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Causes cracks

Zayed (which are scientifically called an angular stomatitis) usually causeserious discomfort - it becomes frustrating to open your mouth, talk, eat and even smile.There are several explanations, of which there are perleches in corners of the lips.

  • One of the main reasons - it beriberi .Recent studies have identified which ones do not have enough vitamins in the body when there are cracks in the corners of the lips."Culprit" was riboflavin, better known as vitamin B2.
  • Zayed may also occur as a result of a bad habit - constant licking of the lips .
  • Another cause dryness in the corners of his mouth - failure to comply with simple hygiene oral .Tooth decay, fungus or a streptococcal infection may also contribute to the appearance of cracks.
  • Allergy to toothpaste or mouthwash containing fluoride - another cause of the wounds in the corners of the lips.Also, some people have a painful react
    ion can occur in the direct sunlight or incorrectly picked up cosmetics.
  • If you meteodependent people, it is possible that cracks on the lips - reaction of your body to the sharp change in the weather.
  • Zayed on the lips can also be an indicator of more significant violations body.For example, low hemoglobin, anemia, zinc deficiency or problems with the stomach and intestines (cracks may be a reaction to the toxins that have appeared due to the serious violations of intestinal microflora).

course, should not engage in self-treatment if you suspect that the causes of cracks in the corners of the mouth are serious diseases.In this case, you must assign a comprehensive survey of the whole body, after consultation with the doctor.If you know exactly what is the cause of less radical, with Zayed can be easily cope on their own.


So, we found out why perleches appear on the lips, and now it's time to share simple tips on how to quickly get rid of the cracks in the corners of the lips.First, review your daily diet in favor of a healthy and balanced diet.Replenish vitamin deficiency by using products such as cereals, beans, buckwheat, mushroom, nuts, avocado and beef.

Wounds need to carefully handle the special tools.Below are a few examples of what is possible to smear the cracks in the corners of the lips.

  • Hygienic lipsticks and balms .Apply them to the cracked skin every morning and evening.
  • Thermal waters .Cans with water are sold in any drugstore.Regular use of the spray will ease the irritation.
  • avocado oil, tea tree, flax, sea buckthorn and wild rose .Daily gentle massage of the lips will soften rough skin.
  • Lotions from decoctions of sage, chamomile or celandine.

If you are still not at hand, and you do not know than to quickly cure the cracks in the corners of the lips, do not despair - certainly in the home medicine cabinet there is a bubble iodine.Lubricate the inflamed areas of iodine tincture: Use thin cotton buds and try to open your mouth wider, even if it causes you pain.Make sure the iodine does not hit on the tongue and in the throat.An alternative to an emergency can become Vishnevsky ointment.

If the cause of cracks in the corners of the lips is a fungus, it is necessary to carry out the treatment with antifungal drugs.During the course, try not to share personal items with family members or friends - usually fungal infections are easily transmitted through tactile.

Any advice on how to cure the cracks in the corners of the mouth will be useless if you do not adhere to simple rules that promote skin healing.

  • Avoid overly salty or spicy food - it is just more irritate the inflamed area.
  • Do not touch the wound hands, even if they hurt or itch - so you will constantly interfere with the process of regeneration.
  • Never "borrow" items personal care of other people and try not to eat food from other people's plates.

treatment in children

Unfortunately, inflammation of the red border of the lips - a problem that occurs not only in adults but also in children.There are some general recommendations for the treatment of cracks in the corners of the lips of the child.But before you start a course, you should consult your pediatrician.

  • well and quickly cracks in the corners of the lips are, if two times a day (morning and evening) to smear them with the means for rapid wound healing (eg, cream Panthenol).
  • If the cause - fungus fit the same antifungal, antiseptic agents that are good for adults (but you must check with their doctor the exact dosage).
  • Start taking any children vitamin complex containing vitamin E. This will not only help get rid of Zayed, but in general, strengthen the immune system of your baby.
also in the treatment of both children and adults, a great relief to painful Ranko bring freshly cut aloe leaf.It is enough to apply it to the wound, hold a few minutes, and the pain subsides.

As you can see, if you know why there are cracks in the corners of his mouth, and what with their help "signals" the body, you can easily find an effective means of treatment and get rid of the troublesome problems in just a few days!