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  • 1 Krupa in modern cooking
  • 2 Benefits and harms
    • 2.1 Calorie and nutritional value
  • 3 How to cook

barley groats are calledbarley, annual plant with tremendous stamina to growth conditions.It is able to grow everywhere: in the cold climate of northern regions of Russia, in the hot - in the equatorial America.Exceptional resistance to weather conditions made the first barley cereal, which began to use people in the food.

Mention of barley porridge can be found in the writings of the Roman historian Pliny the Elder.Culture cultivated fields in Greece, Egypt, the Roman Empire was considered a staple food of the population.It ate barley porridge Roman gladiators, as a source of quick energy and strength.Even the term "Gladiator" or hordearii means "barley men", which confirms the high status of the product in the ancient culture of mankind.

Krupa in modern cooking

In the world of today's huge fields of barley cultivated everywhere to the XI century, gave way t

o other cereals.History valuable cultural paradox.Due to its high resistance to environmental conditions and the availability of cheap barley cereal product considered.Substantial funds to bail out was not possible from the sale.Because of this, in the Middle Ages, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčcultivated barley subjected to artificial destruction and replaced them with more expensive wheat valued.

truly tragic was the departure of barley grains from the fields of modern Russia, where barley porridge served as the basis of the table of the Finno-Ugric peoples.After the displacement of the Slavic population of wheat cleaned not only the barley field, but also a significant forest area.This has resulted in abrupt climate change in the region, which moved from moderate to cold continental.

Barley in a small volume remained as a fodder crop, and most affordable peasant food.Hence the attitude toward him - as a slush simple peasant army.How many names coined for it in the budget cooking!And "fraction 16" and tarpaulin porridge, and shrapnel.The reason - the loss of the culture of its preparation, loss of understanding than useful barley porridge.

explore this issue 13 years in a Japanese scientist Yoshihie Hagiwara.He analyzed the properties of 150 grains, and concluded that there is no more useful than barley, and more valuable for the food than the porridge out of it.Founded author of its findings on the following assertions.

  • Barley porridge - a product of barley affected by the minimum machining.It retains the bulk of the fruit skins and the most valuable fiber.By the number of its cereal oatmeal ahead.
  • pearl barley and barley porridge - not the same thing .Although the products are obtained from one cereal, pearl barley heavily sanded.She loses a significant proportion of fiber in the production.More similar in composition to the barley porridge barley grits.The latter is subjected to a crushing without sanding.
  • balanced composition of cereals .Moreover, the Japanese researcher said that the nutritional value of its maximum among other cereals.The reason - the maximum proportion of vegetable protein, fiber and minerals.
sale barley groats is not found.You can find only barley and barley.If you are planning to buy the most useful product, choose yachku.It is similar to the maximum extent with the composition of barley.Or pearl dark.Such nuclei would say the minimum grinding grain in the production.

Benefits and harms

How valuable is a porridge made from barley grains in the diet, tell cereal composition.

  • Vegetable protein - 11% by weight .He digested more easily than animals, so cereal quickly restores power.
  • Fiber - more than 10% , but this figure depends on the intensity of the mechanical processing cores.The less their polished, the more of insoluble fiber, carrying crude bowel clean, they left.
  • carbohydrates - up to 66% .For many carbohydrates are important for full saturation of the body and prolonged satiety.They absorbed gradually without causing sudden release of glucose.This property of the product can be recommended in clinical nutrition of people with diabetes.Barley porridge indispensable for people engaged in heavy physical labor.
  • Lysine .Valuable amino acid, which can only get from food.It stimulates the production of collagen - the basic building material of the skin, bones and joints.Lysine participates in the formation of immunity.
  • Trace .The product has a huge amount of potassium and phosphorus.the last level reaches 353 mg, which can not offer more than any one food product.Along with calcium, iron, copper and other trace elements, it provides the strength of bone involved in hematopoietic system, improves the vessels.
useful not only cereals, but also decoctions of barley grains.When cooking cereals allocated gordetsin substance.He is considered a natural antibiotic that is effective in the treatment of skin diseases.

rich in protein and fiber cereal has no contraindications for use.And to learn more about it and to estimate its luxurious taste, enough to know the right recipe barley porridge.

Calorie and nutritional value

Product Calorie Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Glycemic Index
Barley porridge on the water 76 kcal 2,3Mr. 0,3 g 15,7 g
Barley porridge with milk 111 kcal 3,6 g 2,0 g 19,8 g

How to cook

prepare product can be on the stove, in the oven.Very useful in the preparation of barley porridge in multivarka.It comes to readiness faster than by other methods.But in each case it requires to prepare the rump.

  1. Rinse barley .This will remove dust from the nucleus.
  2. Soak in cold water .It is necessary to soak the beans for 12 hours.Ideal to leave a glass of cereals for the night in a liter of cold water.The kernels swell, but will retain the shape.After this training they get faster and become solid.
  3. Cook on milk.Barley taste is perfectly complemented by milk and cream.Put cereal in milk and put to languish on low heat.The ancient recipe suggests it simmer 6 hours on a water bath.Significantly reduces cooking time multivarka.It comes barley porridge for 40 minutes.
  4. Use suitable proportions .From the swollen kernels get crisp garnish, if they pour two cups of liquid.For use in a viscous clover 2 times more milk.
  5. add butter .Barley likes oil, and what it is, the richer the taste is obtained.The dietary butter can be replaced by vegetable.

We hope you have not left issues such as boil barley porridge.And it is the most valuable meal with luxurious taste will appear regularly on your desk.