Article Contents

  • 1 Hormonal disorders
  • 2 Malnutrition
  • 3 Wrong skin care
  • 4 problems with the gastrointestinal tract
  • 5 emotional state
  • 6 Climatic factors
  • 7 subcutaneous mite

Without going into medical terminology, we distinguish the main causes of acne.Let us consider in detail each cause of acne and tell you how to deal with it.

Hormonal disorders

transitional age, pregnancy, certain diseases, leading to changes in hormonal levels - all this provokes the appearance of acne.Therefore, if the acne began to annoy you very much, the first thing that needs to be done in the treatment of acne on the face - check their hormonal levels.You can do this by contacting the doctor-endocrinologist.


You may be surprised, but excessive consumption of fried, fatty, spicy dishes, smoked meats, sweets, bakery products and coffee leads to the appearance of acne.Try to give up or reduce the intake of these foods to a minimum.And if this is the case - the result will

not take long!
And how to cure acne on the face, if you do not hunt to deprive yourself of sweet and sharp?But there was really, beauty requires sacrifice, so you have to keep to a diet.Animal fats should be replaced on the plant.Eat five a day on walnuts and almonds.Thus, you will provide your body with a sufficient amount of vitamin E, which is very useful for the skin.Include in the diet of more vegetables, especially dark orange and dark green: carrots, peppers, potatoes or spinach.They have in excess contain vitamin A - is another very important vitamin for the skin.Regular consumption of vegetables in the food will allow your skin after a few days to become younger and cleaner!

Wrong skin care

Often the cause of acne on the face is the wrong skin care and inadequate hygiene.Oily and combination skin requires careful and very careful care.A wrong cream can only do harm, prefer lotions and creams made specifically for problem skin.Wash should be no more than twice a day.In all other cases, use anti-bacterial wipes to not desiccate the skin and does not frequent washing cause aggravation.Do not touch the face with dirty hands, and even better once again not touching your face during the day.More attention is paid to care for your skin, and it will cease to be capricious!

problems with the gastrointestinal tract

this problem should be given special attention, because acne - is an indication that your body is not all right.Go examination of internal organs.The most common acne is inevitable in such diseases as acute and chronic gastritis.Also cause acne on the face can be dysbiosis, kidney stones or liver disease.By getting rid of the problems in the digestive tract, you will get the answer to the question of how to cure acne on the face, and are likely to say goodbye to them!

emotional state

Monitor your emotional state, avoid stress.Depression and low mood disrupts the endocrine glands, resulting in pimples and acne.Negative emotions affect the overall condition of the skin, on the regeneration of cells.Under adverse psychological factors inhibited cell renewal, so that there is a gray complexion, the skin looks bowed, frowning, sometimes dries, becomes vulnerable and utterly unprotected.

Climatic factors

heat, humidity, sunlight, dusty wind - these are external factors of acne.UV light stimulates the production of sebum and causes the horny skin cells.Wind from the dust clogs the pores.Heat and humidity also increases the sebaceous glands and provoke sweating, which leads to an increase in the number of bacteria.This in turn causes an inflammation of the skin and eventually acne.It is believed that exposure to the sun and passion "burns" tan spots, but it is not.Just on tanned skin acne less noticeable, but their number is not reduced.In addition, excessive exposure to the sun ahead of time causes the appearance of wrinkles.

subcutaneous mite

In dermatology disease called demodex.Generally subcutaneous mite is present in every person, but it can be passive or active.The conditions for the development of this disease is an excess of sebum, malfunction of the sebaceous glands, dirt and dust, clogging the pores.Subcutaneous "beast" eats dead cells.And if there is a violation of hormonal or immune system and changes the normal composition of sebum, the mite begins to multiply rapidly and trying to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, causing inflammation.This becomes a cause of acne on the face.

Infection occurs through clothing, hygiene, bedding, through the contact way from one person to another or from animals.You can also catch demodicosis in hairdressing salons, massage parlors, fitting shops.Practice good hygiene, wash your hands frequently, avoid touching the lower handles, doors in public areas.And most importantly - do not touch your face after unwashed hands, so you will protect yourself from infection!

Finally, our general advice on how to cure acne on your face: keep a healthy lifestyle, watch your health, start the day with a good mood more walk in the fresh air, especially at bedtime.Choose a suitable for your skin type and cosmetic facial masks for acne.Preference is better to give a mask made at home.Also do not forget about skin cleansing daily use sponzhikom for washing, do peels once a week.Eat healthy foods, and you will easily and quickly get rid of acne!