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In folk medicine, the phenomenon, when dry cracked lips and corners, is called binding.The official of this phenomenon has several names: Angulo, angular stomatitis, cheilitis ... In each case, it means that there is irritation and inflammation, which passes over the lip of the surrounding skin.Red spots tend to literally "crawl" on the face, because of which it formed an unpleasant "Pierrot mask."


disease causes physical and psychological discomfort, but the reasons why cracked lips corners of the mouth, and disease treatment equipment have long been known. With the development of the disease, doctors say about the origin of the inflammatory process of bacterial or fungal origin .Develops, he does not just happen: You may have noticed that the spots and cracks occur in the fall or spring, that is, in the off-season.At this time, our immune system is working at the limit and often is in a weakened state.The slightest

weakening it allows for the growth of conditionally pathogenic flora ( "conditional" because this flora always resides on our skin, but it becomes dangerous only when lowered immunity).

A disease develops in areas less protected from it.Therefore, experts with dry lips and cracking over their name the following triggers.

  1. Avitaminosis - lack of vitamins B, A and E, it becomes a risk factor for angular stomatitis.To prevent the disease, in the off-season should take vitamin supplements.
  2. Caries - often answer the question why chapped lips corners, can only 2 physicians: dermatologist and dentist.First determine the type of infection, and the second cure carious disease, which stimulates inflammation in the corners of the lips.
  3. Malocclusion - or wearing braces, dental processes.In each case, it violated the natural outflow of saliva, and it accumulates in the ground connection of the lips.Corners get wet, their protective flora is changed, there are conditions for fungal growth.
  4. habit of licking his lips (and the children to suck a pacifier, finger) - in these cases, the skin cracks in the corners of the lips, dry and peel the surrounding tissue.Skin loses its protective properties, it is susceptible to the effects of bacteria and fungi.
  5. Metabolic disorders and the development of diabetes - not the most common, but it is likely the cause.Diabetes changes the state of the mucous membranes, including the mouth.Another symptom of a dangerous disease is a constant thirst that does not go, even if you drink a liter of water in one gulp.
  6. allergy cosmetics - as a likely factor, because of which cracked corners of lips.What to do in this case?Observe that if after using lipstick arises irritation, itching, dryness of such cosmetics should urgently get rid of.


correct solution will appeal to the dermatologist, who will find out the reason why the cracked corners of lips and prescribe treatment.It always requires an integrated approach, ie:

  1. use of funds for the elimination of inflammation;
  2. elimination of stimulating factors.

The former include:

  • Antibacterial ointment (eg eritromitsinovaya, liniment sintomitsina), if the inflammation is bacterial in nature.Or products based on fluconazole (nistatinovaya, sulfur-salicylic, levorinovaya ointment), if the disease is fungal in nature.Determine the type of inflammation will help visual inspection specialist and scraping of the affected tissues.The result is determined, usually within a few minutes, and the treatment is highly effective.
  • Means for ingestion, also on the basis of the antibiotic or fluconazole .They are appointed with a significant development in the presence of infection or metabolic diseases, immune disorders.If the disease appeared for the first time and only the corners of the lips crack, treatment usually does not require oral medication, only limited use of ointments.
  • Folk remedies - use products that moisturize and soften the skin .A good softening effect have all the oils (olive, vegetable, sea buckthorn), reduces inflammation of tea tree oil.Stimulates healing aloe, kalanchoe, plantain.


If the problem is what to do if cracked lips corners, to you is relevant, should apply preventive measures, even if the illness is over.

  • Timely treatment caries.
  • Disclaimer smoking as an addiction, which violates the natural flora of the mouth and surrounding tissues.
  • Using quality cosmetics and mandatory protection lip balm or hygienic lipstick, if you leave the house in the cold and windy weather.
  • balanced diet with plenty of vitamins - they are contained in fruits and vegetables.

As you can see, if cracked lip corners, the reason usually is on the surface.Follow the preventive measures to prevent recurrence of the disease, and when it occurs, be sure to visit the doctor for a choice of tactics of treatment.