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  • 1 Product Features
  • 2 porridge Properties
    • 2.1 Benefits
    • 2.2 harm
    • 2.3 Calorie and nutritional value
  • 3 Usage Rules

Cheap, gray, dull - a perceived barley groats today.Centuries ago, it was valued as at the weight of the diamond.Barley, from which produce yachku as ancient herb has given rise to measures gems weights (one carat is equal to three barley grains), the length of the measures.He fed the nation and the people, covers the bulk of the cultivated land of ancient civilizations.

in modern culture is perceived barley cereal feed, what is used for more than 70% of its crops.The food for the grain is processed and produce 2 kinds of cereals: barley and yachku.It argued that the more valuable pearl barley and barley, on the other hand, belongs to the second class.This view is refuted nutritionists.

Product Features

high nutritional value, which has barley grits, based on the technology of its production.For the production of barley grind core.It re

moves them from the surface of the membranes, which contain the bulk of the valuable fiber.Groats barley produced otherwise.Whole grain barley, peeled only from the shell blossoms, crushed.The fiber remains unaltered.That is why yachka much more useful than barley.

Other features cereals.

  • barley - very unpretentious grass .Grows he in any environment, regardless of climatic features.Linked to this is the availability of the product, the minimum cost of barley grains.Thus cheapness in no way suggests no uselessness in his diet.On the contrary, the number of substances ahead of other cereal grains.
  • Ingredients barley cereal named the most balanced .Such a conclusion was made by Japanese researcher Yoshihie Hagiwara.He studied the effects on the body especially 150 kinds of groats.And barley chosen as the optimal content of proteins, carbohydrates and many vegetable fat.
  • Calorie cereal is high, but it is recommended to use in dietary nutrition .Product Feature - in the low glycemic index.Digesting it causes no spike in blood glucose levels, respectively, not the sugar level drops after its use.The lack of glucose spike exclude acute attacks of hunger that visit after eating pastries or sweet candy.
  • Application of cereals in the diet possibly in the form of friable garnish, sticky porridge.The only country in the world in which the barley drink, is Japan.There yachki of brewed drink and use as a therapeutic, for the purification of the vessels, and as a natural antibiotic.
  • Choice barley groats simple .Buy product in plastic packaging.It protects from moisture.There are no varieties of cereals, it suffices to assess its color, it should be light.See how chipped kernels are poured in the package.If cereal is dry, then quality.In the damp can develop bacteria, dangerous mold.
  • Storage is permitted in sealed packaging .It is enough to put it in a dark, dry place.
To yachka longer kept at home after purchase immediately Pour it into a glass jar and close the lid tight.If the dealer will be exposed to moisture, it starts to taste bitter.

porridge Properties

What is the use of barley porridge?Does it have a contraindication to use?About this rump has a story to tell.After all, a number of indicators it is considered to be the champion.


  • Rough fiber .It is believed that most of them in the porridge.This is not true.It barley grits contains the maximum proportion of coarse fibers, providing a massive bowel clean.Follows yachkoy by the abundance of fiber buckwheat, and only then is oatmeal.
  • Slow carbohydrates .Their croup in more than 60%, because of what it considered to be high-calorie foods.But due to the high duration of their assimilation in the body, people long remains full.This advantage of the product is used in dietary nutrition.
  • Lysine .This is valuable amino acid that is not synthesized in humans.Thus it is an element of collagen fibers, forming the skin, joints, bones, responsible for visual acuity.The beneficial properties of barley porridge are to maintain a youthful body!
  • protein, vitamins.By keeping the membranes in barley groats is more vegetable protein, B vitamins, selenium.From microelements grass leader in content of fluorine, potassium.These substances are involved in the structure of the muscles, nerves, vessels provide health.

cereal balanced composition makes it ideal for baby food, for dietary table, you can quickly restore power when loads as power supplies.


harm barley porridge is possible if you are hypersensitive.Other contraindications to its use - an early age and inability to digest gluten cereal.

  • age of three .The rump contains gluten, which can provoke allergic reactions in infants.Safe and usefully use yachku be after three years.
  • Celiac .The disease is also caused by gluten.Natural protein provokes inflammation of the mucous membranes of the intestine.There is such a reaction in 30% of the population.At 1% of the people it is expressed most clearly and is a danger to life.

Calorie and nutritional value

Product Calorie Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Glycemic
barley porridge on the water 87 kcal 10 g 1,3 g 65,4 g
barley porridge with milk 111 kcal 3,6 g 2,0 g 19,8 g

Terms of use

In Russia barley dishes prepared with milk, flavored butter.For proper nutrition classic recipes are not suitable.They very much animal fat, which reduces the efficiency of the gross product of fibers and fills the vessels of cholesterol.

According to nutritionists, the surest way to use barley grains, it is steaming hot water.Pre rump washed and placed in a glass container.Pour the boiling water must be at the rate of 1: 2, cover.And when the mass swells allowed to add honey to taste, fresh berries.

Fitness trainers are less conservative and serves original recipe with vegetable sauce.

you will need:

  • barley cereal - ½ cup;
  • water - 1 cup;
  • red onion - ½ head;
  • cucumber, tomato - 1 small vegetable;
  • yellow bell pepper - ½ of the fetus;
  • garlic - 1 clove;
  • greens - a bunch of parsley, cilantro;
  • salt - pinch.


  1. Boil washed barley in water for 20 minutes.Wrap up with a blanket, leave doprevat.
  2. Chop the onion finely, mix with porridge.
  3. Chop the tomato, cucumber, pepper slices to the minimum, add yachku.
  4. Prepare the filling of crushed garlic with salt, finely chopped herbs, olive oil.
  5. Fill the dish.

use it is right there.The original combination of vegetables and spicy filling complement nutty flavor cereal, make it rich and no diet!

Use barley cereals in the diet!It is so rich in nutrients that will become an indispensable assistant in maintaining the body's health.And its availability - plus an additional product.