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pearl barley is prepared from barley, the oldest cereal cultivated by man, at least 17 thousand years ago.He ate all the first civilization, regardless of geographic location.Zlak so unpretentious that quietly grows in the tropical regions of America, entering the staple diet of the local population.And on the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, where he was discovered in the course of the expedition the famous explorer Nikolai Przewalski.

Moreover, mankind in ancient times, this herb is so valued that it introduced not only in cooking but also in social life.For example, associated with the first barley that measure, which was determined by the value of precious stones.Arabs equated 5 grains of barley to 1 carat diamonds.English grain length was measured - the basis of the preserved system of measurement in inches of steel 3 barley grain.Krupa mentioned in scientific works of P

lato, who considered it the basis of a well-fed and secured state.A famous ancient Pythagorean university students were fed only barley.


Product With what is connected is so high attention of the first civilizations to this cereal?Of course, with the simplicity of its cultivation and the ability to grow in any climatic conditions.But the people were well-known use of barley porridge, which today few people know.The modern generation has grown up with the understanding that the barley - porridge is the army, school, ie the budget.And in public institutions it never cooked according to the rules, for that she was absolutely undeserved, stuck the title of one of the most tasteless cereals.

It is sufficient to know the basic features of the product, in order to "make friends" with him.

  • Barley - Whole grain barley .Groats receive a simple grinding.As a result, the minimum mechanical processing, it retains most of the coarse fibers useful for the organism.
  • Zlak found Sales numbers .Figures 1 and 2 correspond elongated grains, 5.3 - round nuclei.Practical value of the shape and length of the cereal kernels are not.They are equally useful.
  • in everyday cooking you can use small barley .Her nucleoli boiled soft faster.
  • Selection of cereals should be based on its color.A quality product can be white, yellow, even with a touch of green.It excludes the presence of any impurities in the package.If they have, the manufacturer does not keep track of the quality of cereals.
  • better to buy barley in cartons .This differs from most cereals, which are preferred for hermetic packages cellophane.The fact that they give contained in moisture in the core during storage.The cellophane is formed condensate, which is an ideal medium for microbial growth.If you notice moisture droplets are inside the package, to buy such a product, you should not, they may be poisonous.Plus, this cereal can have a rancid taste.At the same cardboard box storage barley perhaps 6-12 months.
  • When opening the package rump should smell .Availability musty smell or no say that the old product.
  • At home, barley should be kept in a ventilated container .This could be a bank with a loose lid or cardboard box.Put it in a dark place.
Barley is polished "version" of barley.By cleavage of this cereal is prepared barley groats.Useful second product properties are considered higher as yachka not subjected to any machining at all.It retains all of the surface membrane, which is the maximum crude fiber.

Calorie and nutritional value

Product Calorie Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Glycemic Index
Barley porridge on the water 88 kcal 3,6Mr. 2,2 g 17,1 g
Barley porridge with milk 124 kcal 4,7 g 2,2 g 21,1 g

benefits and harms

what are the benefits and harms of pearl barley porridge?According to nutritionists, to consume it in food should be a variety of reasons.

  • In its composition includes lysine .An amino acid that is a structural element of the body proteins.Without it possible growth and tissue repair, it participates in the production of hormones, antibodies, and digestive enzymes.The lysine foods is uncommon, but getting it from food is extremely important, as is an essential amino acid that is not produced in our bodies.Good suppliers are its red meat and soy.But in the greatest amount it is contained in a cheap Perlovka.
  • pearl barley in a lot phosphorus.Another valuable trace element, the availability of which depends on the intensity of the absorption of calcium in the diet.Moreover phosphorus croup much - 350 mg per 100 grams of product.The record is considered to cereal and potassium content required for heart health, blood vessels.Other useful trace elements in its composition - calcium, iron and iodine.
  • product contains vitamins .They are necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system.For this reason, the use of cereals is recommended for people who are experiencing significant neural load.A regular use of barley as food has anti-stress effect.
  • As part of barley 66% carbohydrates.However, calorie barley porridge is low.This is due to the fact that long-digestible carbohydrates it for several hours.Long a feeling of satiety and a low glycemic index are the basis of product consumption in a healthy diet.Krupa is recommended for people who are overweight because of their satiety, diabetics, because when the body does not cause "splash" in blood sugar.
Wrongful is believed that barley can not be washed for maximum preservation of useful properties.Rinse it should be necessary to eliminate the layer of dust formed on the surface during production, storage.Rough fiber retained in the shell, the water will not wash.

Barley has virtually no contraindications for use.Nutritionists do not recommend to include it in the diet of only those people who suffer from the syndrome of "irritable bowel".In the scientific world, this disease is called celiac disease.And it is gluten - a protein found in barley kernels.

For the same reason you can not include barley porridge in the diet of children up to 1 year.It can cause digestive disorders, and in the presence of the propensity to celiac disease (it is formed genetically) cause a slow nutrient absorption in the intestine.

use rules

barley porridge to exercise maximum useful properties and pleasing tasteful, cook and eat it should be right.Do not give up cooking it in milk.This dish will be a little more nutritious than cooked on the water.However, animal and vegetable proteins are part of the milk and barley, cancel each other on the content of essential amino acids.Breakfast from milk barley is a very useful and tasty!

Rules cooking cereals following.

  • kernels should be soaked in water .Exposure time - 12 hours, during this period, grains swell and get ready quickly.If you boil them without soaking, they contain a protein will fold, and barley will be tough.
  • The best way to prepare - in a water bath .According to this recipe porridge cooked in Russia.Soaked kernels should pour the milk (2 liters in a glass of dry grain), boil and put in a water bath to languish for 6 hours.

Serve cereal necessary with oil, salt is not necessary.Barley turns gentle, soft, flavorful.

Incredibly Useful barley porridge deserves space on your desk.Using the classic recipe, you can please the family a luxurious new dish.And to enrich the diet with valuable substances.