching teeth at home is carried out after proper training. should not rush to the bathroom as soon as you decide to try this method.Must first strengthen enamel as possible.To do this for 30 days using fluoride toothpaste, tooth cleaning with a soft brush.In the diet include protein and calcium-rich foods, fruits and vegetables.Such a diet, and proper care will make a negative impact of bleaching procedures to a minimum.
  • After the first procedure, take a break of at least 7 days. This recommendation gives dentists the question of how to whiten teeth at home soda conditions.Responses show the most gentle impact with a rare but regular performance cleaning.
  • Avoid getting the cleaning composition to the gums to keep them healthy. high concentration of sodium bicarbonate or other substances can cause microtraumas and burns.


home whitening procedures are performed with pure soda composition or in combination with other substances.

only soda

Use dry powder or a concentrated soda solution of a small amount of water and 2 teaspoons of baking soda.The first should be applied to wet gauze or take fingertips.Second, you can take your fingers and dry with a cotton swab.In each case use toothbrush as its bristles in combination with abrasive enamel damage can deeply. can use a toothbrush with soft bristles.Perform processing for 2 minutes and then rinse the mouth with water.

soda and hydrogen peroxide

How to whiten your teeth with the help of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, even our grandmothers knew.Since then the method has not changed.3% of the composition of peroxide mixed with soda until a thick slurry.She treat teeth without the use of brushes.Suffice it to 1-2 minutes to perform the cleanup, and then the mouth should be thoroughly rinsed.As the reviews bleaching teeth with soda and hydrogen peroxide, the result is visible immediately.But often such cleansing is not necessary.Once every 10 days will suffice.

Soda and fruit acid

Dry Soda powder is recommended to add 3 drops of lemon juice.Replace it can be a strawberry or kiwi fruit, in general, from any acidic fruit.Whitening lemon soda and it is considered the most effective, as the acid sap more.But it acts very aggressively, so resort to this method should not be more than 1 time in 2 months.

One of the known ways to whiten your teeth with soda at home is a combination of sodium bicarbonate with the hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice. This mix is ​​so detrimental to the enamel, you'll have to say goodbye with a protective coating of the teeth after cleaning 2-3. Avoid such dangerous experiments to preserve not only white, but also their smiles health!