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  • 1 Pros and cons of national treatment
  • 2 Natural remedies
  • 3 Pharmacy "popular" drugs

Another factor in the popularity of folk remedies for treating colds on the lips - theyavailability.Often antiviral ointment may not be at hand, and toothpaste or, for example, there are sure to streptocid home.It is also believed that this therapy is more secure, so be sure to use it should be for pregnant women and children.We consider every aspect in detail.

Pros and cons of national treatment

These advantages should not be interpreted unambiguously.So in case of herpes on the lips home treatment should take into account the patient's condition.If the disease does not develop more than 1-2 times a year, do not worry.And only you can do folk remedies to treat it.If, however, you are characterized by more frequent relapses, it may indicate a violation of immunity, which is necessary to restore under strict medical supervision.After determining the cause of the violation and e

liminate its unpleasant blisters on the lips will not bother you for a long time.

Another factor that should be considered in the treatment of herpes on the lips: drugs traditional medicine does not have a direct effect on virus itself.That is, they are not able to control the volume and complexity of the lesions of the disease.However, to facilitate the patient's condition, they really are, and demonstrate high efficiency in the issue of eliminating the itching and heal ulcers after their breakup.

Folk remedies for herpes on the lips anti-inflammatory effect, stimulate the renewal of tissues.Therefore, modern medicine is recommended to combine them with pharmaceutical drugs that in combination gives the most positive effect.

Natural remedies

When growing cold on the lips, treatment at home should be a safe and well-considered.We do not give methods such as lubrication ulcers urine or saliva, as their inadequacy clear to any reasonable person.

also ineffective in treatment of cold sores on the lips toothpaste.It is believed that it is able to penetrate the cell membranes and to destroy the virus.This is not true.The maximum that can toothpaste - have a cooling effect, which causes a temporary relief to the state and to create a feeling of tightness of the skin, which many perceive as a "drying up" of bubbles.Neither toothpaste has no antiviral activity and does not stimulate healing.

There are more productive techniques, which offers a popular treatment of herpes on the lips.

  1. Fir oil - the only natural drug with pronounced antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory activity.When applying the oil to the mucous membranes in the early disease reduces its intensity decreases visual manifestation of the disease.The negative factor is the strengthening of discomforts when using it.It does not relieve the itch, but on the contrary, may enhance it.
  2. Sea buckthorn oil. It makes no sense to use it at the first sign of cold on the lips.Treatment fir oil should start after the break bubble, as it has wound-healing effect.Restoration of the skin occurs much faster.
  3. garlic and honey. recommended to lubricate the gruel of garlic mixed with honey and sour cream, the affected areas.Garlic has antiviral activity and reduces the risk of infection of the surrounding (which may occur, including, airborne).
  4. Aloe and Kalanchoe. These herbs promote the healing of ulcers, so they should be used on day 3 of the disease.

use disposable cotton swab When applying healing oils.Apply means first circular ulcers, outlining its contour, and then lubricate the central region.So you can prevent damage to healthy tissue.

Pharmacy "popular" drugs

Some medications are considered effective in the issue of how to treat cold sores on the lips of the people's means.Use them with caution, so as not to cause burns of the mucous membranes.It is also important to remember that the "dangers of chemistry", without trying to replace the concept of "dangerous drugs" and "safe".If you prefer this tool, estimate their efficiency as compared with the same ointments based on acyclovir.It will be significantly lower.Yet some have the advantage:

  • Streptocide - pills, mashed into powder, mixed with valezinom and applied to the affected areas.This prevents the complication of the disease additional bacterial infection.But the sores themselves no impact does not have;
  • potassium permanganate - effectively dries bubbles, but there is a risk of a chemical burn when using a concentrated solution;
  • Corvalol, Valocordin - also dried ulcers.However, no more effective than regular rubbing alcohol.

Do not underestimate the cold sores on the lips.How to treat at home this disease effectively, has long said modern medicine.Folk remedies can and should be used, but their effectiveness is particularly noticeable only in conjunction with antiherpethetical drugs.