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Indeed, cereals are among the most nutritious foods in the diet.For example, the same calorie oatmeal almost equivalent to a portion of ravioli.And saturation calories she did not concede either barley or rice or millet.The most low-calorie cereal - buckwheat.The number of calories it does not reach 100. However, only use it for weight loss by mistake.It turns out that in respect of cereals is not so easy as with other products.

Why lose weight porridge

matter in products.Most cereals contain fiber.This valuable natural fibers which do not dissolve in the body.Unlike other compounds that are absorbed through the intestinal wall, the fiber remains intact.Leaving the intestine, it captures a lot of the unnecessary.For example, oatmeal perfectly displays fats, barley - toxins and decomposition products of antibiotics.Rice porridge sorbent has a powerful effect, sucking aggressive allergens.

The more fiber, the greater the effect of "cleaning" exercise cereal in the intestine.Most coarse fibers work on the principle of the toothbrush: they simply scraped off from the mucous membranes deposited on these toxins.On such a "spring cleaning" can only cereal meal, with preserved fruit shells.These include oatmeal "Hercules", barley groats (crushed and unrefined grains of barley), brown and unpolished rice.

But even if cereal cleaned and sanded, it still contributes to weight loss.And it is again in its composition.

  • Slow carbohydrates .They contain all the cereals.From fast carbohydrates, which many in the baking, confectionery, sweet drinks, they are distinguished by the rate of absorption by the body.If fast absorbed within minutes, causing momentary spike in blood glucose levels, which has no time wasted in the form of energy is transformed into fat, the carbohydrates are broken into many hours.They are absorbed slowly, providing a long satiety.And if you do not want to have, then the chances to lose weight much more than a starvation diet.
  • Beta-glucans .These substances in the composition of most cereals are working as well as fiber.Not only act in the intestine, and blood vessels.There they dissolve cholesterol plaques, providing high quality cleaning of the circulatory system.
  • Vitamins .Cereals are rich in a whole range of vitamins, but most of them substances of group B. They are involved in the formation of the nervous system, tissue regeneration, hematopoiesis.Because of this cereal diet can be considered a source of tranquility, beauty and youth.
  • Amino .The grains contain substances that the body needs for normal metabolism.And he, in turn, is the basis of body slimming.Get amino acids is possible only from food.And porridge on the list of their carriers - the cheapest available product.
But what in cereals do not have is animal fat.They are deposited in the form of cholesterol on vascular walls.Vegetable products bring the body to a benefit, to use them correctly.

How to eat porridge

for weight loss does not just include cereals in the diet is enough.Although for many, it will have achievement, to support the body with valuable items!Proper Diet cereal different from the usual.They have several features.

  • boiled on the water.Use for the preparation of cereal milk can not, since it is the source of animal fat and caloric content increases.An exception is the non-fat milk, which can be cooked millet, barley porridge.The only barley that is not combined with milk, is oatmeal.By drinking breast porridge properties of oatmeal for the removal of fat from the intestine, completely lost.
  • If croup swells in water, boil it .These cereals are oatmeal, buckwheat, rice.Their rather pour boiling water and leave to swell.The lack of cooking preserves in them the maximum amount of nutrients and valuable fiber is not destroyed.
  • Do not add salt, sugar .Salt disturbs the natural water metabolism in the body, stimulates the swelling.Sugar becomes a source of empty calories.Make a delicious meal will help other beneficial ingredients.The porridge can add fresh or frozen berries, a small amount of dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruit.Such dishes are perfect in taste, nutritious and help to lose weight.
  • Eliminate oil .The dishes prepared on the water and supplemented with fresh berries, fruit, butter, and so would be superfluous.The dietary mess it reduces the efficiency of the fiber.
  • Eat porridge in the morning and evening, but not before bedtime .The length of time before sleep should be at 4:00, so you can have time to spend obtained carbohydrates.
  • Eat cereals regularly .According to nutritionists, you must eat porridge at least 3 times a week.It is possible and more.Developed a diet for ten weeks and eating cereal dishes.
  • Drink water .To lose weight and improve the efficiency of fiber in the intestine, it is necessary to saturate the body with water.Drink it often, little by little.The drink more than two liters a day.
Not all cereals are created equal.One of the "empty" is a semolina groats.It is produced from wheat processed, so no fiber remains in it.

also important geographical principle product selection.The fact that the ability to cleave carbohydrates depends on the specific enzymes in the body.They pawned genetically.If your parents and older relatives never ate wild rice or corn, with you these helpful cereals may play a "cruel joke."Your body simply can not digest them, which will cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract work.


offer learn to cook porridge for the right weight loss of Pshenko, barley grits, oatmeal, buckwheat and lentils.

  • millet porridge .Scald with boiling water cup cereal, pour three cups of cold water.Simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.Before serving, season with honey.
  • barley porridge .Pour a glass of groats in boiling water (3 cups), boiled for 25 minutes.Serve with fresh fruit.
  • Oatmeal .Pour a glass of boiling water flakes, meal at the rate of 1: 2.Leave the lid on for 30 minutes.add fresh or frozen berries before use.
  • Buckwheat .Pour a glass of cereals in the evening two cups of cold water.Eat in the morning with honey, nuts.
  • Lentil porridge .Pour a glass of lentils five cups of cold water, boil 20 minutes.Serve the dish, seasoned with vegetable oil.

advantage of every recipe is a simple preparation and the ability to change the taste of the dish, adding other beneficial ingredients.

proper diet can be delicious.And low-calorie cereal make it sound basis.With them you will be able to lose weight and improve the body, using the best available products.