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method of injecting drugs into the skin in cosmetics is called "mesotherapy".It is used to solve many problems: facial rejuvenation, anti-obesity, return beauty hair.Hair Mesotherapy, skin and problem areas have a lot of similarities.But in the latter case, the procedure has a number of features which are important to know before going to a specialist.

Features Body mesotherapy

The most common cause of female discontent looks are folds of fat around the abdomen and thighs.In an effort to say goodbye to them, the ladies are taking desperate steps, including turning to mezoterapevtov.Why desperate?- you ask.After this procedure more than once proved its usefulness.In France, for example, included in the top list of the most popular cosmetic methods.

It's simple: mesotherapy for weight loss -

as the main way to deal with excess weight does not work. Of course, it will help reduce the amount of fatty tissue in the problem areas, but a month later all lost back.Therefore, you need only apply mesotherapy in combination with other techniques: moderate food intake, exercise, hiking.Then the result really is stunning.

The second important point - the right choice specialist that fully confirm the reviews of mesotherapy for weight loss.Referring to a random doctor, you do not risk to say goodbye to the hated fat, and buy a lot of health problems.Indeed, in contrast to conventional cosmetic mesotherapeutic procedures involve the administration of a medication (instead of "unpretentious beauty cocktail"), and therefore are more related to medicine, not cosmetic.

Types mesotherapy for weight loss

Classical procedure

classic procedure is a multiple injection, in which the drug is injected into the skin to a depth of 1.5-6 mm.Running entered manually or by hardware.The latter is often practiced with the body in the form of mesotherapy injections squall, as it allows to quickly process large surfaces.

Composition mesotherapeutic cocktails for weight loss must include lipolitiki - enzymes that activate the disintegration of adipose tissue.In conjunction with these drugs is saturated with minerals, vitamins, collagen, substances to enhance blood flow to the skin and subcutaneous layers.At the optimum selection procedure allows for:

  • reduce the volume of problem areas, ie, the desired weight loss;
  • improve skin;
  • get rid of the risk of stretch marks, which always appear after rapid weight loss.

Eliminates cellulite mesotherapy, reviews of procedures characterize it as not very pleasant, but effective.Medicinal complexes activate not only the disintegration of fat cells, but also stimulate the drainage of tissues, making of them is given excess fluid, involved in the formation of "orange peel".

newest procedure

latest procedure - no injection mesotherapy, reviews allow it considered quite effective, but only in the case of laser method.Laser rays heat the skin, open pores and fabric channels through which the substance penetrates.Sessions are painless, there is only a slight tingling.However, not all agree beauticians, in this case, can control the volume and depth of penetration cocktail its effects.In addition, these sessions are much more expensive.

Contraindications to the procedure

Recommend body mesotherapy for weight loss reviews allow people suffering from:

  • overweight and obesity,
  • local fat deposits,
  • flabby skin, the presence of stretch marks,
  • cellulite.

It is important to remember that this is a medical procedure, so it has contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • blood diseases, includingcoagulation disorders;
  • kidney disease and biliary tract;
  • cancer;
  • infectious diseases in the stage of development and exacerbation.

number of treatments and the name of the drug selected individually.The doctor does not prepare for each patient a special "cocktail".Finished pharmaceutical products offered by European pharmaceutical factories.Their number is so great that experienced easy to find the optimal structure to deal with specific problems, such as removing fat and skin rejuvenation on this site.

treatment course runs from 6 to 10 treatments. Their frequency is 7-10 days.Stop the course can only physician after evaluation of the state of tissues and procedures impact intensity.As a rule, the entire course takes 2 months, after which monthly sessions are needed one-time support.With the passage of the treatment once a year and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and physical activity, the problem of fat folds is no longer refundable.

Video: Mesotherapy Slimming