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  • 1 General recommendations for correcting the shape of the forearm
  • 2 Getting workout!
  • 3 main complex
    • 3.1 Exercises for hands without dumbbells
    • 3.2 Exercises for arms with dumbbells for women
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usually unattractive formhand is not the main problem of the female figure, so we give this area of ​​the body is extremely little attention.A pity, because the sagging muscles do not look aesthetically pleasing.Even pulling the tummy and get rid of cellulite on the buttocks, you feel like the queen of the beach, if you do not turn the hand muscle exercise program individual workouts, along with exercises for weight loss and toning the thighs press!

General recommendations for correcting the shape of the forearm

For the appearance of this zone correspond only 4 muscles, so work with it easily enough. All of them belong to the so-called shoulder girdle and presented deltoid, subscapularis, large and small round muscles.Prof

essional trainers recommend to choose a set of exercises for the hands so that in him were combined exercise force, that is, with dumbbells and stretching.This is - the most direct path to a quick result.It is also important to use other means.

  • Adequate fluid - 2 liters of water a day, and your metabolism will work, like a child of five!No fat deposits and active removal of what has already been accumulated!
  • Proper nutrition - are not going to repeat once again about the dangers of fast food and candy store.We note only that flavored muffin and a glass of soda in the desserts can be replaced by a pair of dark chocolate pieces (percentage of cocoa must be greater than 76) with a good cup of green tea.And instead of candy during the day eats raisins, dried apricots and nuts.Believe me, this diet you will enjoy even more than muffins and cakes, after which you will always feel remorse.And do not bring any additional centimeter waist.
  • Regular exercise - do the exercises for weight loss for women's hands should regularly.If you focus on stretching, practice almost every day.The power complex is not necessary to carry out more than three times a week.The main thing is to accustom the body to constant stress, to set it at parting with being overweight.
  • Calm! after the third workout you will feel like your muscles are tightened, not only the upper extremities.Tonus will find the whole body!But do not expect the exercises to strengthen the muscles in the arms provide instant results.The first changes you'll notice 2 weeks.

start training!

Start with a warm-up, which will help to saturate the muscles with blood, and their good warm up.

  1. 30 jumping leg socks with simultaneous rotation of the hand, as if jumping rope.The forearm is pressed against the body as much as possible.
  2. 30 swings his arms back and forth.Hold tight press, and the body leans forward slightly with each lunge.
  3. 30 strides "Mill".Tilt your body forward, keep legs straight.Sharp jerk allot arm up and back down, each time placing it perpendicular to your body.

workout duration is 5-7 minutes.Then proceed to the main complex.Exercises for slimming arms and shoulders should be performed with dumbbells or without them.

main complex

During the lessons, try to breathe deeply and calmly. Normally, if feel slightly rapid pulse and shortness of breath.The duration of the training will be about an hour.

Exercises for hands without dumbbells

  1. Sit floor, bend your legs at the knees.Hands rest against the floor behind him, straining their muscles.Get down on your hands and lift the body parallel to the floor.Movement perform strongly, while plunging the press and squeeze your buttocks.Make 60 lifts.This exercise will take care of burning fat on the back surface of the hand and its strengthening.
  2. Sit on the edge of the couch and place your hands behind you.Lower the buttocks.Slowly lower body strength hands, then lift.Do 20 times, rest.If you're not tired, repeat 20 more times in the same slow pace.
  3. Take to "plank": the palms on the floor under your shoulders;legs and back straight, make a straight line, the stomach is preloaded, strained buttocks.Reception is carried out on tiptoes.Slowly lower your forearms on the floor, immediately rise.Do 15 times.

Exercises for arms with dumbbells for women

  1. Take dumbbells and hand tighten the press.Drop down into a squat so that your thighs are parallel to the floor turned out to be.Secure and press a forearm to the body.Simultaneously bend your elbows, slowly, a couple of bills.Unbend and slowly, throwing hand.Perform 20 squats in a show of hands.
  2. Stand with a dumbbell straight, pull the left foot by the right.She lunged forward, put the thigh parallel to the floor.Tighten your abs and buttocks, keep the body straight, hands along it.Slowly dilute palm with dumbbells in hand, doing it on two accounts.Upon reaching parallel with the floor, slowly lower down.Repeat 20 times.Then do the lunge left foot, repeat 20 more times.

These exercises to lose weight without hand weights and with them will help you to adjust the shape is not only a problem area.They pulled up the press, made a strong leg and rounded buttocks.Summer soon - get started!

Video: Exercise for hands Slimming