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  • 1 Why do we get better on hips
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Why is the problem of how to remove fat from the thighs and buttocks, so relevant for women?Recently, Russian scientists gave the exact answer.The peculiarity of our body that in the priests and the entire surface of the thighs are located very "greedy" fat cells.

Why do we get better on hips

They actively hoard fat, if the number of calories in the body exceeds the daily requirement.And it is very reluctant to give.This "reluctant" is presented in a ratio of 1: 6. That is, if you manage to lose weight by as much as 7 pounds (a lot!), Then 6 of them will go to the upper part of the body: osunetsya breasts, slimmer arms, the abdomen will fall.And only 1 kilogrammchik give hip. Conversely, if you are newly recovered on the 7 kg, the lion's share of the volume will be taken again the same

hips and ass.

This natural injustice negatively halloo to one another in the figure of women, inconsistent in their program, how to make thin and shapely legs.Adhering to a diet and fiznagruzok, they lose weight, but when lowered his hands and get fat again, become a completely new volume in the lower part of the body.

How to deal with fat

best advice on how to remove fat from the hips, is - does not get better!Eat as much as you need to fit your lifestyle.If he is sedentary, do not let yourself muffins and chocolate bars.If it is movable and includes regular visits to the gym, you can have anything you want.

But if the problem is already there, and the question of how to reduce the volume of the hips, very volnitelen, act!To do this, there is a simple algorithm to work on himself.

  • approached comprehensively. Mere diet for weight loss and abdominal legs are ineffective.It is important to combine physical activity, special exercises aimed at correcting this area, nutrition and beauty treatments.
  • Do not expect instant results. not uncommon to hear the question, how to lose weight in the legs and thighs in a week?In response, and I want to say, and how much time you spent on the intake of chocolates and planning jogging?Miracles do not happen, but a comprehensive approach, you will see the result for the past 3 weeks.
  • Eat right. Your diet should include low-calorie foods that during exercise is burned the fat, not calories, received this afternoon.There should be no place flour and sweet dishes, forget about fried food.Eat protein foods and complex carbohydrates (cereals, lean meat, dairy products) consume as you like, savory fruits, many vegetables.Reduce your usual portion of food twice.You think not naedites?Believe me, your stomach should be eating a lot less than you used to think.
  • Drink water. It will help you understand how to lose weight quickly in the legs and thighs, as speed up metabolism.Due to water weight loss processes are efficient.The minimum rate should be 1.5 liters per day, and this is without taking into account your morning coffee, tea and soups.
  • Hit the target! perform only those exercises for slimming the hips, which correct your problem area.For example, the question, how to remove the fat from the inside of the thighs, legs very effective swings sideways.
    1. Standing in front of a chair, grab hands behind the back.Perform 15 swings in the direction of each flat foot.
    2. Bend your leg at the knee, and do more to 15 strides.
    3. Lie on your back on the floor, rest on your elbows.Pull up to her bent knees and straighten them.Spread apart as widely as possible, repeat 20 times.
    4. Lie on your side.Bend the knee and upper leg rest against them on the floor before the second leg.She swings make up, how can high.Repeat 20 times for each leg.

    These exercises will help to find the answer how to reduce the volume of the legs in their upper part.Perform they need every day, which takes less than 20 minutes.

  • Consider the impact zone.For thighs are always in power loads, as they formed fat "strategic" stocks.But with the calves it is not so simple.If you do not know how to reduce the calves on their feet, find the cause of a large volume: the fat and powerful muscles as a result of physical activity.In the presence of fat perform power complex, with overworked muscle - stretching exercises.It is very effective in the issue of how to reduce the calves quickly.

Attract cosmetology!

Modern beauty treatments will improve the metabolism in the skin, eliminate cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.Volumes have reduced because the skin will lose unwanted excess moisture that has accumulated in its structure.

Excellent tools for correcting hips

  • Anti-cellulite massage.Perform it can be in the salon or at home.Take antitsellitny gel with a warming effect and rub in a circular motion into the skin of the thighs.Take each leg at least 5 minutes.Preferably do massage after a shower, when the skin is warmed up.
  • Wraps. Suit honey and mustard-honey wraps.They are also easy to do at home.Honey can be applied to the skin after a steaming shower, roll up the film, and to wear thick leggings.With such a "mask" go to sleep, the morning wash it off with warm water.Mustard-honey wrap is impossible to do so lengthy.Suffice it to 40 minutes with mustard-honey composition on the skin to activate the metabolic processes in the skin to the maximum.

Apply all means for correcting the hip.And you will surely achieve the desired slimming legs!

Video tips on how to remove fat from the thighs