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  • 1 The benefits of apples and apple diet
  • 2 fasting day on apples
  • 3 Apple diet for weight loss
  • 4 Kefir-apple diet
  • 5 apple diet in various diseases

The benefits of apples and apple diet

apples - that can be useful, and affordable!Apples - the main source of pectin.According to doctors and nutritionists pectin:

  • helps reduce caloric intake,
  • helps to regulate motor function of the intestine,
  • absorbs toxic substances and fats,
  • lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.

With apples and can lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins.It is due to pectin easily manage not only lose, but to stabilize the weight. Apples are useful in any form: raw, baked, grated, mashed potatoes and fresh squeezed juice.If you will be using them, even without dieting - already feel the benefits for the body.Diet on the apples - a mono-diet.And simplicity - it is a plus.And to lose weight can be weighty - apple diet allows you to lose 10 kg in a week!But keep in mind - long-

term diet and can damage the body, which does not receive the necessary minerals, proteins, carbohydrates.Everything is good in moderation!

fasting day on apples

Support yourself in good shape allows the discharge apple day.The month is recommended between four and eight days of discharge.This is enough to not only maintain and not gain unnecessary weight, but lose two to three kilograms.

you need 1,5-2 kg of apples.Half can be baked, as in baked apples contain more pectin.During the day, at intervals of 1.5-2 hours we eat one or two apples.Be sure to drink plenty of water without gas or green tea.

And here's another version of the fasting day on apples.

  1. Mix pureed apple for breakfast, low-fat yogurt and a teaspoon of oatmeal.Begin your meal in 5 minutes.
  2. For lunch you can cook finely chopped apple with herbs and season with a mixture of olive oil, low-fat yogurt and apple cider vinegar.
  3. on at dinner, treat yourself to a salad of apples and low-fat cottage cheese.In the evening you will feel a lightness in the body!

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Apple diet for weight loss

for apple diet pure need to be adjusted.The main thing - love apples, and success is guaranteed!Daily caloric content should be not less than 650 kcal.Duration apple diet - one week.During this time, you will lose weight by 5-7 kg.

Weekly menu with apple diet.

  • 1 day - 0,5 kg of fresh apples, and 0.5 kg of biscuits.
  • 2 day - 1 kg of fresh apples, and 0.5 kg of biscuits.
  • 3 day - 1 kg of fresh apples and baked 1 kg.
  • 4 day - 1 kg of fresh apples and baked 1 kg.
  • 5 day - 1 kg of fresh apples, and 0.5 kg of biscuits.
  • 6 day - 1 kg of fresh apples, and 0.5 kg of biscuits.
  • 7 day - 0,5 kg of fresh apples, and 0.5 kg of biscuits.

Half apples daily diet is recommended to bake.If you do not like baked apples, then settled and raw.On the sixth day, if necessary, you can add rye crackers.

withstand seven days difficult.But the apple diet, reviews of which say that the result is worth it, it is very effective.Apples can eat any, which I enjoy.The variety and color do not matter.Also do not forget about drinking plenty of fluids - water without gas or green tea.

Out of the apple diet to lose weight should be accurate.Please add to the apples of vegetables and salads.Then the broth and boiled meat.

Kefir-apple diet

per meal you can eat an apple and drink half a cup of low-fat yogurt.The number of meals per day, up to six times.Duration: seven to nine days.Extending the term of this diet is not recommended.Note that the duration of the diet stand on apples and yogurt can not please everyone.But if you have a great desire to improve the shape, the result is simply stunning!Disadvantage - these days you can feel tired and even depressed.In such cases, add a soi diet salad of fresh cabbage.

Apple diet in various diseases

Apple diet is useful for people with various chronic diseases.But before you go hungry, be sure to consult with your doctor!

  • For example, long-term diet will be to the detriment of those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.If you have gastritis, then eat sour apples.A gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer recommend sweet varieties, and absolutely can not acidic.
  • If you are not okay with the cardiovascular system, supposed to add 100 grams of sugar per kilo of apples.
  • very useful apple diet for hypertensive patients, it is good as the prevention of atherosclerosis.

And finally - the most important exercise to consolidate the results after the apple diet to lose weight: Turn the head to the right, then left, then right again.Do this every time you offer sweets or fast food.

Lose weight with pleasure and good mood!