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The popular golden rump is prepared from a culture of millet.This plant belongs to the first grasses, "domesticated" by man.On the territory of modern Russia grass was grown as early as the third century BC.But the birthplace of millet are China and Mongolia.In China, by the way, it continues to grow massively in our days, mainly exported.

Due to the special heat-loving plants grow only in tropical regions (perfect her Russian climate of the southern regions).This feature was the basis of its promotion in African countries.There millet is an important part of the diet of the local population.


product in Russian cooking millet porridge is present for several centuries.Herb highly valued in Russia, called "golden crumbs", not only because of the color, but also because the area of ​​its cultivation was limited, much inferior to whea

t.Benefits millet porridge with milk was well known to the simple common people, working.Ideal assimilating this cereal provides long-lasting feeling of satiety, helping to restore power.

However, on the southern regions of Russia has not gone grass.And not because they were not allowed to climatic conditions.The point of his features, which are almost completely eliminated its use in cooking the northern regions.A modern kitchen in a "golden Krupka" is only a limited space.

The reason for this are several myths prevailing about the millet porridge.

  • Krupa bitter .The common opinion is based on the violation of the rules of its storage.Millet contains a large amount of fatty acids.As far as they are useful to the body, it is known.They are involved in metabolic processes, provide the youth of tissues, skin.Get these people can only acid from food, and millet porridge becomes beautiful their source.However, in violation of the conditions of storage or prolonged storage of fat in the beans are oxidized, rancid cereal.Eat this not possible, it actually becomes an unpleasant taste and lose favor.
  • Remove bitterness impossible .Another misconception.If the shelf life of cereals did not come out, bitterness easily removed by washing the right.It is carried out in three stages.First, grain dust rinsed by rinsing in several waters.Then washed in hot water.For fresh Pshenko this is enough, and for a little lying - no.This should be put in a sieve and pour boiling water.He will wash away the fat rancid film and grits again become perfect taste.
  • The rump little mineral substances.Useful properties of millet porridge is largely dependent on the grain handling equipment.The most useful - Dranets.It is characterized by dark brown color that form the fruit shell.In the production only removed their upper part, and primarily include maximum fat is stored in the nuclei.Dranets particularly capricious in storage, rancid faster than other types of cereal.Remove bitterness impossible, as by washing Rancid fats remain in the nuclei.Drantsa Selection should be based only on its freshness.Then you can get the most out of millet porridge.The polished fiber grains smaller, but plenty of other useful components, so use it in a healthy diet can and should be.
  • millet porridge is suitable only for children power.Again, wrong judgment.In Russia it massively used the peasants, knowing cereal ability to quickly return power.The reason - the ease with which cereal to digest in the body.Drink it can be for children and people with digestive tract diseases, metabolic disturbances.For an adult human, healthy millet porridge will be a useful and readily available source of energy, especially when doing heavy physical labor.

Selection and storage

Based on the above facts, we can give some advice on selecting and storing cereals.

  • Buy only fresh product .The closer the date of manufacture, the better.
  • Choose plastic packaging .The possible impact on the cardboard moisture rump, and this is detrimental to her.Sealed polyethylene repeatedly extend the shelf life.
  • To buy dietary Dranets .It is characterized by coarse dark-brown surface.The bright yellow nucleus cleared of rough skins, they are better suited for baby food.If the grain is white, and lay it may taste bitter.
  • Do not buy cereals in store .Long-term storage worsens its flavor and dietary qualities.
  • Keep cold.The ideal place to store millet cereal is a refrigerator.It it should be in a sealed package, such as a glass jar with a tight lid.

Calorie and nutritional value

Product Calorie Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Glycemic
millet gruel on the water 90 kcal 4,7 g 1,1 g 26,1 g
millet porridge with milk 88,6 kcal 3,9 g 3,5 g 10,5 g

Benefits and harms

composition grains is optimal for dietary food.Pshenko rich in protein, which makes up 11% of its mass.According to this criterion, it is equivalent to the wheat, and in the presence of vitamins group B ahead of other cereals.Especially a lot of folic acid in it, so it is recommended to include in the diet of expectant mothers.

According to nutritionists, cereal has no contraindications for use.It is the least of the allergen to other cereals, and even contain gluten, but its volume is extremely small.This allows you to use the product in early complementary feeding of children and to include in the diet of people with gluten intolerance.

ability to easily absorbed by the body it makes the millet porridge ideal choice for baby food, the recovery period after illness, diet during diseases, especially gastro-intestinal tract.

In particular, what is useful millet porridge, people should be aware of the following problems.

  • Heart disease, vessels.The rump huge amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium.In combination with B vitamins and PP, it becomes a fount of valuable substances to support the cardiovascular system.
  • gastrointestinal diseases .Krupa refers to the lightest product, do not load job tract.Especially great in this case, the use of millet porridge with pumpkin.Nutritionists call these pink porridge for their attractive color.And recommend to use for intestinal diseases.
  • Overweight .A unique feature of millet grains - preventing fat deposition.The product has a lipotropic effect, ie bad displays excess fat from the body.This not only promotes the normalization of weight, but also prevents the formation of cholesterol on vascular walls.

Application cereals must be in the children's diet.It contains phosphorus - an essential component of bone tissue, which is part of bones, teeth, hair.And the copper that gives muscle tissue elasticity.

use rules

How to eat millet porridge?According to nutritionists, the best combination for this product - milk with a little fat.It is added to water polurazvarivshuyusya grits and steamed under the hood.Especially tasty clover will, if its boil water on the stove, and after the addition of milk to put in the oven for 1 hour.

proportions of water and milk are the same: 1 glass of well washed and scalded cereals will need 2 cups of water, and a little later - 2 cups of milk.Salt and sugar, add the discretion.He loves this porridge and butter, but dietary its volume should be reduced.

goes well the finished product with useful dried fruits and nuts.The porridge can add raisins, dried apricots, sesame seeds and its flavor flax seeds, you can put fresh berries and fruit pieces.Of course, the product will be tasty and meat, cooking dish but should be on the water, with a minimum amount of salt.

Benefits and harms of millet porridge - unequal concepts.Contrary to many myths, this product has a high nutritional value, is useful for people with diseases, and without them, especially important in children's diet.Eat it with pleasure and for the body!