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  • 1 Fordyce granules
  • 2 Why are there white spots under the skin?
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If there are white spots on the lips under the skin, the reasons should not look deeply into the body.There is a widespread belief that they necessarily indicative of the presence of diseases of internal organs (such as the digestive tract), helminthic infestation or violations of metabolic processes.However, in reality things are not so bad.And rashes on the lips in the form of semolina arise not because of metabolic disorders.

Fordyce granules

mechanism of white spots on the lips studied by modern medicine.He has a name - Fordyce disease, and those same dots called granules.But the exact answer, why they occur, doctors have not yet given.Bring only assumptions and factors stimulating the development of the disease.

Although the disease it?If the white dots in the corners of the lips or on their surfaces do not cause any discomfort to the owner, does not itch and itch

as irritation of the lips, do not apply and do not increase in size, medicine recognized perceive them as absolutely normal.

Fordyce granules are not contagious, do not cause complications, do not cause any harm. Their only negative - the cosmetic and sometimes there is a feeling of discomfort.

Statistically Fordyce symptom is present in 60% of men and 35% of women worldwide. And if women granules in the form of tiny grains are located exactly on the lips, and much discomfort is not delivered, the men they could find a place at the head of the penis, creating a so-called "collar" and speaking on its surface in the form of papules.But even this is not a disease state, in terms of physicians.

Why are there white spots under the skin?

Doctors believe that the white spots on the lips under the skin occur due to changes in the anatomy of the sebaceous glands.Ideally, they are located deep under the skin, and their work is absolutely not noticeable outwardly.But in some cases (factors contributing to this, we indicate below) sebaceous glands shifted, moving to the upper layer of the skin.Additionally there is an infringement of their work, increases the production of skin secretions.It accumulates, narrow ducts of glands, which leads to the formation of microcysts - the very points that we can see in the mirror.

Factors that contribute to the formation of granules, the following.

  • Puberty - the time when the spots on the lips appear more often, is the age from 13 to 17 years.During this period, it is extremely unstable hormones, and that becomes the cause of the disease.
  • individual anatomy - often offset the sebaceous glands in people genetically inherent.Therefore, as they grow older, when activated sebum, start to form granules.
  • Changes sebaceous glands - disease provokes narrowing of the ducts, because of which the allocation of the sebaceous gland accumulate and clog.It may also cause injuries, strokes.
  • Smoking - smokers often white spots are found not only on the outside but on the inside of the lips.

Fordyce disease treatment

granules in the form of nodules of yellow-white color are cosmetic defect.Their diameter is typically less than 2 mm, a height of 1 mm.Soreness is virtually absent, but occasionally there is a feeling of itching or burning sensation that passes quickly.When pressed on the surface can be a yellowish liquid, but on their own to try to remove it is impossible, as there is a risk of infection.He is present when combing granules also likely to cause scarring.Therefore, touch spots and try to remove them on their own is not recommended.

If you have white spots on the lips under the skin, how to treat them to tell the doctor.If you suspect or persistent discomfort, it is desirable to turn to a dermatologist , which quickly diagnose.

Features Fordyce disease is such that it confused with something else even visually impossible.If the doctor will doubt tissue biopsy will be assigned.The reason for it is the presence of multiple lesions, but not only on the lips and around the body.Such granules can be caused or shellfish, such as eczema.

treatment in the presence of white spots on the lips is assigned depending on the characteristics of the disease. If they do not cause any discomfort, you do not need to treat them. No treatment is recognized only correct decision in this case, as a really effective method of getting rid of the disease to date does not exist.

And even after the removal of formations (cryotherapy or laser treatment), they may arise again.To eliminate unpleasant itching appointed antihistamines or soothing gels.Retin-A help and jojoba oil.

good news for owners of white spots on the lips can serve as a fact that often after 30 years of granules disappear by themselves.According to dermatologists, it is due to the decrease in activity of hormones and normalization of the sebaceous glands.