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  • 1 Features cereals
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Oatmeal is a classic English cuisine.However, in Russia it began to be used for a long time.In the XII century, created the tradition of its preparation in the form of cereals and jelly.For ordinary people cereal was attractive "multifunctionality".It allows you to cook different dishes - from sweet to everyday.And most importantly, these dishes are very hearty.

Features cereals

Traditions use oatmeal in Russian cuisine are preserved.The dish is familiar to our table.However, his choice, the use of subtlety is still little known.Why?Because modern industry offers a huge range of cereals made from oats, the beneficial properties of which differ.

  • Krupa steamed not broken .The most useful in the form of whole grains.In her little starch, but a lot of mucous substances, which is why it is extremely useful in clinical nutrition.When cooking it increases in volume up to 5 tim
    es, but it is extremely long cooking time.To prepare steamed groats not broken, it is necessary to simmer for 2 hours daily in the kitchen so little used.
  • Groats Rolled polished .Grains are a double machining, due to which the amount of crude fiber in them decreases.However, their nutritional value remains high, and the benefits of oatmeal are in many respects not inferior steamed groats not broken.The advantage of this cereal is less of cooking time - up to 40 minutes, the finished product gets grayish-yellow color.
  • flakes .They are obtained from processing of the primary treated polished grains.The intensity of the processing of the product determines the grade.The least exposed rolled flakes "Hercules", they retain the structure, respectively, and a greater amount of fiber.their cooking time is 20 minutes.Flakes "Extra" distinguish three varieties and shared their size.The largest is obtained from whole kernels, the smallest - from small to cut.Prepare the fastest "Extra 3" flakes, for 5 minutes.But far from ideal composition useful product.The finer the grain, the higher the glycemic index, the faster and it brings the body extra calories.Accordingly, oatmeal diet should be exclusively in the major grains, for example, varieties of "Hercules" coarse grinding.

Choice of cereals should be based not only on its type.We recommend using oatmeal in the food in an airtight, plastic container.The fact that cereal storage period absorbs moisture, more likely in cartons.However, it rancid because of the abundance of vegetable fat, it becomes tasteless, unfit for consumption.

Storage oatmeal is different from the rules for other cereals.This is the only grain for which it is optimal temperature range of 8-10 degrees.At another temperature of sugar formed therein, and useful substances lose their properties.Therefore, it should be kept in a glass, a sealed container in the refrigerator.

for a healthy diet is ideal groats, meal, adjusting the time until it is ready which is 8 minutes.Packets of porridge fast food to healthy food have nothing to do.Their calorie, especially sugar, equivalent to the cake, and the rate of assimilation of calories - is similar.The use of correct flakes allowed after boiling, but the most healthy dish you get, just the Gulf of boiling water and letting it brew under the lid.

Calorie and nutritional value

Product Calorie Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Glycemic
Oatmeal on the water 84 kcal 3 g 1,7 g 15 g
Oatmeal with milk 102 kcal 3,2 g 4,1 g 14,2 g

product use

So consider useful than porridge.According to nutritionists, it is difficult to find a more valuable product for a healthy diet.Grains is almost 100% consist of coarse fibers.Some of them are insoluble, meaning they are removed from the body in its original form.In the process of elimination they "grab" a lot of unnecessary things.For example, fats, thereby cleanse the body of harmful cholesterol.Or slags which contain hazardous acids and toxic substances that stimulate the development of cancer.

Other useful properties of products associated with its composition.

  • abundance of vitamins and minerals .This rump huge amount of B vitamins thiamin, riboflavin involved in the metabolic processes of the body, normalize the blood, involved in the formation of the mucous membranes and skin.Oatmeal in valuable minerals - is iron, potassium and phosphorus in a large amount, calcium and zinc.
  • Dietary Fiber .They are not digested in the stomach because of the coarse structure of the plant.A work in the intestine by the brush type.Gut cleaning intensity depends on the degree of grinding of the flakes.What they are larger and fewer have been processed, the more useful they are for the body.
  • Low glycemic index .They are inherent in porridges from coarse grains.Despite the fact that the product is high calorie (360 calories), they are absorbed very slowly.The product saturates the body with valuable long carbohydrates that do not settle on the hips and abdomen immediately as from eating cake.And spent a few hours, while maintaining the feeling of satiety and not releasing the excess calories.That is why the question of how many calories in oatmeal, not actual.From the right product, you will not get a single extra.For this reason the product is useful for diabetics.At the use of oatmeal in blood sugar levels is not "jump" instantly, and stored in the normal range.
Oatmeal, whose composition is rich in valuable substances, may be present in the diet of children.But the best time of the introduction of it as feeding will be an eight-month age.Prior to this period, the active influence of coarse fibers on the bowel risk of developing colic.

most useful porridge, cooked in water, from whole grains.Also, a healthy diet suited cereal meal, which can be boiled or simply soak in boiling water.The least valuable porridge with milk as dietary fiber oatmeal output milk fat from the intestines, deal with them well.A slag and cholesterol, already deposited in the body, they can not capture.

Harm product

Despite the fact that oatmeal is among the most healthy dish in the diet, there are contraindications of their use.Harm oatmeal can manifest itself in early complementary feeding baby entered to eight months.Especially desirable to cook porridge with milk, such as baby's body before this period is not able to break down animal fat.

is important to take into account other risks.

  • intolerance to gluten .Oatmeal belongs to glyutensoderzhaschim products.This protein creates the same "gluten", which is valuable for people with gastrointestinal disorders work.However, if you are hypersensitive (it is genetically determined) gluten can cause chronic inflammation in the intestines, which violates the absorption of substances.This dangerous condition called celiac disease.According to the calculations of physicians, it shows a tendency to one-third of the world's population.
  • Violation absorbability of calcium and other trace elements .This problem is generated due to envelop the product properties.But with a reasonable consumption of it is not dangerous.Despite the benefits of porridge, you can not abuse it.It suffices to include in the diet three times a week.
  • high calorie .It is common to all varieties of oatmeal and cereal, but gruel fast food and small flakes "Extra 3" becomes dangerous.These products provide immediate release of calories that stimulate the formation of adipose tissue.From this porridge do not lose weight, and get better, so do not use it in the diet.

Now you know the benefits and harms of oatmeal.Eat this valuable product a balanced way, and in this case it will show very useful qualities.