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  • 1 Buckwheat diet for 7 days - expert advice
  • 2 few tips for effective weight loss
  • 3 How to get out of buckwheat diet

Buckwheat - known dietproduct.In addition, it low-calorie, cereal has a considerable stock of useful trace elements and vitamins.In buckwheat a lot of protein, amino acids, vitamins B and P, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron.Therefore, buckwheat diet for weight loss is relatively safe for health.Although there are some reservations.

Like any other mono-diet, buckwheat does not tolerate the use of other products.Even keeping it relatively short, it is desirable to add to the diet of a multivitamin.Contraindicated diet on buckwheat porridge for pregnant and lactating mothers.

addition of buckwheat in this diet is used yogurt - healthy product, stimulating the gastrointestinal tract.Thanks kefir body is saturated with vitamins A, B2, B12 and more actively removes toxins and wastes.As a result, you get a double effect: the desired weight reduction

and improvement in skin condition.

Known kefir diet can achieve the same results, even for a short period of time.However, it will haunt you the feeling of hunger.

Buckwheat diet for 7 days - expert advice

diet buckwheat diet includes:

  • buckwheat - cook it in the quantities to feel satiety throughout the day;
  • 1% kefir - no more than 1 liter per day;
  • excessive drinking - mineral water without gas, green or herbal tea tea.

to cook buckwheat, it must be washed, pour boiling water (at the rate of 1.5 cups water to 1 cup of cereal), wrap in a towel and leave for the night.Do not add salt, sugar or butter.

Meals on this diet is not standardized nor on the number of meals per day, or by volume eaten buckwheat.This so-called sparing diet that allows you to determine the necessary amount of food.But do not overeat, especially in the first fasting day on buckwheat, because there is still a minimum of 6 days.And there is a risk that the same type of menu, you quickly get bored.Another type of diet on buckwheat - buckwheat diet Pierre Ducane requires daily consumption of not more than 200 grams of cereal.

Kefir is desirable to use half an hour before or an hour after meals.But if there's too hard to eat cold food buckwheat, drink her yogurt.Buckwheat diet with yogurt also suggests drinking plenty of fluids, at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day.Since the body can actively fight the fat deposits.

few tips for effective weight loss

process of burning fat mass on the buckwheat diet is just beginning on the third day.Therefore, the efficiency buckwheat diet for 7 days more successful than, for example, buckwheat diet for 3 days.Do not worry that the scales do not show long-awaited weight loss.Shift Arrow downwards you will see later in the week.

If the third or fourth day of buckwheat start to bother, you can add some fun to your diet.For example, add a spoonful of porridge soy sauce.Or put a few pieces of prunes and dried apricots.Believe me, tangible harm it will bring.And there will be less temptation to break and eat plenty of chips or candy.But do not overdo it - the greater the deviations you make, the less effect will get as a result.

Here are some ways to cheat appetite:

  • eat a couple of green apples or coleslaw;
  • use herbs in the diet, rich in vitamins and trace elements;
  • rassosite mouth honey, especially if you will be an active mental work.Do not worry, the resulting glucose is completely metabolized by the brain.

How to get out of buckwheat diet

to lose during his stay on the diet kilograms did not come back, do not start at once actively eat fat and sweet.After the buckwheat diet for 7 days would be appropriate light products.And it is desirable to eat no later than 3 hours before bedtime.Breakfast is suitable egg, low-fat cottage cheese with a piece of corn bread.Lunch - salad with fish or meat, low-fat soup.Dinner again eat buckwheat.Within 3-4 days, gradually switch to a diet lean meat, non-starchy vegetables, low-calorie fruits and continue to drink kefir.

Diet on buckwheat and kefir has nothing to do with starvation.Therefore, it is popular among women in many countries.Stick to it once in two months.And will always be slim and beautiful!