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popularity of "wellness" baths with soda understandable.Well, who of us does not want to lie down for half an hour in a pleasant vodichku and come out of it with the lost two pounds of weight?It seems that this method works wonders!But in reality it is much higher than the risk of a positive impact.

How to prepare a soda bath

To prepare soda baths Slimming need ...

  1. Dial the full suite of very hot water.its temperature should be high enough to go into it it was virtually impossible.Well, at least sit down ...
  2. Dissolve in it 200 grams of soda and 500 grams of sea salt.You can add essential oils to relax (eg, pine or citrus).Recommend also combine baking soda and ginger for weight loss, especially if you are pleasant to smell spicy root.
  3. Lie down or sit in the bathroom, hold it for at least 20 minutes.
  4. out of the bathroom and
    get on the scales.Your weight should be reduced by 1.5 to 2 kilograms.

How does the bath with soda

operating principle of the method of losing weight with the help of baking soda is heated body.The body, appearing in the critical hot environment, seeking to protect themselves.First, there is a sharp expansion of blood vessels, and then - their momentary spasm.This occurs in order to reduce the risk for major internal organs - heart and kidneys.

Then the body begins to reduce its own temperature.Doing this it can in two ways: through the breath, which is impossible, because it is very hot around.Or through the cooling surface of the skin that occurs through ... sweat. Being in hot water, which due to soda and salt creates an alkaline environment, the body begins to sweat, bringing moisture through pores.

Soda bath for weight loss reviews on the doctors are able to "pull" from the blood and lymph to 1 liter of fluid during the first procedure, and about 300 ml for each subsequent.As a result, you really lose weight, so the question of whether the diet helps, soda can answer that yes.Only there is it because of the extremely dangerous dehydration process, and the effect lasts for long: just before the second cup of tea after the bath.

dangerous to bath with sodium carbonate

If you are absolutely healthy, it will not do you harm.But the benefits you will not notice any difference.But if you suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, soda bath for weight loss - damage to pure water (that's a pun).For some, it is particularly dangerous?For people suffering from the following diseases.

  • Hypertension.Immersion in hot water provides instant vasodilation. blood rapidly dispersed through the body, the pressure increases.After the procedure, possible hypertensive crisis and hospitalization.
  • Irregular heartbeat.Due to rapid expansion and vasospasm strays normal heart function. Realizing this, even fans of the bath with baking soda for weight loss, which reviews and pushed many to experiment, do not recommend to dive into the water up to their shoulders.It is enough just to sit in it, and may even result in a warm blanket with hot lotions on problem areas.In the end, all of the action procedures because the body is heated, and soda only - sort of a "popular accessory."So by and large, you can do without it.And you will not notice the difference.
  • Atherosclerosis.When excretion of blood thicken the liquid. It threatens the formation of blood clots, which are extremely dangerous because of the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Cancer. I do not think that a person with cancer, go take a hot bath, to lose weight.But the woman did not even know that she had developed fibroids, or benign tumors in the breast, it can. proved that the high temperature water stimulates growth of cancers. and small tumors that can be detected at an early stage and to remove with minimal impact very quickly overcome this early stage and will become a serious threat to human life.
Needless to say, that the soda as a means for weight loss, is absolutely contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.Expectant mums can not be in the hot water, which can cause miscarriage.A young mothers have to worry about the safety of breast milk and breastfeeding, which, incidentally, is the best way to lose weight quickly and safely.

So if losing weight effectively through a soda?Reviews of doctors and hundreds of women confirm that there is.It has no medical basis, and most importantly - often brings irreparable harm to the body.Even the most innocuous bath with soda diet, recipes and reviews of which have on many women's sites, only a short time will delight you with weight loss (maybe just for half an hour!), But its consequences could be dire: the pressure increases and arrhythmias to hospital with symptomsischemic heart disease.Do you want to spend on yourself such experiments, up to you.

Video: soda bath slimming