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  • 1 How to determine the effectiveness of the treatment from the beginning of time?
  • 2 treatment tactics
  • 3 How to restore the skin after an illness

According to doctors in the fight against this disease is important not days or even hours and minutes.People who know what cold sores on the lips, the symptoms of its appearance is quite familiar.Tingling sensation of the mucous membranes and more intense along the contour of the lips is an indication that the disease develops.If you take action at this stage, it is possible not to allow its external manifestations.

How to determine the effectiveness of the treatment from the beginning of time?

Each remedy for herpes at home working more effectively with the first moments of the onset of symptoms.So if you notice a slight redness of the lips and began to feel uncomfortable itching, immediately take measures (of which we describe below).In this case, the disease will disappear, even before it began.

At other stages of infection intensity of the treatment will be different, as well as the duration of recovery.Still efficient remedy when the first bubbles.Even a strong cold sores on the lips, treatment is initiated during this period, it will not develop further.

If time is lost, and the bubbles on the lips "blossomed violent color" should continue treatment.This will allow:

  1. accelerate the drying of sores - the faster they will be opened (by themselves, without mechanical action!), The disease will be faster;
  2. improve the healing - regardless of the reasons for the herpes virus affects the tissue of the lips, which is required to restore the time.It can be cut using a wound-healing agent;
  3. exclude the accession of secondary infection - disclosed ulcers are "gateway" for the development of bacterial inflammation.Prompt treatment of herpes on the lips at home will help prevent their spread.

Tactics treatment

offer effective tactics to get rid of cold sores on the lips.

  1. At the first signs (tingling, itching) - use antiherpethetical ointment. sure to buy it for home kit or carry (it is sold in small tubes).These ointments are made on the basis of the drug Acyclovir (all without exception, regardless of the brand).This substance is an analogue of "slices" of the human DNA that is incorporated into viral cells and destroys them.The cells are "master" of the vehicle does not cause any harm.Apply the ointment to the place of irritation cotton swab Always use a new one.Once the agent is absorbed, apply it again.If you use an ointment from the first minutes of the disease, it provides rapid treatment of herpes on the lip - bubbles do not appear and uncomfortable itching held the next day.
  2. When bubbles - if the first stage is missed, the mucous membranes develop sores. Cope will not work with them for one day, as there was tissue damage.Tactics how fast cure herpes lips bubbles step also comprises the use of ointments or tablets based on acyclovir.The advantage of ointments is their local effects (means do not penetrate into the blood, and has no negative effects on the body), so they can be used even pregnant and lactating women.The tablets have an impact on the intensity of the virus within the body, inhibit its reproduction, which also reduces the severity of the external symptoms. quick remedy for herpes on the lips represented drugs Acyclovir Zovirax, Panavir, Famvir (all it is based on one of the active ingredient). The use of tablets is allowed in children 2 years of age and the elderly, but it is important to take into account and their side effects, such as slowing the withdrawal of fluid from the body, so the feasibility of their application should be considered by your doctor.When using group funds acyclovir during the stage of bubbles is reduced from 3 to 1.5 days.
  3. After disclosure of bubbles. How quickly cure a cold sore on the lip at home at this stage?It is no longer possible.The disease has reached its peak, so will subside only by natural means.Your task - to help the body cope with it, which you can use the above-mentioned ointment (at break ulcers secrete a fluid rich viruses they can cause infection of the surrounding tissues.).And also means podsushivayuschee tissue, recommended in folk medicine.The easiest solution is to quickly cure a cold sore on the lip, in the opinion is an alcohol.You can wipe the burst ulcer alcoholate Calendula or conventional septic tank.

How to restore the skin after an illness

If you did everything correctly, the total period of the disease is not more than 4 days.After that, the lip will remain wound for healing that can be used sea buckthorn oil, rose extract, kalanchoe juice or aloe.Labial cover will recover approximately one week.

Therefore, speaking about how long pass herpes on the lips, we can conclude: 10-20 days depending on the treatment strategy.If the measures are taken immediately, recovery occurs within a few hours.