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  • 1 Features herpes
  • 2 causes and possible complications
  • 3 treatment: ointments, tablets

In fact, the cold on the lips of the common cold is not.The name is associated with the peak of the disease exacerbations, which accounts for the autumn-winter period.At this time, the number of acute respiratory diseases, seasonal flu is greatly increased.A sore on the lip occurs during this period, because the immune system is busy fighting other viruses, rather than "pay attention" to it.

Features herpes

The disease has been known since the VI century BC.The first mention of him Hippocrates suggested the name "herpes", which means "creeping".In the V century the symptoms and characteristics of the spread of the common cold are described by Herodotus.And after three centuries of the Roman Emperor Tiberius banned kissing his subjects at the meeting, as it has been proven that it is tactile contact is the cause of mass infection of cold on the lips.What does this disease app


His cause became the so-called virus herpes simplex.Unlike the majority of other viruses that destroy our immune system within 5 days, did not cope so easily with him.During the initial infection immunity "breaks" the enemy only in part.And herpes virus DNA elements settle in our nerve cells, where it remained until the end of human life.

Science has not yet found a cure for the common cold on the lips, which would once and for all to eliminate this form of the human body .So while we can tolerate this neighborhood (herpes simplex virus infected more than 90% of people in the world) and know how to treat a cold on the lips, in order to minimize damage from it.

causes and possible complications

As we have already noted, the main cause of cold on the lips - is a struggle with another immune disease, which is why the herpes virus is activated and begins to multiply.But there are other factors that stimulate the appearance of bubbles on the mucous membranes.These include:

  • chronic fatigue, stress and lack of sleep;
  • heavy physical work at full capacity;
  • vitamin deficiencies and unbalanced nutrition;
  • overcooling or overheating (excessive sun exposure);
  • excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol.

All of these factors reduce the immune system, allowing the virus to start the development.But the emergence of the cold does not mean that your health is something wrong.Doctors believe the normal relapse up to 10 times a year, but if they pass without complications.The latter include:

  • joining a secondary infection;
  • transfer disease to other body shell - the eyes, sexual organs, skin, hands, and the development of concomitant diseases;
  • severe - autoimmune processes, nerve damage, neoplastic diseases.

But all this - a rarity, as the rapid treatment of colds at bay is possible with the help of modern drugs with high efficiency.Tell us how to treat and how to spread the common cold at bay in detail.

treatment: ointments, tablets

determine the onset of the disease difficult.Lips begin to itch, appear red, swollen portion.The next day, in its place there are bubbles in the liquid.A few days later they burst.Attention!This is the most infectious period!Finally, in their place there are "scabs" - a crust, which disappears after 2-3 days.Another week is necessary for the healing of the skin at the site of injury.

If you notice the first symptoms, immediately begin treatment.It is proved that the earlier the treatment started, the easier it will be faster and the disease.

Modern means of cold on the lips presents ointments and tablets.

  • ointment for cold lips - quick help and a means for self-use. caused in the first few minutes of the disease, it eliminates the symptoms and does not appear bubbles.Use ointment or cream based on acyclovir.Effectiveness of Acyclovir Zovirax, FINIST Pentsivir, Vivoraks and other is nearly the same.Lubricate the affected areas is required from the beginning of the disease and to recovery.They considered dropout dried crusts on the spot ulcers.
  • Tablets cold on the lips - not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as well as for self-use. prescribed by a doctor in the event of multiple lesions on the skin or with frequent recurrences of infection.Take a course in 5 days and 1 tablet 5 times a day.The doctor may adjust the dose based on the severity of the disease.

Helps colds at bay and also folk remedies.But they can not be used with frequent relapses of the disease due to low efficiency in the period of maximum activity of the virus.Use these tools can be combined with the main treatment for accelerating the drying of sores (alcohol, Corvalol, valokordin), the healing of wounds from ulcers (sea buckthorn, aloe juice).

With proper treatment, recovery occurs within a week, and the recurrence of cold on the lips repeated infrequently.