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  • 1 Separate food as the science of human health
  • 2 Principles of separate food for Sheldon
    • 2.1 Prohibited combination products
  • 3 And what you can eatsimultaneously
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    • 3.6 6 day discharge
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If you are already familiar with the popular diets (such as Japanese, the Kremlin, and so on.), you will be surprised how different from their claims of a separate food postulates.This is not a diet, but rather - a way of life that requires careful attention to your diet and at the same time prohibiting the use incongruous products.

Separate food as the science of human health

Principles of separate food were first formulated in ancient times Roman healer Aulus Cornelius Celsus, who warned about the dangers of the simultaneous use of fatty, sugary, salty foods and flour.

In Russia, this issue seriously engaged Academician Ivan Pavlov, who experimentally

proved that various foods our body perceives differently.For example, for the digestion of protein and carbohydrate foods digestive system uses different amounts of gastric juice, and it ferments content is also not the same.The differences in the assimilation of food are already observed at the time of mastication, when saliva is engaged in the processing of products.In the future, are utilized bile, intestinal juices and flora, specifically respond to each individual product.

At the same time the body is badly combined product of them is not subject to processing, it settles in the digestive system begins to ferment and rot.As a result, it activates the accumulation of toxins that can clog our bodies and cause the accumulation of excess weight.

Academician Pavlov, unfortunately, did not offer a separate food menu for weight loss.This is done later American doctor Herbert Sheldon.His concept of proper eating foods was published in 1928.But the peak of her popularity came at the end of the twentieth century, when many people attended to the problem of preservation of health and the impact that our diet.

Principles of separate food for Sheldon

Versatile study of the problem is reflected in the book doctor "Ortotrofiya".Separate food for Sheldon is a description of compatibility between a variety of food groups.Among them, the author singled out:

  • carbohydrates - cereals, breads, sweet foods and fruits, sugar, potatoes, etc .;
  • proteins - fish, meat, soy, nuts, etc .;
  • fat - any fat animal and vegetable origin;
  • acidic fruits - apples, citrus, pineapples, etc .;
  • green vegetables - zucchini, cucumber, cabbage, etc .;
  • semi-acid fruits - apples, peaches, apricots, etc .;
  • melons and watermelons.

recipes separate food diet built on the simultaneous use of only those products that are well "get on" with each other.Conversely, those combinations are prohibited which have adverse effects on the body.

Prohibited combination products

  • carbohydrates and acid fruits. You can not have both potatoes or plantains with sour lemon or cranberry.
  • Concentrated proteins and carbohydrates. Prohibited the use of meat together with bread or cheese with sweet fruit.Dairy products, meat and fish should be eaten in one sitting, and cereals and bread - to another.
  • 2 types of concentrated protein. Menu for the week for a separate power supply at the same time prohibits the use of meat and fish or nuts and soy.
  • proteins and fats. can not eat sour cream, vegetable oil and butter with meat, cheese, nuts, and so forth.
  • Acidic fruits and proteins.When separate nutrition for weight loss reviews and recommendations of doctors talking about the negative combination of oranges, cherries and sour apples with eggs, nuts, fish.
  • starch and sugar. Sweet foods should not be consumed together with cereals, potatoes and bread.
  • 2 concentrated starch. By drinking porridge give up bread.
  • watermelon, cantaloupe and other food. proved negative product compatibility with a separate feed with melons.They should eat separately.
  • Milk. You can not drink it before and after the main meal.

And what you can eat at the same time

Create a personal diet can help you advising followers of the theory of Dr. Sheldon - nutritionist Cynthia Saas, which has made a way of life separate meals for weight loss menu for a week, it offers the followingform.

1 day

  • Breakfast - unsweetened oatmeal, kiwi.
  • 2 Breakfast - pear.
  • Lunch - Green salad, 120 g boiled white fish.
  • Snack - 30g walnuts or almonds.
  • Dinner - 40 g of pasta and steamed vegetables in any quantity.

2 day

  • Breakfast - scrambled eggs out of 5 proteins, baked on a dry frying pan, braised spinach.
  • 2 breakfasts - low-fat yogurt, 200 g of berries.
  • Lunch - vegetable soup with potato, broccoli, green peas, a slice of whole-wheat bread.
  • Snack - fruit or vegetable salad.
  • Supper - stewed vegetables and 300 grams of meat or fish.

3 day

  • Breakfast - 200 grams of oatmeal in the water, pear.
  • Breakfast 2 - 40 g dried apricots.
  • Lunch - a sandwich with vegetables.
  • Snack - 300ml of any fruit smoothies.
  • Supper - stewed vegetables, 300 grams of stew.

4 day

  • breakfast - whole grain cereal, 1 orange.
  • 2 breakfast - 2 apples baked with cinnamon and honey.
  • Lunch - salad with fresh vegetables, steamed vegetables, 100 grams of fish.
  • Snack - 200 grams of cottage cheese.
  • Supper - beef stew with vegetables and salad.

5 day

  • breakfast - cottage cheese and apple.
  • 2 breakfast - any incongruous fruits and berries.
  • Lunch - vegetable soup, pasta with stewed vegetables.
  • Snack - vegetable salad.
  • Dinner - 300 grams of seafood and vegetable salad.

6 day discharge

  • permissible to use the combined 5 servings of fruits or vegetables.

7 day

  • Breakfast - Pancakes from wholemeal flour, 300 grams of berries.
  • 2 breakfast - apple and yogurt.
  • lunch - steamed vegetables with 300 g of meat.
  • Snack - nuts, and vegetable salad.
  • Dinner - vegetables and 300 grams of fish.

Presented diet - not the only one that allows for separate power supply.Reviews adhering to its people show many deviations within the combined products.In addition, you can also define the size of portions, in order to achieve better weight loss results.And to find exactly the type of menu that you will be convenient and useful.

Videos about separate food