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  • 1 Features Oolong tea
  • 2 Effects of Oolong tea on the body
  • 3 How to drink oolong tea properly
  • 4 Secrets of oolong tea to help you lose weight
  • 5 Video: oolong tea slimming

«Dark dragon", "turquoise tea" - all names of oolong tea - truly Chinese beverage that is produced exclusively in China.Its shrubs grow in the two provinces of China and on the island of Taiwan, which is why tea has long remained unknown in Europe.

Features Oolong tea

The classification of oolong teas occupies a middle position between the black (as it is called in China, "red") and green, having a rich aroma and full-bodied taste of the first second.Provides this through a unique manufacturing process, in which the drying is achieved by (fermentation) only the edges of the leaves, and their means of preserving the green, with very apparent veins.

In terms of oolong fermentation is divided into two types.

  • Slabofermentirovannye - often manufactured in Taiwan. They are distinguished
    by light-green color, bright floral, corn, and even creamy flavor.The latter, incidentally, marked the beginning of the popularity of tea milk oolong tea for weight loss, which is often credited with reviews it leaves soaking in milk.However, this flavor is achieved completely naturally.
  • Silnofermentirovannye - produced in the provinces of Fujian and Guangdong of China. Differ dark brown color, the structure may occur kidney bush.It has a deep, bright, spicy aroma with hints of honey, roses and berries.

Modern production offers and artificially flavored drinks, but they are appreciated only outside of China.Despite the presence of natural flavoring agents (ginseng, cinnamon, rose), the Chinese believe that any additives spoil the taste and properties of true tea.

Effects of Oolong tea on the body

For those who want to part with the extra weight, this tea is the perfect solution.It far exceeds the impact of Puer tea for weight loss and other beverages, as it includes a unique combination of natural substances:

  • flavonoids - strengthen exchange substances stimulate the exclusion of dead cells from the skin and its regeneration;
  • polyphenols - cleaved and output fat, reduce weight, help to achieve the perfect figure.The amount of polyphenols is so great that it is oolong tea for weight loss is considered to be an extremely effective natural remedy.

Furthermore, the beverage contained 400 chemical compounds useful for the human body.This rich set of vitamins, trace elements and minerals that help to strengthen the immune system and prevent the emergence of tumors.Oolong tea strengthens the walls of blood vessels, purifies them from atherosclerotic plaques by 80% reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, prevents the development of blood clots.Only 2 cups of tea per day by 65% ​​reduces the risk of hypertension.

How to drink oolong tea properly

Use slimming tea at home is very simple.Brewing it is desirable in a special clay teapot glass with thick walls.They are well supported by the temperature required to disclose beverage bouquet.

There are 2 art brewing oolong.

  1. Pour 1/3 of the amount of tea leaves teapot and pour the remaining 2/3 of the volume of hot water.Insist at least 3 minutes and pour into cups.Pour leaves thus possible to 7 times.
  2. Take the tea leaves at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 150 ml of water.It steamed and filled up to 2 times.

water temperature should vary depending on the type of tea fermentation.

  • Slabofermentirovanny - such oolong tea for weight loss is brewed with water at a temperature of 60 to 80 ° C.It is necessary to infuse for 3 minutes.
  • Silnofermentirovanny - water temperature should not exceed 90 ° C.brewing time - up to 10 minutes.

Secrets of oolong tea to help you lose weight

  • To reduce weight daily drink at least three cups of tea. It can be hot or cold drink.
  • sure to drink tea 1 times a day before meals. So you stimulate your metabolism and reduce your appetite naturally.
  • Drinking cold oolong tea instead of a snack will save up to 500 calories a day and lose weight every week to 500 grams. To prepare the drink brew 5-7 teaspoons (or bags) tea in hot water, let it brew and cool.Dissolve in a warm infusion of two spoons of honey.
  • Cook of drink delicious, diet and healthy dessert! Brew tea in the usual way, cool, pour into molds for freezing and send it in the freezer.If necessary, take the 5 cubes of tea, add a couple tablespoons of honey and a few drops of peppermint extract.All whisk in a blender and enjoy the original ice cream!
  • Lemon slice in a cup of tea will help to diversify the taste and aroma of the drink. If you use a "lemonade" instead of sugary "sodas", you will save up to 400 daily calories.

Oolong Tea for weight loss has virtually no contraindications.However, closely monitor their condition should be for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.If you have high blood pressure or other disorders of the cardiovascular system, oolong tea will not do you harm.The amount of caffeine in it is smaller than in other types of tea.So drink it with benefit and pleasure!

Video: oolong tea slimming