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  • 1 Nuances use
    • 1.1 Calorie and nutritional value
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In the Khrushchev era, it has become"queen of fields", displacing crops of rye and millet.Corn was cultivated by force, but the imposition of a typical American cereal was not unreasonable.Porridge from it useful and nutritious, rich variety of valuable vitamins.It is ideal for the diet because of its caloric value, cooked with water, is minimal.

Nuances use

course, cautious use of corn porridge in our diet due to its "prishlost".The Russian cuisine it is not used until the twentieth century, when there was, there was no tradition or culture of its use or normal recipes.

But it was immediately recognized by nutritionists product unanimous answer to the question whether the corn porridge useful.Yes, useful, and people of all ages!

  • Kids .It may be included in the lure of the first year of life, as a valuable supplier of fiber and minerals.As part of the corn no gluten, pr
    otein cereal, dangerous for kids.It stimulates food allergies, violation of digestion.The reactions of the individual, but because of the risk of severe consequences glyutensoderzhaschie products in baby food are not used.And corn in not among them.
  • Older .Useful properties of cereals due to a high content of potassium.This trace mineral necessary for proper operation of the heart, provides clean and vascular tone.Eating porridge recommended for violations pressure, arrhythmia.
  • overweight .The use of corn porridge is ideal for weight loss, obesity.The product has a low-calorie, but very satisfying.Maybe use it in small quantities, without receiving excess calories and not feeling hungry.This benefit is provided by the content of the right, "many" of carbohydrates.They gradually degraded due to the feeling of satiety that lasts for several hours.

presence of crude fiber in the product operates on the principle of "brush" for the gut.It does not proven that it removes toxins, but wastes more than effective.In this regard, the question of corn porridge secures or weak, you can answer this way: it improves the discharge of slag from the body mass.intensity "effect" And depending on the volume and in the intestine determined.

Another advantage of the product - in the content of vitamin C. The use of clover improves the durability of immunity to seasonal diseases.High levels of retinol helps to preserve visual acuity, so the use of corn porridge is undeniable for students and seniors.

the question of contraindications doctors agree that the use of the product in the diet at diseases of the gastrointestinal tract requires caution.Negative processes can cause corn ulcer, pancreatitis but when the use of it in the form of gruel allowed.

Calorie and nutritional value

Product Calorie Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Glycemic
Polenta water 86 kcal 8.3 g 1,2 g 71 g
Polenta with milk 120 kcal 3,4 g 4,7 g 16,1 g

Selection and storage

at first glance, corn grits is sold exactly the same.But this is not the case.Preliminary product training really similar.In the production of cereal grains polished to remove the top shell and razdrablivayut.Particles ground to uniformity, smoothness.The sale comes in 5 "caliber", from coarse to fine grinding, which determines the choice of corn grits.

  • coarse .The most effective treatment for the bowel, but this cereal cooked longer than other species.A similar product was used since ancient times by the Indians of America, and the Middle Ages in the cooking of Italy, Moldova.It is because it is prepared classic Italian polenta.
  • Middle milling .Suitable for everyday use, as it contains the most valuable components and easy to prepare.Time to bring the readiness is 30 minutes on low heat.
  • finely ground .Used in cereals fast food and baby food.Last steamed enough boiling water and infuse a few minutes.The product for quick cooking boil 15 minutes on low heat.

Storage is permitted in a glass container, tightly closed.It is important to prevent ingress of light, and the optimum temperature in the range -5 ... + 5 ° C.Since the house is impossible to comply with such conditions, it is not desirable to buy the barley for the future.After buying Pour it out of the package in a jar, remove the cabinet.Thus it can be stored up to one month without loss of flavor.


offer you a recipe for corn porridge for the baby.It is suitable for babies from 6 months.When the crumb gets older, you can use milk instead of water.With 8 months allowed cooking porridge with milk without dilution with water.

you will need:

  • corn grits - 4 teaspoons;.
  • water - 250 ml;
  • butter - 5 g;
  • sugar - pinch.


  1. Crush cereal into flour using a grinder.
  2. Pour water into a saucepan, Boil.
  3. Pour grits, sugar and stir.
  4. Tomita on low heat for 15 minutes.
  5. Add the butter and stir.

Instead of sugar recipe for the child may include grated apple or banana.Add these products, if the crumb is already familiar with them.To improve the taste and the perception of the child's body product will allow the addition of breast milk or formula.

in older age can be easily saturate gruel other tasty and healthy supplements.Honey and raisins, dried apricots and peaches, candied fruit and berries (fresh and frozen) will make every breakfast unusual and very welcome.Keep track of the child's reaction to each new component and enter it with caution.

As with other products for corn porridge benefits and harms are determined by the individual reactions of the organism.But good it is definitely much more potential dangers.So boldly eat it themselves and offer the children!