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What is baking soda

soda or sodium carbonate - not a natural compound, as many assumed. It is obtained by industrial methods by "baking" Glauber's salt, chalk and charcoal.Halo "ecological purity" of the product created largely thanks to another method of its production - processing of seaweed ash, but today an industrial scale it is not practiced.

The notion that diet soda on empty stomach helps to give up fatty deposits, formed because of the specific effects of it on the fat.Sodium carbonate has really grease- dissolving action, which is why it is actively used in the manufacture of detergents (gels for washing dishes, washing powder).However, in an environment within the body and soda acts differently.How?Let's investigate.

What makes soda inside us: drink slimming

So baking soda for weight loss is recommended for oral administration as a drink.To make it necessary to dissolve a half teaspoon of sodium carbonate in a glass of warm water to drink and food intake over 30 minutes.Sometimes you can find the recipe soda with lemon for weight loss, where the two main ingredients enhance each other's action.

How does drink from soda to weight loss?Sodium carbonate is not soluble in water, remaining in suspension.When in a stomach, it reacts with gastric juice, whereby the latter is sharply reduced acidity.Through this action, the soda is accepted to use with heartburn and hyperacidity of the stomach that cause significant discomfort to the person suffering from them.

After the reaction with the gastric juice, soda completely neutralized and decomposed into the original components, most of which salt.When injected into the stomach fat (which we are seeking this soda solution), there is no absolutely nothing.And to do something with fats from food in the stomach can not, because their absorption does not occur here, as in the intestine. why drinking soda diet recipe which suggests its use as a drink, is useless.

What makes sodium carbonate outside: bath slimming

The second method is to use baking soda for weight loss, to take her bath.For this type recommended maximum hot water bath (that could endure great difficulty) and dissolved therein 300 g of sodium carbonate.You can add 300 grams of sea salt and aromatic oils, all stir well.Lie down (or sit) in a bath should be 20 minutes, and then safely get on the scales and make sure that your weight is decreased by 1.5-2 kg.Miracles?

Not at all, just another aspect of how soda affects weight loss. This rapid method is not beneficial in cleansing the body and elimination of toxins and waste it, and in his dehydration.

Soda bath for weight loss recommend very hot to cause the active process of sweating.Complex interaction of sodium carbonate and increase its salts only.Within 20 minutes of exposure to this "atmosphere" body begins to perspire: exits through the open pores of the liquid which is not carried away with the slag and toxins (which are 90% in the gut), and the necessary body salts and trace elements.Weight loss is achieved by fluid loss, which in itself is dangerous to humans.

After the first procedure of bath weight loss with the help of soda will eliminate about 2 kilos.After the second and each subsequent - already grams at 500. By the way, all the programs lost very quickly return, as it helps to lose weight temporarily soda: exactly to the moment, as you do not drink a couple of glasses of water or fluid to fill the deficit in the body.

Should I use this method of weight loss

And that brings soda diet: benefit or harm?According to doctors, there is no method of use can not bring.Already because no effect on body fat has not.Harmful if baking soda diet: reviews experienced its effect on themselves, confirm that harmful.

  • use of any experiments with sodium carbonate is prohibited for people suffering from cancer, diabetes, pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • forget about sodas for weight loss and how to drink it, should people with diseases of the stomach. drink ingestion method is dangerous because of the constant reduction of gastric acidity and, consequently, a violation of the process of digestion of food.Also salts formed during the destruction of soda, have detrimental effects on the kidney, and then may require long and difficult treatment.
  • Receiving hot tubs with sodium carbonate is prohibited to all who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system. should give them high blood pressure, gipotonikam suffering from vascular dystonia.

It is worthy of your attention if soda for weight loss?Recipes, reviews of it in a positive light - it is one of the most popular folk myths, completely disproved science.Lose weight with sodium carbonate is dangerous - it's a fact.

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