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  • 1 Useful than honey
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Honey From ancientages was considered a medicinal product.Use it in cosmetic procedures could afford only a very rich woman, so sweet beauty formulations remain the prerogative of rulers and wealthy merchants.Today, honey is available each of us, as do honey body wrap at home is much cheaper than in the beauty salon.

Useful than honey

As part of the golden sweetness contains more than 50 nutrients: minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and even antioxidants that slow the aging process of cells.When used in cosmetic medical helps to normalize the metabolism, improve blood circulation, provide useful elements in the skin, which will allow it to remain beautiful for a long time and tightened.

Helps honey of cellulite: it is due to the increase in the rate of metabolic processes in the tissues and the withdrawal of excess fluid.Its healing effect on the upper skin reduce

s the severity of stretch marks and scars.A honey wraps for weight loss has repeatedly confirmed its effectiveness.This tool works!And you can see this without significant cost.

5 Secrets honey wraps

To wrap honey worked better than at home than the cabin, it is important to know the 5 secrets of the sweet process.

  1. Use only natural honey! It is impossible to buy in the store.And often the grandmother on the market offer a divorced "surrogate".Spend a few days in search, but find a natural product from the apiary.Check its authenticity in several ways.For example, drop him a couple of drops of iodine.The mixture turned blue, then it is mixed with starch or flour for thickness.You can add a few drops of vinegar.If the nectar hissed, then his "ennobled" chalk.And when adding silver nitrate in a mixture of white precipitate appeared, then natural product was mixed with sugar.
  2. Remember contraindications. Honey - a strong allergen, so if you have a tendency to allergic reaction to this product, use other types of wraps (eg, mustard wrap for weight loss).It is not necessary to resort to the procedures for women with varicose veins, diabetes, problems in the field of gynecological, cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Do not try to cover the whole body : first try the procedure on the abdomen and thighs, and then distribute it further.
  4. not tighten the film on top of the body too much. Often it inhibits blood flow so that there are headaches, dizziness and fainting.
  5. Perform at least 8-10 times at intervals 2-3 times per week. So you will notice and fix the effect that carries honey wraps for weight loss.If you visit the gym at the same time, bring the sweet spa session the next day.

How to make honey wrap

    • Prepare the honey mixture. in beauty salons do not usually use pure honey, adding other ingredients in it.Here are the most popular ones:
      • honey and mustard - part of a warming effect, which is a good fight of the bulge.Mix 2 tablespoons mustard powder, 1 teaspoon of fine salt and sugar, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.The mixture was let stand for a day at room temperature.The next day, add the same amount of honey, warmed in a water bath;
      • honey and milk (yoghurt) - nutritional composition.Whisk the liquid honey with the same amount of milk or yogurt;
      • honey and citrus - ideally improve skin tone.Whisk honey with the same volume of lemon or orange juice;
      • honey and vegetable oil - moisturizing composition.Mix honey with olive, burdock or castor oil.

      There are also pure honey body wraps for weight loss, as they are also good reviews.Having tried different mixtures, each woman usually comes to its most effective option.

    • Take a shower and clean the skin. is desirable to use a shower gel, and then walk on the body scrub.So you remove the top dead skin cells, clearing the "road" healing composition.
    • Apply the mixture on the body, do anti-cellulite honey massage : rub it in a circular motion, easy to tap with his hands on the thighs, stomach.
    • body Wrap with cling film (tight, but not tight). Wear warm clothes and is actively move or spend time under the covers.Keep the "greenhouse effect" 30 minutes.
    • Expand the film again a massage and remove the mixture. Take a shower, pat dry your skin with a towel.Apply moisturizers do not need.

to honey body wraps for weight loss at home brought you the maximum benefit, after the procedure, do not eat and do not go out into the street.It is advisable to drink hot green tea and spend time on the couch, wrapped a blanket.At this time, your skin will go real work: to increase blood microcirculation in tissues deep layers will have a large portion of the nutrients.If you are wrapping before going to bed, you can perfectly relax and fully enjoy the sweet procedure.

Video: honey wrap home