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Why?They are among the oldest foods in the human diet.It is known that 17 thousand years ago, ancient civilizations ate barley, which was built by the Greeks and Romans diet.12 thousand years ago in the diet of the inhabitants of Russia appeared oats, which formed the basis of the diet of the peasants.And before that the population of the southern regions of Russia Eat millet - a rich source of nutrients.

Kashi give strength and energy to the poorest segments of the population, provide full and affordable diet.Cereals used in different ways: milled into flour for baking bread and cakes, boiled in the form of liquid and bulk jelly garnish.Do not abandon them and wealthy people more skillfully prepared, consumed with meat.

Today we are much more available types of cereals than i

n medieval Russia.But do not give up the centuries-old experience.After all, the most valuable varieties of them apply to the oldest.

rating of cereals

So, what is the most useful porridge?Nutritionists call 7 valuable products that are important to include in the diet.And not only people with health problems and a violation of the digestive tract works.To the food was balanced, full, should be consumed regularly in food grains.


is considered a leader in nutritional value with minimal calories.On the use of buckwheat group based dozens of diets.It is used in a vegetarian diet as a substitute for animal protein, because it includes the amount of vegetable protein reaches 18%.The product is rich in iron, magnesium.These trace elements are important to the hematopoietic system, heart.

Buckwheat should form the basis of the power of people with diabetes.It has a minimal glycemic index does not increase the level of sugar in the assimilation of the body, respectively, does not cause him spike.There are cases where the use of buckwheat, and the observance of rigid diet eliminates the need for insulin.

Buckwheat does not apply to cereal crops such as cereals, most famous, and to the herbaceous plants.Its closest "relative" - ​​sorrel, so the product is minimal calorie, up to 90 calories per 100 grams of product.She comes from India, where it is called "black rice".

Oatmeal Oatmeal is made from oats, which are subjected to different kinds of processing.useful properties are determined by grinding intensity for this porridge.The rougher it is, the more useful product.Therefore, a healthy diet is recommended not to include oatmeal, quick to prepare, and rolled oats.The degree of its minimal machining.

Krupa rich in trace elements and vitamins.But its main value in the other - an abundance of fiber.The grains consist of insoluble fiber in the gut that act like "their brush".They clean out toxins, simultaneously bringing cholesterol, toxic substances.But such medicinal qualities has only product made on the water.

oatmeal also necessary for people with impaired gastrointestinal operation.When gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, it reduces the severity of attacks, as the film coats the stomach walls from gluten.


This cereal - a product of grinding grains of barley, is the basis of the diet of ancient people.It is known that only the eaten Roman gladiators, as protein-rich cereal quickly made up for power.Loved barley famous king-reformer Peter I, but in Russia the culture of its use was lost long ago, potesnenny wheat.

Today barley porridge perceived breech, the army, the budget.At the same time it has a mass of useful properties.It contains protein, rich in potassium, phosphorus.There is in it, and fiber, which is important for proper operation of the intestine.The problem of modern barley that have forgotten how to cook it.Because of this ancient cereal, which was used on all the continents, proved to be in the back of the cooking.

barley should always be soaked before boiling.It is necessary to fill it with water for 12 hours, then washed and boiled.On an open fire should only bring grits to a boil, then reposition the pan in a water bath and simmer, covered for 6 hours.


Another ancient cereal millet should be present in a healthy diet.Millet is a product of its minimal processing, so it saved a large amount of valuable fiber.For this cereal useful properties are in an intensive cleansing the intestine's ability to remove toxins, metal salts.Krupa stimulates the cleansing of vessels, reduces the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis.

product rich in carbohydrates, because of which provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety.Not suitable for food for pancreatitis as polysaccharides present in the composition can not be completely recycled impaired pancreas.For the same reason you can not eat millet to people with diabetes.


Despite the fact that this product is unusual for our table, alien, you must use it.Corn has a unique feature.It is very satisfying, so a lot of it does not get to eat.The period of assimilation by the body longer, its carbohydrates are broken down more than 4 hours, providing a gradual flow of energy.

It includes vitamins A, E, PP, a large amount of potassium and magnesium.These trace elements are valuable for the heart.It lowers cholesterol and effectively cleanses the intestines, like oatmeal.


product is included in the diet of one billion of the world population.The value of rice is well known in China, India and other countries of East Asia, where it is an essential component of the diet.We have the same figure is perceived differently, and not because we do not know how to cook it.The fact that we use it quite different varieties - white, refined, the value of which is minimal in comparison with rice "classic" - brown, unpolished.

latter has the highest efficiency in the issue of cleansing the body of toxins.And the calories in it very little.Our cereal varieties are less productive in this regard, contains more readily available carbohydrates.However, they are necessary for the health of the organism, as Fig sorbent has qualities envelops the intestinal wall, normalises digestion.


benefits of this cereal is not known widely, linen mess we cook is not accepted.But get to know her as a terrific source of essential amino acids necessary.It supplies the body the most valuable substances that make the structure of the skin, bones, joints.Flax - a fountain of youth.

also rump contains vitamins and trace elements.The leader among the latter - potassium, which is 7 times more than in the known record for that component - a banana.Linen has a similar porridge with oatmeal and rice effect on the digestive tract: it envelops the mucous membranes of the film, improves digestion.

most harmful cereals

Kashi made exclusively confer useful properties.However, among them there are potential "pests".Nutritionists believe those clover with a high glycemic index, as well as those in which there is practically no fat.They bring the body to "empty calories."Record holders here are a few.

  • Semolina .It is the product of the smallest milling wheat, therefore contains a small amount of vegetable protein and vitamins.However, the bulk of its composition (70%) forms the starch, which can not be used for people with obesity or those who seek to reduce it.The benefits of porridge in the morning of semolina and exaggerated for kids.As part of the grains have a complex mucopolysaccharide that the child's body can not break down.It also reduces the intensity of the movement of the intestine villi, inhibiting the digestive activity.
  • White rice .Nutritionists call it an empty source of calories.The white rice is really a lot of them, but the vitamins and minerals almost none.High value are brown, wild and red varieties of this cereal.
  • Oatmeal Fast Food .Surprisingly, oatmeal can also be harmful.This is called the fine grinding cereals, which boil soft for 5 minutes, or those that can be simply steamed with boiling water.This product no fiber or other valuable components.Calorie is oatmeal porridge from a bag of sugar is equivalent to a piece of cake.

Its harmful may be any cereal, if there is its idiosyncrasy.More than 30% of the world population suffers from gluten intolerance, while 1% of the people is a genetic condition provokes grave consequences after consuming glyutensoderzhaschih cereals.With regular consumption of cereals with gluten (oats, wheat, semolina, barley) is formed by celiac disease.It manifests itself in persistent digestive disorders with reduced nutrient absorption rate from the intestine.

Gluten is present not only in cereals but also in products of them.He is in bread, pasta, sausage and canned as additives.No cereal protein in buckwheat, rice, corn groats, millet.

Rules of preparation of useful cereals

To get the maximum benefit from the product, it is necessary to choose and cook.Then porridge will really be useful.Here are a few subtleties of proper preparation of food.

  • The less processing the better .Any grain contains a basic range of nutrients in the upper shell.Therefore, the less they lost in production, the more valuable the dish will turn out.Eat porridge meal, brown rice and cereals, which are a core razdrablivayut: corn, barley (barley).
  • Rinse barley .This will prevent it from dust and no nutrients are not washed away.The need to wash the grain dictated by elementary hygiene.
  • Eat no fat .The advantage of oatmeal, for example, is the ability to bind and remove cholesterol.However, it is completely lost when using it with milk, because milk fat cereal associates, not the one that settled in your gut.Similarly, there are other cereals with fiber.For maximum benefit to boil their water.
  • Use useful and tasty additives.Cereal for breakfast would be much tastier if you add to it raisins, dried apricots, put the pieces of apples or nuts, pour grain flax, sesame seeds and garnish with fresh berries.These components do not increase caloric content of dishes, but make it more palatable, helpful.

regularly consume valuable cereals, benefit and harm them with the individual and depend on the characteristics of your body.However, the number of useful cereals high.And among them, you are sure to find ones that will delight the taste to everyday desktop and will not bring unpleasant consequences.