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  • 1 What causes Angulo
  • 2 Medical treatment techniques
    • 2.1 Local media
    • 2.2 General Medicine
  • 3 Traditional medicine

what is popularly known as " 'll pick" in medicine is called angulitom.Causes and treatment of the disease precisely defined and known.To help in these situations may be a dermatologist, but often can not do without the advice of your dentist, because the disease is closely linked with the state of the oral cavity.

What causes Angulo

Contrary to popular belief, that the reason angulita becomes extremely deficient in vitamin B, or the habit of licking his lips, doctors say: the reason lies in the skin lesion by fungi or bacteria.Other factors for the second time, but they will certainly stimulate the development of the disease.

Depending on why any Zayed corners of the lips, how to treat them determines the expert.Medical consultation is vital, since the treatment technique is selected depending on whether the exciter triggered inflammation

.The main reason why cracked lip corners, two.

  1. Streptococcal infection. inflammation of the skin caused by bacteria of the genus Streptococcus.Outwardly, it looks like a bubble, covered with a thin shell.It quickly disappears, and then formed crack itchy, bloody crust covers with purulent yellowish edges.Crust this easily torn off, but in its place is inflamed surface with clearly noticeable cracks.A couple of hours crust occurs again.Site of inflammation itches, burns, and after the adoption of acidic or spicy dishes, these sensations are amplified.
  2. candidiasis defeat. caused by a fungus or yeast scientifically Candida.In the corner of the lips formed lacquer-red erosion, it is like fringe, surrounded by whitish skin.Often covered in gray, easy to remove plaque.Pronounced cracks in the corners of the lips are not visible, there is also no crust.It causes people to believe that the disease is mild and will pass by itself, which becomes the main reason for his move into the chronic form.

is important to realize that the disease can occur in anyone, and streptococcal infection often affects children.The causative agents of disease are always live on our skin, but in the normal state of immunity, they are absolutely not dangerous.If the immune system is reduced, the number of bacteria or fungus begins to grow.And here come "in the game" are the same triggers, for example, the presence of an untreated tooth decay or a habit of licking his lips.

For the same reason perleches often occur on the lips during pregnancy: lowered immunity, Wednesday mucosal changes, there is everything necessary for the growth of streptococci and fungi.

Medical treatment techniques

Zayed If you have reason on his lips, how to treat should identify the doctor.To make it easy, even visually both externally bacterial and fungal infections are absolutely not similar.In addition, the expert can order blood and urine tests to rule out the possibility of an inflammatory process in the body.treatment strategy is determined in the future.It includes local media, and the overall impact.

Local media

good decision than to urgently treat perleches in the corners of his mouth - is ready ointment.They quickly relieve itching and eliminate the visual manifestations of inflammation.When not running, and the primary local treatment of infections is enough.So, what anoint perleches on the lips?When candidiasis with fluconazole use means: the sulfur-salicylic, nistatinovaya, levorinovaya ointment, cream Levorinum.Ointment from Zayed lips in bacterial inflammation (streptococcal infection) should be with an antibiotic.Assist eritromitsionovaya sintomitsina and liniment.Previously used for the treatment of angulita Vishnevsky ointment.But today it is almost never used, as is the danger when released into the mouth and swallowed.

General Medicine

If the disease is expressed, is prescribed antifungal agents or antibiotics inside.The first group includes drugs fluconazole (Diflucan, Nystatin, Lamisil, etc.), To the second - anti-bacterial agents.Antibiotics appoint inside very rarely, as a topical treatment is usually sufficient.Also recommend taking vitamins at Zayed on his lips: a complex of vitamins B, A, C and E. The therapy used Aevitum, Aerovit and other drugs, the rate of which is 1 month.

Traditional medicine

Treatment folk remedies at Zayed on the lips does not help get rid of the causes of the disease.Moreover, it may lead to a transition to the chronic recurrent stage, as local drugs reduce itching and swelling and bring temporary relief.Their use must be in conjunction with the medical means occurs faster recovery time.

  1. packs of tea tree oil - apply twice a day.Good reduce inflammation and soften the skin.
  2. Lotions of sea buckthorn oil - stimulates the healing of the skin.
  3. packs with olive and vegetable oil - well softens the skin, helps to heal wound.
  4. packs with green tea - apply warm sleeping bags to brew for a few minutes.They help reduce inflammation and relieve itching.

When Angulo integrated approach recovers quickly and completely.Therefore, do not start the disease, and immediately consult a doctor.